Sunday, May 28, 2006

The big picture is becoming clear.

So, my stir-fry came out OK, not wonderful, but OK. My son, husband and houseguest liked it. I wasn't wowed. I NEED fresh ginger. Don't bother with the powdered stuff. I didn't think it would work and it didn't. I am also way too addicted to Siracha.

I am feeling a tiny bit better today. I managed to get some herbs in outside pots and went to the grocery store (along with some cleaning).

I spent 48.98 and here's what I bought:

2 packages veggie dogs
4 avocados
2 more potted herbs, tarragon and more basil
6 lbs gala apples
5 lbs red potatoes
7 heads of garlic
15 limes
3 lemons
4 lbs green beans
3 large daikon
iceberg lettuce (my kids love this in tacos)
romaine lettuce
2 bunches cilantro
1 bunch flat leaf parsely
4 lbs spanish onions
ginger root
1 huge bunch escarole
4 15oz cans chickpeas
2 15 oz cans white kidney beans

I have to make bread and buns for the week. I've been making my own flour from organic wheatberries. I love my Vita-Mix.

I have a question: How do you make fresh corn flour? Can you use popcorn? Or is it different form a whole kernal of dried corn? I'd like to make some tortillas with corn flour, but the Masa seems sooo incredibly processed. Maybe I can just use some stone ground cornmeal instead?

Right now I have broccoli, lentil, mung, alfalfa and red clover sprouting.

I really want to start a cleanse of sorts. I am overweight and have had some auto-immune issues. I want to feel good and I know that a good cleanse would help a lot. I don't have much will power, so it would be hard to do it right, but I know it would help me a lot. I'd ideally like to cut out caffeine and replace it with peppermint and dandelion tea. I'd like to cut out ALL refined grains and all extra sugars, including sucanat and other "healthier" sugars. I'd like to rely on stevia for any sweet taste. I'd like to remove all wheat and dairy (haven't had dairy in over two weeks now I think!), focus on organic fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds..

Who knows if I'll be able to do this, it is still in the thinking stages.. I do try to eat healthy foods most of the time, but know I could do better. I know I feelbetter when I eat a certain way.

It was interesting, the other day I had some white pasta with dinner. I almost immediately started bloating and felt really angry. I've been keeping track of my emotions/foods and how I physically feel for the last couple of weeks and have noticed a huge correlation between processed flour/sugar and how I feel. Last week I made some bread with 3/4 white flour. I had two pieces of toast with earth balance and some strawberry jam (I rarely eat food like this) and again, felt really bloated and angry within 15 minutes of consuming it.

It seems that I am actually getting to the point where I want to eat really well because of how it makes me feel instead of it being how I "should" eat to lose weight or make the autoimmune condition better or whatever.

Part of the reason I've been paying so much attention to this is because of all the great vegan/vegetarian blogs I've been reading. It has helped me so much to re-focus my energies on the bigger picture (for me that starts with veganism)..


  1. Hi Melody. About popcorn for corn flour. I have never made corn tortilla before, but popcorn flour makes some of the BEST cornbread! You mentioned your emotions being affected by certain foods. I have emotional reactions to foods, I call it food sensitivities... maybe it's allergy.

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog.

  2. Melody, I relate to a lot of things you write on your blog!

    I've also been thinking of cleansing or detox and have requested books from the library. I would have liked to do an herbal one too, except I'm still nursing.

    And I'm not sure about my willpower either. I was doing really good with all raw today, then the day ended at an Indian restaurant. Argh!

    Wow, 5 things sprouting at the same time! And gardening...

    Have you ever tried freezing home cooked beans?

  3. Melody,
    I am so with you on the processed flour and sugar. I need to lose 53 lbs, but I just can't seem to. Your blog has inspired me that healthy food can actually taste good! The thing I notice is that when I stay away from processed and sugary foods, I feel less hungry and settled throughout the day. I don't have all the cravings which make me feel frustrated. So, I am feeling the same way, that maybe I will begin to eat better, regardless of my weight issues. My problem during the school year is that it seems to take so much time to do it. I'm hoping that I as I eat healthily over the summer when I have more time, I'll get used to it and faster at preparing it.
    Cheers to healthy eating!