Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cleaning out the fridge

I feel stir crazy. I'm sick with a bad cold, my computer is not up and running yet so I still can't upload pics. We have a houseguest and his dog and I just want to get out of the house, but I don't feel well enough to.

I haven't even been able to enjoy cooking like I usually do. I made Chipotle Black Bean and TVP quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas and salad for lunch. What a bummer.. I was out of cilantro and it ruined it for me. Everyone else liked them, but I need cilantro if I'm going to eat anything like that.

For dinner I am trying to use what I have because I don't feel well enough to run to the store. That means powdered ginger instead of ginger root. I've never used it for cooking before. I made a stock out of soy sauce, garlic, powdered ginger, 5 spice, veggie stock, chili garlic sauce and boiled 1.5 blocks of cubed firm tofu in it for around 30 minutes. I let it cool and now it's in the toaster oven after being tossed is hot sesame oil. I'll stir fry that with a red onion, lots of garlic, serrano chiles, 3 shredded carrots. 2 cups of shredded black radish (I'm obsessed with black radish lately), red and yellow bell peppers and broccoli. I saved some of the broth and I'll mix that with arrowroot and a tbs of sucanat for the sauce. I'll probably make some brown rice to go with it since I'm the only one who is fond of quinoa. I may add some fresh mint leaves and chives to the top just before serving and I'll definitely squirt some fresh lime juice over it. I'm sooo lost without cilantro and ginger. The base of almost ALL the food I made is: onions, garlic, some hot chili, cilantro, ginger and some fresh citrus.

I might toast some sesame seeds to sprinkle over the stir fry too..

Our houseguest is flying home to Florida tomorrow. He's been here since Thursday. He brought his dog with him. Tenzen is a Service Dog so he got to fly next to our guest. Our guest owns a company called Share-A-Pet. They do pet therapy in nursing homes. I took some of the black beans from lunch and turned them into burgers. I'm going to pack him a couple burgers for his trip tomorrow on toasted english muffins with veganaise, broccoli sprouts, and salsa.

Hopefully I'll feel a lot better tomorrow so I can get outside. The weather has been amazing here.


  1. >>> The base of almost ALL the food I made is: onions, garlic, some hot chili, cilantro, ginger and some fresh citrus.

    That's pretty much like mine, except ginger shows up only once in a while, depending on what's cooking...

    I'm surprised your bunch prefers brown rice over quinoa!

    I've read other bloggers making burgers with leftover beans, grains etc. I haven't been that creative when it comes to veggie burgers, and a little intimidated with it, but I should at least start with recipes, ha. I haven't had success in the past, in terms of my team liking them.

    Share A Pet sounds like a very interesting company, and more so for the owner!

  2. Oh, and I hope you feel better soon.I had what seemed like a one-day flu the other day and that wasn't fun either. Hope you're rested.

  3. Melody,
    I am totally addicted to Shiracha after buying it for the tofu broccoli recipe. I find myself adding it to everything. I love the base of food you mentioned, although I don't know where to find the ginger root. I assumed it would be over by the garlic. I'll just have to ask the produce guy next time.

    I'm interested in the share-a-pet idea. I think my pets could be a real blessing to folks in a nursing home. I'll look it up.

    Hope you're feeling better!