Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lentils and more lentils

I've heard that there is a
I love lentils too and usually boil up a pound of them each to use for our meals.

Here are a several recipes. I only have pics of two of them because my computer is still not put together (I'm waiting for my husband to build it). These are all my own original recipes (as are all recipes in the blog unless noted otherwise)

First, Indian Red Lentil Dahl:

3 tbsp butter, olive oil or earth balance

1 tsp black mustard seeds

1 heaping tsp cumin seeds

1 heaping tsp ground coriander

1 tbsp curry powder

1/2 tsp turmeric

1/8 tsp cinnamon

1 large onion, diced

5 cloves garlic

1/4 cup freshly chopped ginger

1 lb red lentils

4-6 cups water or stock

1 bunch cilantro

juice and zest of 1 lemon

chopped tomatoes

salt/pepper to taste

lime and diced raw red onion for garnish if desired

hot sauce

basmati rice

In a heavy bottomed 4 qt pan heat the butter, oil and spices until the mustard seeds begin to pop. Add the onion, garlic and ginger and stir for several minutes until nicely coated. Then add a pinch of salt. Let the veggies cook a bit and add the lentils and water/stock. Bring to a boil and cook for around 30 minutes on a low simmer. Take off heat and stir in the lemon juice/zest, cilantro, red onion and chopped tomaotes. Taste and adjust for seasoning. Serve over basmati rice.

Serves 4-6 as a main dish

Do not use yellow mustard seeds. If you don't have the brown or black then just leave them out.

Here's another favorite.. this is definitely a Fall/Winter dish, but I'll add it anyway.

Lentil Stuffed Squash:
2 small squah cut in half and seeds removed, sprayed with cooking spray, seasoned with salt/pepper and roasted in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Stuffing (makes enough for this dish and you will have tons of leftovers to freeze or make another dish)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 large onions, sliced

heat oil over med-lo heat, add the onions and slowly caramelize them until they are golden brown. This will take up to 30 minutes.


1 cup lentils

1 cup brown rice

5 cloves garlic

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried sage

1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg

1 carrot diced

6 cups veggie stock or water

salt/pepper to taste

1 large bunch swiss chard or 10oz frozen spinach (thawed and drained)

1/4 cup golden rasins

4 tbsp chile-garlic sauce (optional)

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar


Bring everthing but the greens, chile garlic sauce, vinegar and salt/pepper to a boil. Lower heat to medium and cover. Cook until the lentils/rice are done. Stir in the swiss chard and rasins and cook for several minutes. Finally, stir in the vinegar and chile sauce and add salt/pepper to taste.

Take around a cup and fill the hollowed out part of the butternut squash then top with almonds, orange-tahini sauce and cilantro or parsely.

Orange Tahini Sauce

juice of 2 oranges

zest of 1 orange

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 cup yogurt or soy yogurt or silken tofu

1 shallot

2 cloves garlic

4 tbsp orange juice concentrate

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 tsp turmeric

3 tbsp tahini

salt/pepper to taste

Blend all of the above in a food processor or blender.

Here's a recipe for Spiced Lentil Stew, I don't have a pic.

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
10 cloves garlic
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 large onion
1 tbsp cumin seeds
1 lb dried lentils, rinsed and sorted
1 quart veggie stock
1 29oz can stewed tomatoes or tomatoes with green chiles
water if needed
juice/zest of 1 lemon
2 cups cilantro
salt/pepper to taste
-In a heavy bottomed 4 quart pan place the olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and cumin seeds in a cold pan. Slowly heat over med-lo heat until the garlic is fragrant. Add the onions and a pinch of salt. Bring heat up to med-high and stir the onions until they begin to cook. Add the Lentils and stock. Bring to a boil. Turn down heat to a high simmer and cover. Cook for at least 30 minutes or until the lentils are tender, adding water if necessary. When the lentils are tender add the tomatoes and bring back to a boil uncovered for at least 15 minutes. Just before serving stir in the cilantro, lemon juice and zest and add salt/pepper to taste. Serve over brown rice or basmati rice.


  1. I saw your recipes over at the Lentil Challenge, and was very impressed. They look delicious!

  2. Cool lentil ideas! I'm going to try out your dal recipe.

  3. That red lentil dahl looks just perfect to try. I'm looking forward to it this weekend, I have fresh cilantros in my garden

  4. Awesome recipes, but I'd really like to make the dahl.

    Btw, I made Essene bread today. I added raisins and it was my sweet for the day. I am definitely making that again. Thanks!

  5. Awesome lentil recipes! The stew recipe sounds delish!

  6. Those look great! I'm always looking for things to do with my CSA squash in the fall, I'll have to remember this one.

  7. I'm printing off the dahl recipe - it looks great and not too time-consuming. Since Sunday's usually my night for Indian (since my daughter works), I'm planning to make it this weekend.

  8. Thanks for showing to us those places where vegans can take a lunch without paying so much, that it is the most common situation. I will look for this place.

  9. Soak the lentils in water for 8 hours. Old lentils (more than six months), soaked for longer - from 12 hours.

    For one cup of lentils to boil a cup of water 1,5-2. Add lentils and cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes.
    than you