Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good ole Rice and Beans

Chipotle Black Bean Burger Vegetable Infused Rice and Peas
The black bean burgers were served on whole wheat toast with homemade "mayo" and guacamole. These are a huge hit in my home. I turn my Black Bean Soup into the burgers and my family loves them. It's a great way to turn a pound of black beans into two meals that serve at least 6 each.

Yesterday I had a lot of pain in my arm for some reason so I made myself a tonic out of organic carrots, organic spinach, organic ginger root (1/2 cup of it!) and 2 jalapenos. I used my Vita-Mix to make a thick juice like substance and drank about a quart of it. I had a quart left and I couldn't quite stomach it and knew it would get funky if not consumed right away, so I used the rest of it to cook my brown rice in. I added onion and garlic and the rice was delicious. Then, I
mixed in some frozen peas and topped it with Siracha and homemade tofu "sour cream". That was my breakfast today and it was sure good!

Thanks to everyone who left me a little "pep talk" on my last post. Sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture and get hung up on beating yourself up. One of my favorite quotes starts out saying, "Guilt is a form of self-indulgence."

I made the BLT Pasta salad and my family LOVED it! It wasn't the prettiest salad, so I didn't take a picture. I wrote down the ingredients, but I want to make it again to make sure what I wrote down works. I'll post the recipe once I do that. I made some Tempeh Bacon, but I knew my kids wouldn't like that, so I neded up putting Smart Dogs in it. LOL.. White Trash Vegan cooking!


  1. I think "White Trash Vegan Cooking" is the greates oxymoron I've ever heard, and would make a great name for an indie band, to boot! I love your sense of humor, Melody!

  2. Tuesday night at the Rick Springfield show i went to (oy, please don't laugh), he sang one of his new songs, a sarcastic (i THINK!) little ditty called, "Jesus Saves (White Trash)" and i just laughed again thinking of that song and what you wrote.

    I'm all about black beans anything! I looooooooove yer burgers. Yum!

  3. Here, now.
    Thank goodness I have my lunch in front of me! Those pics make me hungry!

  4. Good ole R&B indeed.
    What?! No recipes for us to play with?
    The burgers look great! I am a black bean lover too. Also, I just e'd you.

  5. White Trash Vegan Cooking...HAHAHAHA!!! That's a riot.
    I eat more veggie burger-type things than a person should really. But I love 'em! I'll have them as a traditional burger, stuff strips into pitas, crumble into other dishes, make burritos, and on and on. Sooo good. Your black bean ones look like something I could really sink my teeth into. And how inventive are you cooking rice in your leftover tonic!

  6. Melody, I just read your previous post and wanted to add my encouragment to you. Being 100% vegan 100% of the time can be a challange. Things slip in that you're unaware of. And dairy is the worst to keep away from. It's everywhere! Even things that shouldn't have milk in them have it.
    I'm not vegan all the time. I still class myself as lacto-ovo, (somewhat stict though) but eat and buy vegan as much as possible. During lent I gave up all dairy and the alternatives for the things I really love (sour cream, cream cheese) were so good that I still buy them. Hard cheeses, well, that's another story. I don't like soy milk, so finding an alternative for my coffee was really, really difficult. I do use soy milk or almond milk for cooking because that's less cow's milk I have to buy.
    Making wise choices as often as you can is better than what you did before, right? Having cheese once a week is better than having it everyday, right? For some, like me, going vegan is a long, slow process, but I'm striving, as are you. We all slip up. We're not as smart as the animals; we're only human.