Friday, June 16, 2006

I love recipe testing!

Catherine's Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Habanero Black Bean and Veggie Rice

I tested the Sweet Potato Coconut Soup for Catherine ( and let me tell you, It's delicious! With a rich, spicy flavor and smooth texture it could either dress up a holiday meal or be used as an everyday treat! I can even see using it as a sauce for pasta. It was ready in less than 30 minutes and was simple to prepare. A sure winner!

Since I actually *gasp* measured my ingredients, I had about half a sweet potato left. I diced it up and sauted it in a tiny bit of olive oil with cumin seed, an onion and a poblano chile til the sweet potato was done, then added my homemade habanero sauce, (This stuff is sooo good! The next time I make it, I'll write down what I do and post the recipe. I make huge batches and freeze it) some of the veggie brown rice and some black beans. I warmed it through and at the end, stirred in a bunch of cilantro. We'll eat this as is as well as use it for taco and burrito filling.

Can you tell that our family loves black beans and Mexican food? I make around 2 quarts of salsa every week and we eat it all. My 14 year old son would eat an entire bag of blue corn chips and a quart of salsa in one sitting if I let him.


  1. I'm a black bean lover too .... salsa, my daughter comes to mind. She eats salsa and chips for lunch three times a week (more if I let her). It's usually mild salsa though... I see your habenero flame shining.

    Sweet potatoes and the rice salad. I'm going to have to hit Food Snob up for this one.

    Looking forward to that little sweet potato recipe too. Yum!

  2. Melody, hmmmmmmmm... i would fit right into your fabulous family! i am big on black beans baby! (i'm alliterative today) I also am sweet on salsa, tho i pick out the cilantro if it's pre-made. (Blasphemous, i know)

    That looks like some groovy food there! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. The soup looks really cool - was the artfulness of it your own creation?

    I still have to make one of Catherine's recipes...very, very soon!


  4. Fancy presentation, Melody! I may have to hit you up for some photo-styling advice, once I get further into this process!

  5. If you say it's good, then it's gotta be good! Will be watching out for the recipe.

  6. Habinero? Ekk those are crazy spicy. Even I can't handle it and I love spicy food. I'm impressed haha :)