Saturday, June 03, 2006

menu, birthday

My youngest son is turning 13 tomorrow.... and that blows my mind. My baby! I officially have two teenagers and I still feel like one myself. He is going to Holodek which is a gaming facility with two friends and they are coming over for a sleepover. A nice, relaxing evening compared to the huge slumber parties of years past. I put a stop to that last year. I am making him a big Stawberry Shortcake (non-vegan) and we are ordering pizza. As I said, it will be a simple night. We'll see if I have the willpower to stay away from the pizza.

I did my usual Saturday fridge clean out and made veggie burgers. I throw almost all my leftovers into them and they almost always work out. Actually, this week, I only used hummus, quinoa, oats and leftover veggies. I used breadcrumbs as a binder along with flax meal. I planned on turning them into falafels, but decided that the onions, mushrooms and peppers would be better suited for burgers.

I'm soaking black beans tonight so I can make a big pot of them for the week. I turn half of them into chipotle-lime refried beans and use the rest whole along with brown rice for burrito filling (for the kids lunches), soups and just for eating.

My menu for dinners with week (starting Monday night) is:

Monday: Black Bean Tostadas, Guacamole, Homemade Salsa, Salad, Homemade Corn and Wheat Tortillas (I will grind my own flour for this), Strawberry/Lime Smoothies
Tuesday: Whole Wheat Pasta with a Mushroom-Cashew Sauce, Wilted Escarole Salad
Wednesday: Oven Baked Seitan Nuggets, Potato Salad, Cabbage-Daikon Slaw, Raw Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers
Thursday: "Big Salad" (with all veggies/sprouts in the house), Homemade Croutons, Cold Baked Tofu, Seitan Pepperoni, Some Block Uncheeses, "Green Goddess" dressing, Homemade Garlic Breadsticks with a White Bean, Garlic, Olive oil and Rosemary diping sauce
Friday: Black Beans and Brown Rice, Salad, Guac, Homemade Salsa
Saturday: Homemade Pizza, Vegan for me, Non-Vegan for the rest of the house, Salad
Sunday: Veggies Burgers, Oven Fries, Strawberry/Hanabero Sauce, Raw Veggies

We eat a lot of salad when the weather is warm.. and soup when it's cold. Hopefully my computer will finally be up and running so I can post pics. If not, I'll have my husband install the software on his computer so I can do it.


  1. Hi! I linked you! Happy Birthday to your son!

    Your meals look wonderful! I was wondering if you would be able to post some of the recipes for your sauces they sound amazing!!!

  2. Happy birthday to melody's son! And a happy week to you ahead!

  3. Hi Melody! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about freezing beans. I really should try doing that sometime!

    I'm envious of your ability to meal plan! Wow. I guess when you're cooking for a bunch more people, you have to be more organized that those of us who are cooking for one.

    I see you are a personal chef . . . are you a vegan personal chef? Vegetarian personal chef? Where did you attend culinary school? (I'm just interested in attending culinary school someday, and want to learn all about the field!) Thanks!

    Tell your son "Happy Birthday!"

  4. Crazy that you have 2 teenagers - you look so young in your picture! But, that's what healthy eating will do for you. My boyfriend's mom is always mistakended for my friend (she 20 years older than me). Good for you!

    Happy b-day to your son.


  5. Happy Birthday for our son! I also know what it's like to be a mom to two teens, I'll have a 15 & 18 in August.

    You mentioned a baked falafel recipe in a comment on my blog ... I'd love to see it either on your blog or e' me, addy on my profile.