Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Italian Tofu Scramble

The computer gods are laughing at me right now. First, they have convinced my husband that I don't need a computer! It's been 7 weeks now! I'm about ready to sell my soul to the faeries!
Second, my camera was being a pain this morning, my hands were shaking (the 22 oz of strong coffee probably didn't help me there) so I couldn't get a decent pic. Then, his computer refused to recognize my uploads and I had to go practically try everything I knew to get the photos to show up, finally, blogger was being a pill.

Fortunately, I managed to get one pic uploaded. I threw together this delicious scramble this morning with lite tofu, onion, garlic, cremini mushrooms, green peppers, jalapenos, rotel tomatoes, carrots, fresh rosemary, basil and orgegano, a small bouillon cube and nutritional yeast. I made a ton of it and I'll probably turn it into burrito filling and throw it in spaghetti sauce if I ever cook again at night.

Speaking of cooking, I haven't cooked the flesh. It has been too hot to deep fry the chicken. Hub went and ate all you can eat ribs last night (talk about disgusting!), so that counts as his father's day meal. Plus, I'm not feeling like going out of my way for him as long as I'm computerless. I'm a bitch like that sometimes. He's a computer guy and I've been waiting for him to build me a new computer. The parts have been sitting in his office for a well over a month.

For some reason blogger hasn't been formatting my posts right either. Are any of you having issues with it?


  1. aw Melody...i'm from new hampshire too! rochester, to be exact. my sister lives in kittery and i went to spaulding high.

    *sigh*...i miss it so much back there.

    p.s. scramble looks very delish!

  2. Frustration nation! I feel ya, Melody... Glad you didn't have to cook the animal. I can pretty much imagine how difficult that would be to even think about doing, much less doing it.

    Your computer needs to get fixed PRONTO. Blogger's a pill for me a lot of the time, by the way.

    Nice tofu scramble. No more cooking at night, 'eh? This looks like it will be great in all sorts of "leftover" ways.

    Hang in there!!!

    And thanx for letting me know about that great animal deal you have linked on your page with Share A Pet. What a cool thing to do for people (and the animals)...

  3. Hey Melody...
    try this one (sung to the tune of that country western song by billy ray cyrus?) . . . no huggey, no kissey until you (ad lib here) fix my computor!

    I found that Mozilla web browser works better for uploading pictures for me than microsoft explorer, maybe this will help you.

    As far as the formating... with pictures my preview ost never looks the same as the published page, I thinkthat is because of the sidebar changing the page size.

    I did once have my sidebar and profile locate to the bottem of the page. This was because of a hyper link I was trying to put in without using the little "link" button on the top of the blogspot post window.

  4. computer woes! sorry melody. the scramble looks amazing & i drooled on each ingredient.

  5. Yummie and good picture of it too!!! I am thinking of using this recipe as some sort of pastry filling, since I think it would go soooo well in it!

    Blogger is seriously a pain most of the time for me by the way!

  6. I haven’t tried any breakfast tofu scrambles, but that looks so yummy! I even have fresh rosemary and basil growing on my balcony now, so maybe for breakfast on Saturday. You are a brave woman to even consider cooking flesh for your man. I am not that nice, I can’t stand the thought of sullying my kitchen with that stuff. Sorry about your ‘puter woes, tell your husband you are holding the poor chicken carcass hostage in the freezer till he puts your new machine together for you.

  7. lovely photo in spite of 22 cups of java ;)

  8. looks like alot of people are having blogger blogger problems. I haven't had any yet tho.

    I don't think you're a bitch for wanting a computer. You shouldn't say that about yourself. you're a great creative vegan chef and you want to share with the world. :)

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. I have never made a tofu scramble either. Every picture I ever see looks good and the ingredients sound very delicious. One of these days I will take the plunge.
    And ditto on what shannanigans said about the hostage situation.

  10. I second Shananigans's comment:

    Hold the chicken hostage until he builds you a 'pute!

    Yummy looking tofu scramble, by the way!