Sunday, June 25, 2006

veggie filled quesadilla

Grilled Veggie, Pesto and "Cheese" Quesallia with Baby SpinachBrunch today was the above. I used my leftover pesto and grilled veggies from the other night and topped it with baby spinach and the cashew cheese I made yesterday. I was delicious. I ended up folding in in half before eating it and everything stayed in nicely. I topped it with fresh red peppers.

Dinner tonight is a version of my "Good Stir Fry". It's basically a coconut curry or thai dish with tofu, veggies, lots of cilantro, kafir lime leaves and of course, hot sauce. Even though it's not a stir-fry, I call it that because whenever I made a version of this dish, my kids proclaimed, "Mom, this is sure a good stir fry" and would say, "Mom, will you make the good stir fry tonight?" Tonights version has onion, garlic, yellow peppers, red peppers, ginger, green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tofu, lime leaf, lime juice, siracha, cilantro. Right before serving I'll add diced red bell pepper and more fresh cilantro and a squirt of lime juice. I'll serve it over eithre basmati rice or brown rice. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow.

Oh... I am writing this from my very own computer! My monitor is horrible, so my husband will have to find me a better one, but I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled to be online again in my own room!


  1. "The good stir fry" - I LOVE THAT! Honesty... is such a lonely word... (Billy Joel)

    YAY for you back on your own computer!

    Hope this weekend's been good for you, Melody.

  2. Your brunch looks so good. Sounds good. Can't wait to see what's cooking this week.
    Yahoo for your own computer. I would just die without mine.

  3. That's on serious meal.. Yuuummyy

    I'm home from SF.. and i've already posted some pics!


  4. New computer -- how exciting!

    I love recipe titles like "Really Good Stir Fry." I have a couple funny ones like that in my cookbook. "My Favorite __" and "My Best __" are a couple that I enjoy! I think I have one called "Really Good 3-Step Chili," too. :)

  5. the quesadilla looks super yummy ~ i would like some now. & bravo on the new computer. :o)

  6. Listen, I know you have a lovely family, where nothing is missing. But that food looks too good (everything you posted this week is making me drool!!!) not to ask you: would you adopt me?