Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, we didn't make it to Trader Joes today. My friend was sick, so we'll put it off for a couple of weeks. It's probably for the best because last week I bought so much food that my fridge is still very full. My veggies are even OK, which surprises me. I never posted my Midweek Munchies because blogger was being a pain, but I spent $140.00 and bought a lot of food and produce. I have run to the strore twice for milk/soymilk, bread and cilantro, but that was only 30 bucks this week. I want to try to reduce my food budget because I have been spending sooo much money.

Tonight we are haing Whole Wheat Angel hair, Veggie Marinara with TVP and salad for dinner. I've baked two loaves of bread (I usually am the one who eats most of my homemade bread, but I want to get my kids into the habit of it) and we'll probably have a smoothie or something for dessert. My husband asked for dinner to be ready at 4pm because he had a very early lunch and he wants to eat dinner before he works out. I might take a pic and post it tomorrow.

I'm really hoping that my Personal Chef business picks up. I need to figure out a way to market myself better, I think.

I'm planning on doing some big time cooking the next couple of days. I want to make Fajitas, but I need to make some seitan to do that. I also want to make some Chinese Eggplant, Mooshi, Fried Rice, more Un-cheese, tortillas and some Pina Colada Ice Cream. I tend to do big batches of cooking and then eat for several days, then do a big batch again, especially in the summer. Oh.. and I want to make a Sage Lentil Soup that I saw on blogger, but I need to remember who posted the recipe. I'll bet the leftover soup will make great sausage patties. The great thing, is that I don't have to do to the store to do any of the cooking I want to do.... and that's a good thing!


  1. I love to do big batch cooking as well. Especially when I'm busy during the week, I like to make lots on the weekends.

    I think it was 28 cooks that bloged about her sage lentil soup.

    Personal chef business .... very cool!

  2. good luck with the business - the dishes sound delicious!

  3. I love it when the frig is full, it impresses my guy when I say I don't need money for food :)

  4. A good friend of mine has started a personal chef biz, and it is not easy to get started. As you know, it's word of mouth. Once you get rolling with one or two... things will take off! That's what i tell him and i do believe it. Is there a lot of/any "competition" where you are? If so, you might think of doing something that the "competition" doesn't do... even something daring, and decidely different... you probably already thought about doing that, so sorry if i'm telling you something you've long ago considered!

    Trader Joe's will still be there when you can get to it... :o) I haven't been to mine in a while. Finances... not so hot right now!! But like you, i have enough stuff stashed away that i'm all right for a while!!

  5. P.S. Nice!!:

  6. i know what you mean about cutting the grocery bill. i spent $102 tonite at Whole Paycheck...I mean Foods. That's a record for me. And it's just me, the husband and the kitty. I still feel a little shocked.

    [I did buy vegan hair dye tonite, tho' and that cost $15. Well worth it.]

    If you lived closer, you could be my personal chef ;)

  7. i hope you share how you make seitan & best of luck w/your business.

  8. Melody, I would love to come home to a spotless kitchen and my meal prepared. I tried to get my husband to do it, but he's not into the personal chef thing. What a great idea. I hope it takes off for you. Best of luck.

  9. Melody super good luck with the Personal Chef adventure!
    I have recently read of a number of vegetarian family chefs opportunities opening in London, UK! I am sure you do not want to travel that far but i think that with a good amount of energy and dedication put into it, you should not have any problems!
    Also, look out for veggie fairs: I have been to a few and people could set up stands to promote their cookbooks/food joint/restaurant/themselves. It just takes some dedication.
    If I were living closer to you, I would DEFINITELY hire you!