Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ch -Ch-Changes

I have been vegan on and off for several years.. and vegetarian my entire life.... but this latest Vegan romp or whatever it is has been much different. Before, I missed cheese so much and tried so hard to replace it. Nothing was complete without a sprinkle or parmesan or romano. Slowly, I began the change.... and I would fall back into the cheese about once a week... but the last 3 weeks or so, I seem to have lost my cravings for it. Amazing.... now it is not about depriving myself, it is about enjoying what I'm consuming and feeling good about it. That is the biggest change of all... I've also noticed that my tastes are changing. Today, I grabbed a couple of my roasted sweet potato wedges.... they were sprinkled with sea salt and chile powder... I ate them cold and it was like dessert. They seemed so sweet. I've all but given up most sugar and probably even more important, Splenda. Fruit seems sweeter.. I am still using Stevia, KAL stevia to be exact, but not a lot of it.

I've had some Gorgonzola cheese in the fridge for several months now, and I finally offered it on Freecycle... someone is coming to pick it up tomorrow. I feel free! I am overweight and food has been a struggle for many years, but I feel like I am finally eating what my body needs and enjoying it... I am not feeling obsessed about portions, but I have noticed that I am eating less than usual. The best thing, is that none of this is forced.. it has come naturally...

OMG... my neighbors are lighting off so many fireworks and my dog is going NUTS... she is NOT happy. We celebrated her "guesstimated" first birthday yesterday..


  1. Hey Melody!!! Good for you on the CHANGES!!! (i hear David Bowie now!!)

    I'm so sorry about the fireworks and your dog. I *hate* this time of year because of that... It's just so awful what it does to animals. They don't understand... Every night in the summer at SeaWorld (ugh!) they do a fireworks show and while it's beautiful, as fireworks are pretty, i always fear for the animals (at SeaWorld and beyond... they are visible and hear-able far, far away from SeaWorld)...

    And even tho Mattie is deaf, the lights going on and off and the "feel" of them frighten her. I'm not a fan.

  2. You go, girl! I'm still making your recipes every week! I love the addition of fresh ginger. My daughter likes your recipes so much that she is actually thinking about becoming a vegetarian full- time.
    As a Greek Orthodox Christian, the church recommends that we fast from meat and dairy about half of the year. Seriously...every Wednesday and Friday, Lent, Christmas Fast, and two other smaller periods of fasting.

    Before coming to your blog, I was making spaghetti and baked potatoes way too much. Now you've helped me to add variety. Thanks so much! It will be interesting to see how my daughter fares in her quest.

    Bravo to you, again!

  3. Cheese is my weakness.

  4. I can only hope that someday cheese will hold no appeal for me. But I am from Wisconsin, it is hard. At least beer is vegan :)

  5. Melody,
    It's neat to be part of your journey through this blog!

    Do you think your network of vegans in a way help you with the change?

  6. Kai,

    DEFINITELY!! Finding blogspot and this little "community" has been absolutely wonderful for me. I think the biggest influence was seeing how much you all really enjoyed the process... it rubbed off on me or something because in the past, the vegan process was one of sacrifice, guilt, good/bad and all that. Now, it seems natural and I never, ever thought tht would happen.

  7. Hey Melody, once I gave up on the idea of "replacing" cheese and started exploring everything else that's out there, I found veganism very very easy. Get this: my favorite meal used to be double cheese pizza with NO other toppings, fettuccinne alfredo, chocolate milk and ice cream for dessert. Yet, I don't miss it at all!
    So yeah, what you said makes sense. It's easier not to miss something when the food you're eating doesn't involve it.