Sunday, July 16, 2006

I just kind of got.... distracted

Can anyone guess where that title is from?

So, wicked hot here, but I didn't let it stop me. I didn't complete my list, but that's OK. I got enough done to be happy and will do more tomorrow. I got a little distracted though, and ended up making several things not on the list. I couldn't help myself! I've been wanting to try Isa's Punk Rock Chick Pea Gravy for a long time, but never got around to it until today. I almost followed the recipe, only adding more corriander (By accident) than it called for and adding some fresh sage. Let me tell you, DO NOT PASS GO, MAKE IT NOW! Delicious. Both my oldest boy and I loved it. I plan to make this a staple.

Punk Rock Gravy, brown rice, spicy tofu stir fry, kale

I served it over brown rice. The tofu dish was scallions, garlic, ginger, siracha, tofu and zukes. Hot and spicy. The kale was sauted and charred a little bit with garlic, onion, red pepper flakes and lemon juice.

simple, basic quesadilla

My husband and yougest son had quesadillas for lunch. I worked at a vegetarian restaurant years ago, and these were our biggest sellers. They are sooo easy to make and really good. If you want to be extremely naughty you can fry these up in a little earth balance, but they work well with nothing at all in a cast iron skillet. The great things about quesadillas is you can easily make them as healthy as you want... but back to the basic recipe. In the restaurant we used refried beans, cheese, picante sauce and avocado. That's it. It is delicious with tofu or soycheese. I'm fond of it with some cashew cheese spread on thinly. My all time favorite filling is my lime infused black beans, lots of cilantro and homemade habanero sauce. YUM!

For breakfast today, I had a huge spinach salad with pumpkin seeds, kidney beans, red onions, cukes, tomatoes and mustard vinaigrette. I love starting my day off with salad. I feel the best that way (in the summer). I am thinking of making a kidney bean, pumpkin seed type hummus thingy.. I love those two flavors together. It probably won't be the most attractive hummus, but I think it will be good. I'm going to play around with the recipe a bit and if it's good, I'll post it.

So, I've been doing Bikram's Yoga (at home) for the past week. I started a yoga blog here too.

Ok, so I prepped all the greens, cleaned the fridge, cooked the kale and the chickpea gravy, brown rice, sliced up the watermelon, attempted some Okara burgers (they sucked, so I threw them away and threw the mixture out after 3 burgers were cooked.. I was NOT going to have a repeat of the other day!).. I used the funky ruined salad dressing as a binder and it was just nasty, so I dumped the almost 64 oz of FUNK down the disposal. I made more soymilk (obviously because that's where I got the Okara).. then cut up a bunch of raw veggies to have around for snacks, cleaned out my freezer, made some veggie burger mix (haven't fried up the burgers yet), made some tvp sausages, cut up the rest of the homemade bread and put it in the freezer so it won't spoil.. and that's it. I'm done for the day.

Did I mention that I've been up since 2:30am? I have horrific insomnia... it's been really bad the last 3 nights. I stayed in bed til 5, but watched TV around 4am. I hope I can sleep tonight.


  1. Is it from Living in Clip?

    I HAVE to get Isa's cookbook, that gravy looks so good!

  2. Your quesadillas sound yummy. I make quesadillas with hummus, tomatoes, olives, sliced banana peppers, and a bit of avocado.

    I saw this show one time about a family who had insomnia for the past 8 generations or so. Unfortunately it was so bad that the insomnia eventually killed them. They could NEVER go to sleep and after months of being in a zombie-like state, they eventually died. After watching that show, I have had a tremendous amount of sympathy for anyone who even has the slightest bit of insomnia. It must be so difficult. Hang in there friend.

  3. Melody, you're my last stop before going to bed. I have the odd sleepless night, but can't imagine 3 nights in a row. If I don't get enough sleep, I'M VERY CRANKY. Very. If I'm REALLY desperate, I'll take a Gravol. That makes me sleepy.
    Your gravy photo is luscious. I commented on your post over at PPK. The quesadillas look great too. I love that kind of meal.

  4. Hope you get some restful sleep, Melody. I have trouble sometimes sleeping as well. This is a struggle i have especially in the summertime and when i have a lot on my mind. And that's been now for me! Plus it's been warm and even the fan doesn't help. I think i posted at like 2 a.m. the other morning here!! Nice that there's at least something to do at that hour of the day...

    Nice sounding food. Gravy is groovy; i try to have it when i can get it or make it from a vegetarian mix. I'm too dorky to make that sort of thing from scratch. I need Isa's cookbook too. And Dreena's... One of these days!!

    Wishing you a good, peaceful week.


  5. I had bad sleep last night too. It's bad enough it's monday. but monday with no sleep is the worst!


  6. Melody, I got your message about Motley Crue. Cool! They played here in Barrie, Ont. for Live 8, but I couldn't go. I'm a bit of a closet reality show fan and am watching Rock Star SuperNova with Tommy Lee, among others. I'm surprised at how well he's aged considering.
    Those bad boys will get us everytime!

  7. Sorry about the insomnia - that sucks! You're a very impressive person to achieve so much from your list with so little sleep!

  8. Melody, I used to have the worst insomnia, and now that I get lots and lots more exercise, (and I also quit caffeine at noon,) I sleep much better. I do have the odd night, however, when my mind is racing and I can't chill. Usually, I just get up and watch part of a movie or something, until I am so tired my eyes are drooping closed. I am a night person, and I need to get better about avoiding major cognitive tasks (like working on the cookbook,) after 9 p.m. or so, otherwise, there's no stopping me! I could work nonstop until 4 a.m.
    Here's hoping you get a good night's sleep tonight! Try some herbal tea and relaxing/stress relief yoga, maybe?

  9. yikes...insomina is brutal. I hope you're able to get some rest.

  10. Mmm, avocado atop a quesadilla...haven't had one in a while!

  11. thanks for the tip on the chickpea gravy - sounds amazing & i'll be trying that soon. what is your habanero sauce? i make a habanero jelly & we put that on lots of stuff - it's a great kick. i'm inspired by your yoga & hope that you slept well last night.

  12. Hope you slept well last night... hopefully in air conditioning! I won't call it insomnia but there are times i am just not tired and can't sleep... always in hormonal times arounf time of month.

    I love it when I have the extra hours in a day and i do just what you are doing... cook up a storm. I have had MANY, MANY kitchen disasters and I feel for you. Remember with every failure is another success even if the only thing you learned is how not to do something.

  13. i hate insomnia. i RARELY have it but when i do it's the most loneliest feeling...

    the quesadillas look fabulous..i love quesadillas...

  14. thanks for the heads up on your habanero sauce - that was really nice of you & i can't wait! :o) how's the sleep sitch?

  15. That punk rock chick pea gravy is soooo good! I have to make more of it. I love quesadillas and yours look very tasty.

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