Thursday, July 20, 2006

Okara Crab Cakes, Wonder bread dissed

Seitan, pepper and onion tortilla bake
This little casserole turned out great. I sauted seitan with poblano peppers, red onions, garlic, cumin, taco seasoning and finished it off with fresh garlic and homemade salsa. I used 6 corn tortillas and made two layers of the filling/salsa/cashew cheese and topped it off with extra cashew cheese, pickled jalapenos, red onion and lots of fresh cilantro. I served it with tofu sour cream, more salsa and avocado slices. I have to say, I am impressed with how well the cashew cheese worked. It really hit the flavor notes of real cheese and I felt just as satisfied with this as I do with my old tortilla bake.
Okara crabcake with roasted asparagus

Okara crabcake lettuce wrap

The other day, I was reading Fat Free Vegan's blog and was excited to see a recipe for Okara Crab Cakes. I had all the ingredients and whipped up a batch. I followed the recipe pretty close, but sub'd zukes for green pepper, added garlic, onion powder and Louisiana Hot Sauce and a handful of nori shreds instead of dulse powder. Delicious!! I made a tartar sauce out of silken tofu, capers, sweet pepper relish, lemon juice, lemon zest and onion powder. Thanks, Susan for a great recipe!
An interesting thing happened today. My kids have often complained that they never get to eat white bread, they want white bread, they are so deprived, yadda yadda yadda. Well, the other day I decided to buy them their coveted junk when I saw some "white wheat bread".. I knew it was pure crap, but you have to throw them a bone now and then so it doesn't become a power struggle. (They've been eating a lot of my homemade bread and not complaining).. well, first of all, my husband was shocked and said that bread was gross and he couldn't believe I bought it. Today I made my son a sandiwch (Actually two sandwiches) on it and he couldn't believe it either. He said that it was gross and he hated it and please, don't ever buy it again. He said it felt like he was eating something really low quality. He actually used those words! Then he said, "I wish we had whole wheat bread, do I have to finish this? " I was please to say, "No Way!"
I took the fillings out of his sandwiches and made him one on healthy bread and he said, "Thanks Mom, this is so much better."
Take that Wonder Bread!


  1. I "wonder" why people eat that bread?! I love that given the choice, they choose wheat - which is what they are used to - good lesson for me on not engaging in power struggles. and the food, well, I'm always amazing when I visit you. Are you gearing up for the habanero sauce?! :o)

  2. I love it when I hear of another whole family converted over and they actually desire the whole grain good stuff!

    Salad looks great, but I'm longing to come to your table today to try some of those crab cakes.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you liked the crab cakes! And let's hear it for discerning kids--Hurray! :-)

  4. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for leaving the instructions for the "bacon" burgers on my blog. They sound great, and the next time I make soymilk, I'm going to try them

  5. Plain ol’ white bread is just silly to me. No nutrients and no taste or texture, where’s the appeal? At first I thought those were “okra” crab cakes, haha. I bet some okra would make a fine side to crab cakes. I wish I made soymilk but it’s just so easy to buy ready-made. Not all of us are domestic goddesses ;) You just reminded me that I’ve been meaning to take a stab at cashew cheese. Would you care to share your recipe.

  6. Those crab cakes look really good. Awesome about the bread. I grew up on the stuff and always found it tasteless.

  7. The "crab cakes" looking yummy. I've not tried making soy milk yet. Perhaps between Dori and you, I may eventually try.

    The seitan looks really good too. I definitely want to try some cashew or almond parmesan.

    How great is that about your kids actually trying white bread and hating it? They are so lucky to have you making homemade breads for them!

  8. Wow you made this already?? I saw this last week and have been wanting to.. you're on top of things girlie!


  9. Your tortilla bake looks yummy. So glad to hear about the bread. It's no wonder they chose wholesome wheat over that white crap!

  10. I had to look twice when i saw "Crab" in the header there for your food! It's so funny to me to see that... They look GREAT!! Who needs CRAB?!

    Recently a well-meaning friend made me a salad with "krab" and told me she thought it was vegetarian. I had to inform her, well-meaning as she was, that the fake stuff is still made from fish... Live and learn!

    That is a great story about the breat, Melody! I used to do the same thing to my mom when she would buy "healthy" bread! (And there was a time when i loved Wonder bread too. Last week in fact. No, just kidding about that! I am an Ezekiel fan all the way.)

    Susan has great recipes on her blog, i love checking in there.

    I love the tortilla bake... and seitan with peppers. Lovin' that stuff, Melody!!!

  11. I also read 'okra' crab cakes! Maybe because it is on my list of foods to try if I ever find it. Isn't it nice when you are there when children realize things on their own?

  12. I used to buy a product called Okara patties. They were so good. But this looks 100x better. I have to make these.

  13. I was drooling when I saw those okara crab cakes on Susan's blog, yum. Yours look fantastic too.

    How great is it that everyone "realized" how gross white bread is? We grew up on that crap. I got my mom to start buying good stuff as I got older.

  14. u knw I always get confused between okara and okra.. its like I see these okara based recipe pictures and I am searching for okra.. and I'm like where are the okras??? until I finally figured out what okara is :-P

  15. That taco salad looks yummy. The story about the white bread is too funny!! Good for them!