Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stray dog survives gas chamber

Stray Dog Survives Euthanasia Chamber

You always hear cats have nine lives, but a Hinesville dog is starting on her second.

Animal Control was putting her and three other dogs down, but after 30 minutes in the gas chamber, she still survived.

People who run the Liberty County Humane Shelter say they're not sure how, but they're hoping her story can serve as a catalyst for shutting down the gas chamber for good.

Watching her tail wag Friday afternoon you would never guess what horror this happy-looking dog had gone through just a day earlier.

Deborah Palpal-Latoc, with LCHS, says "It will never leave me. I have had nightmares and don't think I'll ever forget this as long as I live."

Palpal-latoc saw first hand. When a chamber filled with carbon dioxide failed to kill the two year old dog, she helped pull her out of the cage and get her to a veterinarian.

"the dog above her -- it's bodily fluids were dripping all over her," recalls Palpal-Latoc with tears in her eyes. "And she was cowering and scared and foaming at the mouth and trying to get out."

Now the dog, who's since been named "Amazing Grace," is serving as an example.

People at the humane shelter say gas simply isn't a humane way to euthanize stray dogs.

"It is very hard. I would never do it again," says Wendy Thompson, who worked as an animal control officer for three months.

She says long before Amazing Grace showed up, she probably put several hundred dogs and cats to death in the same cages: "Having to put an animal down, I actually did cry several times. I had to walk off and do what I need to do, get through it."

The humane shelter's been fighting gas for years -- and thinks that with Amazing Grace's help -- they may have finally won. They've been told that Animal Control will be moving to lethal injection next week.

A lot of people probably would like to adopt Amazing Grace, but she's already been spoken for.

Workers at the humane shelter say instead, folks should try and save a different animal instead.

WTOC talked with one person at animal control, but did not hear back from a manager to get official word on if they're shutting down the CO2 chamber or not.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

I am so sick.. so sad... I can't believe that it is acceptable to use GAS to "euthanize" dogs.. (or any animal, I'm sure they do it to cats too)... How can anyone do this? How is this legal, OK? We have to figure out a way to stop this.

Could you do this to her?


  1. That is an amazing and sad story.

    thank you for sharing


  2. How disgusting. So much pointless suffering, it makes me sick.

  3. Wow. Powerful and heart-wrenching. Euthanasia is so awful awful awful.

    We just had a huge story on the front of our paper about the 7 horses from the Del Mar racetrack (which i posted about the day before racing season started last week) that have had to be euthanized. SEVEN in SEVEN days of racing. It's depressing.

    Thanks for posting this difficult read.

    And also, you should know I just love your dog, Mel... not just looks-wise but for the way you were helped the other day with your fall.

    Man AND woman's BEST FRIEND. For sure.

  4. at first i had to pick my jaw up off the floor. now, i'm reaching for a tissue. we call this a civilized society? i hope that amazing grace will be a catalyst for change.

  5. Reminds me of the quote that when it comes to animals [meaning non-human ones], all men are nazis.

  6. It's so unbelievable all the people who want to adopt this dog because she's a "miracle." Good for the shelter to suggest they adopt one of the other homeless dogs but (and I hate to be cynical) I doubt many of those people will do that. They want the sensation, the phenomenom, the glory, and to be able to say they saved the dog that survived the gas chamber.

  7. I'm crying.

    I'm SO glad she survived...that is wonderful...but I cry for the others. Oh, I just can't take this world sometimes.

  8. Hey everyone. I am with Liberty Humane Shelter and we have a MySpace account that I update with all of the latest information following this story. The flood of support has been overwhelming and very welcome! We are doing everything we can to see that the county destroys the chamber so it can never be used again.

  9. I'm also crying. I think of all the times I've gone to our local shelter and all the faces and EYES that I see pleading with me to help. I wish I could adopt them all so nothing like this happens ever again.

  10. This just breaks my heart. How scared she must have been when they took her out. I can't believe people still do this...

  11. I don't even know what to say. It kills me the way people think... like we don't have to share this world with anyone or anything. Like all other life has been put here simply for us to use... and abuse.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. That's horrid, I wouldn't have ever imagined that someone would think it is acceptable to 'put down' our companion animals this way.

    Obviously the press from this story will initiate change... perhaps that's was why Amazing Grace fought so hard to escape.

  13. These sort of stories always make me cry. Every time. I just can't get over how cruel people can be, especially when there's no reason for it. I'm glad they "rescued" this little one from the chamber, though, instead of just gassing him again. Maybe Amazing Grace will be able to instigate some change.

  14. no. and i'm greatful i couldn't becuase that would make me a horrific person.

  15. that is so horrendous!!! that poor girl. :(

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