Thursday, August 10, 2006

almost a burger and cheeze recipe, bfast pizza

First of all, sorry the pics are so big, blogger is not allowing me to upload the pics, so I have to post this all in html.. and I'm not in the mood to look up resizing codes.

Anyways... this is a pic of my "raw ground beef patties" AKA uncooked veggie burgers.
I've been asked several times to elaborate on the method.. I'm sorry to say, I still haven't written down a recipe, but I promise, the next time I make them I will. And I make them two times a week at least.

The pic here is to give you an idea of the texture the pattie needs to be before grilling. They key to this texture is chilling it overnight or for a minimum of 3 hours.

I use Lipton Onion Soup Mix in these. If you don't want to do that, then I suggest some veggie bouillon cube and dried onion flakes. If you won't want to do that, then saute 1 small onion with soy sauce or salt and use that.
Some of the TVP in the above pic was caramel colored, so that's why you see some dark flecks.

Here's a rough recipe:

1 batch Okara from making soymilk, you can subsitute this with 1.5 cups of pureed white beans, soybeans being the best since they contain fat. Warm the bean puree.. the okara I use is piping hot from making soymilk. You can do this in the microwave
6 oz tomato paste
Lipton Onion Soup Mix (1 pouch)
TVP (enough to make the mixture come together)
Hot soymilk or water to bring the mixture together if needed.
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
A couple TBS oil if desired

Add: any flavorings you wish. I like to add fresh herbs, condiments, spices or whatever suits my fancy. For instance, I have added fresh basil fresh garlic and a bit of live oil for a pizza like burger. I have added horseradish and caraway for reuben like patties, I add dijon or yellow mustard and browning liquid (Gravy Master) for a traditional type "hamburger" pattie.

It is very important to let the mixture chill. (I can't say this enough).. Grill on an oiled grill or grill pan over medium heat (I use my cast iron grill pan on 5 on my electric stove) covered for 5 minutes on the first side, flip and grill for 5 mins uncovered.

You can also add fresh garlic,parsely, basil, miso and roll into small balls for meatballs. brown them in a skillet, then bake at 400 for 25 mins or so. Also, if you make the meatballs, add oil.

Ok, onto cheese. I made some Cashew Cheese.. in fact, I made quite a bit. I took a lot from the Native Foods Cookbook recipe, but left out a few things and added more flavor. This made 5 8oz domes. 3 are in the freezer, as I'll use them to top pizzas and other baked goods.

Here's a summary of what I used.

3 cups piping hot, freshly made soy/rice milk (literally as soon as it was done)
3 tbsp Agar Powder (yes, it's a lot.. but it works)
-bring these two to a boil for a minute or two, whisking. Let it cool down for 5 minutes or so.
Pour into a blender and add:
2 cups cashews
1 tbsp prepared mustard (I like dijon)
3 tbsp miso
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
1/2-3/4 cup lemon juice
1 tsp kosher salt (taste before adding, because some miso is very salty, start by adding 1/4 tsp kosher salt... if using table salt, add much less and taste)
Blend for several minutes... pour into 8 oz containers. I kept the last 8 oz in the blender and added around 1/4 capful of liquid smoke for a "smoked" provolone type cheese..

As you can see, this set up nicely. I grated some for my breakfast pizza, which I made on one of my homemade tortillas. I added marinara and veggies and around 1/4 cup of the "cheese".


  1. Both the burger and the cheese look really good. I like that you made a large quantity of it at once. I know that the agar will keep it hardenened, so you could proabably shred it pretty well, but does the cheese brown? I also like that you made yoiur burger from okara... alway gotaa lot of that :)

  2. So now I can ad a soymilk maker to my ever growing list of kitchen gadgets I must have but can’t afford right now. Actually, it looks like a solid investment and it’s not nearly as costly as a KitchenAid or a Vitamix, so I may actually consider getting one.

    Thanks for sharing, that pizza looks amazing!

  3. was the cheese good? did it taste somewhat like cheese?

    (i have those same plates in green!)

  4. great all looks amazing. I would eat each and every thing!

  5. That last pic looks like...heaven!

    Blue beans are just like Yellow Beans but blue-purplish in color. When you cook them...they turn green. Very cool!

  6. Melody, Thanks for visiting my blog and for all of your kind words of support. This is a terribly difficult time for me and any bit of guidance I can get especially from someone who has been there makes me feel a little more hopeful and a little less alone. Thanks again and have a great day!

  7. Geez, you must have an awesome blender to get it that pureed! Good job!


  8. Mel, you always make the most delicious looking foods. I would be in heaven if I lived in your house! Love the "burgers." I don't yet have a soymilk maker (too expensive for my budget right now) so I'm going to try this with the white beans. When you add the TVP do you add it dry or already moistened/prepared?

  9. wow, melody - i'm so impressed that you made homemade cheese - agar flakes are amazing. i also have the plates in green...

  10. You've been busy. I wanna start experimenting with cheez recipes. Haven't gotten around to it yet!

  11. does it melt? :) LOOKS GREAT...i'd love to come over, thanks for asking. which night is best for you? :LOL:

    I have TONS of okara in the freezer. {{{Pulling some out NOW for the burgers}}} and WOW, the cheese looks SO GOOD.

    thanks for the instructions in my blog :)

  12. You have SO inspired me. I have been looking through my Uncheese Cokbook for ages, but it's time to brave a recipe.

  13. Your breakfast pizza looks great --the shredded cheese looks "real". I was wondering too if it melts.

    What's agar powder?

  14. wow the burger looks really meat like!

    I'm also interested in knowing how the chez "melts"


  15. That cheeze looks great. I love making cheezes at home. Thanks for the recipe :)Your breakfast pizza looks super yummy!

  16. the burger looks so yummy. and the cheese looks so cute like jello! not that i would eat jello b/c its made outta gelatin. that pizza looks great!

  17. I'll be waiting for your burger recipe and instructions. It looks uncannily like a real burger, I know my omni-hubby would like them. :)

  18. YUM! The burger sounds delish! I have to be brave and just try making cashew cheeze... I have the first uncheese cookbook. (I just read urban vegan's comment :)
    And I'm coming over for pizza! Have a great weekend Melody!

  19. That burger looks so "realistic" that I was afraid I'd wondered onto an omnivore's blog by mistake! :-) Seriously, it all looks so good that I might have to try making some cashew cheese.

  20. Hey, Melody! The cheese is so amazing. i thought it was flan at first. It looks excellent (and i dig the plate it's on also, by the way)! Those burgers look chillin' - and i don't mean just 'cause you chilled 'em first.

    Pizza for breakfast - you are my kinda gal, Melody!

  21. I tried making homemade cheese once... from the uncheese cookbook... and it really wasn't very good. Have you done this before? Would it work with just heated up store bought soy milk?

  22. That pizza look fantastic! I'll have to check out the Native Foods cookbook--thanks for the tip!

  23. Pamela, I answered your question about uncheese on your blog..

  24. that pizza looks fantastic!

  25. Oh! So here's the "cheese" recipe! Wow, it looks great! I even own a soymilk maker, but it's in storage 3000 miles away!! :( I will have to wait to use that to make some faux cheeses!

    Thanks for the recipe!!

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  28. This recipe is very good, is a combination that I see very delicious pizza burger, something very rare but we must try new things, is very rich, thanks.