Monday, August 28, 2006

Indian food

Dal, Sag "Paneer", Basmati Rice

This was dinner last night. I used tofu instead of paneer, just drained it and fried it in a cast iron skillet with a tiny bit of olive oil, then added the spices, onions and garlic. I about 2 lbs of spinach and 1/2 cup coconut milk to cream it up. Here is the recipe for the dal. I added some cauliflower, green beans and peas to it because I had them around. It was a little runny on the plate.. that is not oil. My youngest son is so funny, he loves dal. He ate 4 huge bowls of it for dinner and went on and on about how it was the perfect food. When my kids were little, I used to make brown rice, dal and veggies and puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays for instant baby food. They must have developed a taste for it at early age. Both my kids ate veggies before fruit and I've never had an issue with them not liking vegetables.
School starts tomorrow and I'm ready for it. I can't believe my kids are going into the 8th and 10th grades. Time flies.
I have a job interview tomorrow morning. It is at a natural foods cafe and bakery. From what I can gather, the place seems like a great place to work and they have very high standards for their food. I hope I get the job! It will be a change, working full time, but I very much look forward to doing so. My husband works from home, so he can be here when the kids get home and he can drive them places if need be.
Blogger has been acting up a lot for me.. I changed over to the new beta and I hate it. It keep logging me out and everytime I post comments, it seems to freeze up. bleh.


  1. Good luck on the job interview! I'm also interviewing, but I wish I was interviewing for the Natural Cafe instead of corporate jobs. Maybe someday :)

    Ryan starts college again today. Booo! It's boring without him home.


  2. Hey! I hope you get the job too. I feel the mom emotions with you.

    The indian food looks good and thanks for the info about the new beta blogger, I was considering it - guess I'll wait awhile.

  3. Hey Melody:)

    I decided to stop in and check out your blog today. Your food pics are just gorgeous and sooo yummy looking!!

    That is awesome that you have an interview tomorrow! I really hope you get the job. Give me a call tomorrow after, or I will try you at some point in the afternoon.

    Good luck!! :)


  4. A job opportunity at such a cool place! Hope you get that job, Melody, it sounds perfect for you. And you can always work around the schedule for your kids (8th and 10th grades! WOW!) with your husband, which is very fortunate for you. Thinking positively for you, kiddo!

    Love your "paneer" made a little differently. Enjoyable, it seems.

    Hope this week goes well for you, i know there's a lot going on and a lot on your mind.


  5. Good luck with the interview, sounds like the perfect place to work. Your 10th grader will be driving soon, no? Then the 10th grader can drive the 8th grader around, and you can just kick back and let them take care of their own busy schedules…haha.

    I love Indian food, I only started trying to cook it myself pretty recently. I’ve used soft fried tofu to sub for paneer in a veg korma recipe and it worked pretty well. I love coconut milk, I just wish it weren’t so fattening! Seems like all the really good stuff is.

  6. Good luck with the interview! Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in the whole logout issue with beta..
    I don't think the site is actually logging me out, I think what is happening when you go to comment on someones blog who hasn't switched to beta its actually making you sign in to the old version of blogger since you're currently signed into the beta version. I could be completely wrong though, but its a theory, since this is the first comment I've left all day and not had to log in and you've switched to the beta.

  7. Good luck with your interview! I hope you get the job. On a totally selfish note, I bet you'd encounter lots of food/nutrition info to share with us!

  8. Good luck with your interview! The dal looks delish!

  9. Your Indian food looks delicious. I'm not a mom and have no authority in this subject, but I always thought that if you raised your kid on veggies & fruit being the "norm" they would like them (most anyway) and willingly eat them.

    Good luck on your job interview. It sounds like a fun place to work.

  10. Oh, yeah... Meant to ask you how do you grind up seitan to use in tacos, spaghetti sauce, etc?

  11. Good luck to you on your interview! You have a great blog..

  12. Sounds like a cool place to work for! Hope you get the job.

    Your food always look so good! I haven't commented here in a while but I do keep myself updated though:)

  13. YAY for your potentail new job. I'm pondering hitting the market again myself. it's a bit scarey and overwhelming tho b/c i'd have to take time off of hte current job to interview and whatnot. I feel fishy doing that but if i must, i must

    :) good luck!


  14. Hope you get the job!

    I love Indian food too but, unfortunately, wasn't smart enough to wean my daughter on it when she was younger so she complains now when I make it. I love that your son likes it.

  15. That Indian food looks amazing. YUM! And good luck with your job interview!

    I've been having the same problems with the beta version of Blogger. Hopefully they will get it figured out soon.

  16. good luck tomorrow! Saag is my all-time fave Indian food.

  17. good luck to you! love the dal!

  18. hope the job interview went well!