Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mango Ginger Tofu, Brussel Sprouts, Coconut Lime Cookies

VWaV inspired Mango Ginger Tofu
Ok, so this was really good. I started with the recipe and then added more garlic and pureed all the mango because I know my kids would not be into eating cooked mango. I did some other tweaking, but can't remember now because the tofu has been soaking in the marinade for 2 days!.. oh.. yeah.. I pressed the tofu and fried in in a dry cast iron to crisp it up before marinating it because I knew it would be at least a day before I'd use it.. also... I didn't want to bake it, yet wanted the crispy tofu. I topped it off with scallions and siracha. We loved it. My oldest son has been "sneaking" the tofu out of the fridge over the last day or so. He was at band camp tonight, so it was just the three of us.. I will send leftovers with him tomorrow. We served it over plain basmati rice.. and with:

Steamed Brussel Sprouts tossed with vinaigrette

Coconut Lime Cookies

Earlier today I made a batch of these from Vive.. I sub'd stevia for the sugar, but still used 1/3 cup of maple syrup. I was very pleased with the result! I had one earlier in the day and we each had one after dinner. Oy... we have a problem. Before I went vegan, I hardly ever ate sweets or baked good because I hated eggs and sugar... now this whole new world has opened up, egg and sugar free. I need to limit myself to empty calories 1 day a week. I've been using stevia in smoothies almost daily, but they are very healthy and delicious. Usually just frozen fruit, ice, greens, flax, stevia and coconut extract.


  1. Impressive to hear about a kid "sneaking" tofu! The must be in the top 10 greatest food accomplishments for a mom. What does he play? The brussel sprouts look perfect - awesome photo. & I love those cookies. Great post. :o)

  2. I am the only person in the world who has not made this tofu recipe or the lime-coco cookies.

  3. Wow - your son likes tofu! That's amazing. I can't even get my daughter to try foods made with soymilk.

    I'm with you, while I love brussel sprouts and yours look great, I'm a sweet eater. I limit myself to one little (teeny) treat per day. You're pretty disciplined to limit yourself to one per week.

  4. Urban vegan is not the only person, but soon will be. I seriously have planned to made the lime coconut cookies tommorrow, but I'll be serving with roasted tomato soup and grilled cheez sandwich.

    Your brussel sprouts look perfect!

  5. yum! Your whole meal looks amazing! I do not have that recipe book yet, and I see waht I am missing!

    Ooh, I bet my daughter would love that tofu dish too! I must try it! :P

    The brussel sprouts looks so healthy and delicious!

    What a great post!

  6. Everything looks totally awesome!


  7. three cheers for mango tofu! I haven't tried making it myself yet, but it's one of my favorite things to order out!

    Urban vegan, I haven't made either one of those recipes, either. No worries!

  8. EVERYONE is making these cookies. hmm should i jump on the wagon too?? haha


  9. Oh, those brussel sprouts look so good!! They are one our favorite veggies. Mango Ginger Tofu sounds delightful. I haven't tried that recipe yet. Coconut and lime sounds like a winning combo for a cookie. Yum!

  10. Mango tofu? Why have I never heard of this before? I must have this. Those cookies still look good, I have also yet to make them. There is a temporary ban on sweets and beer in my house, so they will have to wait.

  11. Great idea to puree the mango... I think this would make the recipe much better. I made it once and I was kind of unimpressed. Yours looks better than mine.

    I love brussel sprouts.

  12. i am very impressed by any kid sneaking tofu! wow! my kids will only sneak it if it "bacon".. I wonder if frying is the key? maybe i should try that huh?
    I haven't tried the mango dish or cookies yet.. but, man it all looks great!!

  13. That looks so awesome! I want to make some now. Thanks for the post. I'm glad you can use stevia in the cookies; I think it's a good idea, also, to use another sweetener and/or add some amount of bulk, if it's not a stevia recipe to begin with. The brussel sprouts look tasty, too.

    Richard doesn't like coconut but he likes lime; I wonder if he will like these cookies.

  14. mmm. those coconut lime cookies look really really good!

  15. Tofu and brussel sprouts- yum. Jow funny that your son is SNEAKING tofu from the fridge! That is awesome!

    The coconut lime cookies- I finally got the cookbook and I can't wait to make them. I do love that blue dish.

  16. Nice stuff you've got there, Melody. I'm so proud of you to be giving your kids the right direction for a healthy, cruetly-free way to eat! SO AWESOME.

    Love it, Melody.

    It seems that U.V. and i are the only ones who haven't made these tantalzing treats of tofu and cookies.

    I wish i could get past the stinky smell of Brussels sprouts and give them a chance...

  17. Oh. My. Goodness. You're on fire, sister! Quite impressed with this awesome array of yummy foodies :D

    Happy Friday,

  18. Wow, these photos are all so great, I am a BIG fan of brussels sprouts. Why do they always portray these little cabbages as a kid's worst nightmare??? I was a weird kid I guess, I always loved veggies.

    Feel like I just had lunch, looking at these photos!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Veggies, G