Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pad Thai, Mooshi Tofu, Wheatberry Salad

Brooklyn Pad Thai
This was from VWaV.. I followed the recipe, but added more garlic, lots of ginger, lots of siracha and some liquid smoke. It was excellent. In fact, my almost 15 year old said that it was the best food he's eaten in his life! Next time I make it, I'll add more veggies. I'm thinking green beans, shredded carrots and red bell peppers would be amazing. I have a feeling we'll be eating this a lot over the next 6 months or so. It will pack well in for school lunches too.

MooShi Veggies and Tofu

This was delicious as well. I made a bunch, using a whole head of cabbage. Here's the recipe.

Wheatberry Salad

Pure Bliss


  1. Great photo of the kiddies with your dog. I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!

    Wow, when a 14-year-old says it's the best thing ever, i believe it! High praise indeed, Melody.

    I have to say it really looks and sounds good, especially with what you added. (Specifially: More garlic please!)

    Yummy, all of it!

  2. Mmmm, Brooklyn Pad Thai looks marvey. So does the wheatberry salad. And the Moo Shoo! I'm printing off that recipe to try. Thanks for sharing!
    How are you feeling today? Better, I hope.

  3. Wow, the pad thai and mooshi tofu look incredible! I'll definitely have to try that mooshi tofu!

  4. Brooklyn Pad Thai, I'll have to check out that recipe. Funny, but I am from Brooklyn and for a while we lived on the "south side". I've never lived outside of my state. :) I'm sure VwaV gives this recipe with New York in mind. Great picture of your boys, I can't remember is your dog a boy?

  5. I swear your dog is looking RIGHT at me and smiling.

    and I LIKE it hehe

    I've never had wheatberry before. What does it taste like??


  6. The Pad Thai looks fantastic. I'm going to have to try it. Everyone blogs about recipes from VWaV so I just get my ideas about what to try from blogs LOL I hardly have to look through the book for recipes to try!
    Thanks for your nice comment about my hot pocket post. They work out well for lunch the next day (my husband brings his lunch every day).
    The other pics look great too :)

  7. I haven't tried the pad thai from vwv yet.. over the years i have been on a quest to find a great pad thai recipe and tried many..but nothing has been spot on yet.. your sons endorsement says a lot.. great photos..yummy food..bravo

  8. I agree that the pad thai looks great, but what I'm really drooling over is the wheatberry salad! I love having brilliant colors and textures in my food, and the salad just looks absolutely perfect.

  9. Are wheatberries the little chewy things in sprouted wheat breads? Love the sound of that pad thai, the more garlic and ginger the better.

  10. where di dyou get teh mooshi recipe? that looks good too.

    aaah..i miss NH terribly. you're lucky. i loved your pix.

    i made the udon noodles in VwaV with the tasty...

  11. Oh, yum! That VwV pad thai has been on my "to do" list for a while now, but I think it just got bumped up in the queue. Nice work!

  12. You are amazing--I saw the pad thai on the PPK Food Porn forum. It all looks delectable. Thanks for the wheatberry salad recipe.

    What a cute canine.

  13. My Brooklyn Pad Thai from VWAV looks TOTALLY different than yours! Mine's a lot... redder.

  14. Hey Melody,
    Is VWaV, the vegan with a vengeance cookbook? Is that where you got the Pad Thai recipe? You boys are too handsome!

  15. Mel such gorgeous food! Can I come over for lunch? :)

    The boys look so great Mel it's been WAY too long since I saw you. I think T looks so much like you in profile!


  16. that pad thai looks delish... !!!!!!