Saturday, August 12, 2006

simple basil ricotta tortilla, grossed out

Tofu Basil "Ricotta" Tortilla
This was my breakfast.. simple and easy and good. My son had one too. It is the basil ricotta from WVaV (but with more basil and garlic than called for) on my homemade tortilla with tomatoes, broiled for several minutes.
Dinner last night was a quick meal of snap peas, broccoli, healthy "ramen" nooodles, garlic, peanut butter, lime juice and cilantro. Oh.. and tofu too. My son had a friend over, so I tried to make something he would like and he at a bowl.
My husband took the kids camping overnight, so I'm here all alone. No cooking for me!
I had a good experience this morning. I was making smoothies for my kids and we had some yogurt (dairy) that needed to be used.. It's amazing how few dairy products we are eating now that I'm almost 100% vegan. I got a HUGE craving for the smoothie... I used to love yogurt.. I mean love it.., so I decided to just have a small taste of it on a spoon. The craving was so strong... so, I took a small spoonful and spit it out! It was disgusting. I was shocked... I figured the yogurt must have been rotten or something or just off.. but the kids and my husband loved it.. they said it tasted like normal yogurt smoothies. I can't tell you how gross it was to me... A similar thing happened to me the other night while dishing up ice cream for them.. I didn't take a taste, but the smell of it grossed me out. It just smelled... OFF.. and nasty..


  1. It's odd how your body and senses change when you stop eating that stuff. it's like you cant go back, even if you wanted too


  2. Again - wow! Your breakfast looks yummy. I have to get out of my breakfast funk and start eating more exciting things. I made tortillas last night after seeing yours. You'd be so proud. They were whole wheat and super easy to make. Although, they smoked up the house quite a bit. I also made a chickpea curry with tomatoes and cauliflower and we ate this with the tortillas. Too bad everyone ate them all and there are no leftovers.

    It is funny about how you do stop craving those things you stop eating. That's why I think if I really did focus on following Eat to Live, eventually it wouldn't be that difficult. It's finding the desire to get started. When the other family was eating the Pizza Hut pizza, surprisingly, it didn't even look appetizing to me. It smelled good, but once I peeked into the box, I had absolutely no craving or desire to eat it.

    P.S. Thanks for such nice comments about me and my hubby.

  3. Your breakfast looks delicious! I've had similar experiences with dairy products. Once I used dairy cream in a cup of coffee at work because I was desperate for a caffeine buzz and it just tasted ROTTEN. I think those kinds of experiences are good reminders.

  4. I agree with everyone else - it is shocking how your body comes to hate animal products!

  5. Hi Melody! i hope you are enjoying the "alone" time and aren't lonely! I have similar experiences with dairy EVERY time. I have almost cut it out completely... i can't even imagine how my body would react to any other animal product.

  6. That breakfast looks delicious! I love basil.

    I agree with the others as well.

  7. That tofu-basil riotta is a great, versatile recipe. Looks incredible on your tortilla.

    I also now get grossed out by the smell of dairy. Ick.

  8. Wow, your breakfast looks yummy! The tofu basil ricotta sounds fab. I've got some basil in my garden this year that's about ready. I'm going to have to get motivated and try that recipe!

  9. I think humans or babies who haven't been exposed to dairy are also repulsed by it, but of course calves want it!

    That pizza looks very good.

  10. Your basil-ricotta tortillas look great! I'll have to try something like that soon.

    Yes, I'm having similar experiences with dairy--just the smell of it, even the thought of it. It is hard to believe, but good, that your body changes so quickly.

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