Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lots of pics

Yesterday, my brother, his wife, her mother (who is visiting from Florida) and her son came for a visit. My poor SIL is almost 42 weeks pregnant and sooo ready to have the baby! She's beautiful though, isn't she?
and sorry for all the big pics, I still can't upload. when it says click "done" there is no done button to click! grrr

I love this pic because she's looking at my brother and smiling at him.

Did I mention that I'm SO EXCITED TO MEET ARWEN?

I made a bunch of good food.. I only took pics of the soup, focaccia and quacamole. The soup was a Veggie Chili. I used onions, garlic, green and red peppers, serrano chiles, chipotles, sweet potato, zucchini, salsa, veg stock, tomatoes, lots of spices, black beans, kidney beans and chili beans, tvp, orange juice, cilantro and a touch of lime.

I also made 2 quarts of my salsa. I have less than 1 cup left. Can you believe that?
We bought several bags of Red Hot Blue Corn Chips and I baked some corn chips for myself. I was pretty cool that everyone liked my baked chips as much as the store bought ones.
The focaccia was made from white whole wheat flour and sprinkled with fresh rosemary, garlic infused olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. I made it very thin, so it was more like a cracker focaccia.
It was my brother's birthday on Friday, so I made a pan of blondie brownies with rasberry and chocolate from VwaV. Everyone LOVED them. I used an entire bag of dark chocolate chips for the 9 by 13 pan instead of 1 cup because my brother asked me to. They were so surpised they were vegan! I had a small piece and was very impressed. I sub'd stevia for 1/2 the sugar in the blondie dough, used sucanat for the other cup of sugar and stevia with the raspberries. I did not take a picture because they were NOT pretty at all.
The only dairy we had on the table was some sour cream to top the soup. That's it! Normally, I would have put cheese out too, but no one seemed to miss it.
I am thrilled that my entire family is eating so much less dairy than they used to. I leave cheese out of so much and they don't even seem to notice. It's awesome!

This morning, I put my Vita Mix to good use and made a Carrot/Apple/Ginger smoothie. I took 1 granny smith, 2 carrots, a large piece of peeled ginger, a tiny bit of stevia, ice cubes and water and blended up a great juice! My oldest son and I shared it.

For lunch, we had some leftover focaccia with tofu salad, sprouts, tomato and avocado. I didn't take a pic.. My batteries were dying when I was taking the juice pic. I also made some Plantain Fries. I bought 3 plantains a week or so ago and have been wondering what to do with them. I decided to cut them up like fries and spray them with cooking spray and cook them in my cast iron. They were really good. I served them with the BEST sauce ever.. my strawberry-habanero sauce mixed with ketchup. omg... so good. The next time, I will bake the fries though. I think they will be even better that way. I'm sure they'd be totally delicious deep fried, but I will never do that.

My "diet" has been going great. I have been doing a great job listening to my body and eating when I'm hungry and stopping before I'm full. I did have a small piece of the blondie brownie yesterday, but that was OK with me because I waited until I was hungry to have it. Everyone else at it pretty close after the meal. I also had 1/2 a piece. I will allow myself a dessert like thing once a week or so. I am NOT counting calories, I am just trying to get in touch with my hunger and make smarter choices. I don't believe in "diets".. I believe in permanent lifestyle changes.
It's been a week or so since I've had vegenaise and I don't miss it at all.

oh, almost forgot.. my brother brought me these!

Sunflower Sprouts


  1. Arwen's a cool name and she's playing it cool by waiting to come out. Nice pic of your sister in law. Your family is very lucky because your food always looks very good. Glad the "lifestyle change" is going good.

    Hopefully, you'll meet Arwen soon.

  2. that is a very sweet pic of your very pretty sis in law! man o man I bet she is ready!

  3. awww... your SIL is glowing! TOO COOL!

    Wow! Lots of food posts too! The chili and plaintain fries look especialy delicious!!!

  4. Wow, that picture of your sister in law is really beautiful.

    I have been seeing a lot of people use plantains lately, I'm intrigued.

    About your ideas for my party.. that's great! I've been thinking I want to do some burrito sort of thing, and use seitan. I'm not QUITE sure how to go about it though. Anything you might suggest would help. you can shoot me an email!

  5. Your SIL is gorgeous. And so is all the food you made. It makes me want to shew up the screen.

    I know I say this again and again, but you are a talented photgrapher. You could do photo shoots for food pubs.

  6. those plantain chips look amazing. I am going to have to bite your style and make them and soon as I find some at the grocery store!

    I hope someday I could look at gorgeous as your SIL does pregant. My god...does your brother realize how lucky he is!

  7. Your SIL is stunning. What a beautiful picture. It sounds like you have been eating some awesome food. So glad that all your family is loving the vegan delights you're making.

    Congrats on your lifestyle change. I think it's really about time we all took your advice and slowed down, enjoyed our food more, and listened to our bodies for a change. The only problem is that food is SOOOOO good. It's hard to stop eating when it tastes so yummy.

  8. Yes, your SIL is So beautiful! And the fact she is smiling at your brother...AWW! Very sweet! I can't wait to see the photos of Arwen!!

    Great job on your lifestyle change! You were probalby already doing great, but you are doing better and better everyday for your body! I have to do the same. You inspire me!

    The sprouts your brother brought looks great! What a nice surprise!

  9. sil is so beautiful! and such a pretty dress too - love the look of love. and yum on the plaintains w/your special sauce.

  10. Melody, yes, your sister-in-law IS beautiful - she is absolutely radiant with that big beautiful belly!!! 42 weeks - uggh, that can be hard though, I went almost 42 weeks with our second and then had some acupuncture that 'got things going' (didn't want to be induced, I was with the first pregnancy and swore I would never have that happen again). Anyhow, wish her a wonderful birth and swift labour. :)

    All the food looks wonderful too - I love plantains, though hubby and the kids are not interested much in them. I make them and eat just about all of what I make myself - usually ignoring much of the other food I've made!

  11. Pregnant ladies are the *best* :D


  12. What a lovely picture of your s-i-l, she looks so happy and serene. I can’t imagine that’s easy with all that extra weight to carry around up front. Your houseguests are so lucky, all that yummy food! Can’t wait for pictures of the baby.

    You chili looks excellent. I’ve never tried OJ in chili, but I have a whole carton sitting in my fridge that I have to do something with. I should learn to use it in more dishes. I’m being forced to take some time off at the gym this week (bum shoulder at the moment), so I see lots of cooking experiments in my future this week. Your blog is always such an inspiration, so thanks!

    Glad you “lifestyle change” is going well! Learning to listen to your body is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  13. Wow, a full and tasty weekend at your place! Very nice pics.
    So glad your new eating changes are goin well. I know I sometimes have to stop and ask myself if I'm eating because I'm hungry or because I'm bored/upset/whatever. I always feel better when I actually listen to my body. :)

  14. Lordy. is she have a litter? Poor thing...she does look glowy though!

    Arwen..i like it...

  15. Mmm....everything looks delicious! Good luck with the baby day...she looks gorgeous!

    And your strawberry habanero sauce sounds absolutely delicious. Have you ever posted that recipe? I remember you posting a habanero sauce recipe, but I never remembered it having strawberries. I'll have to go back and check!

  16. your SIL is gorgeous! what a lovely baby belly she has :) i love the name Arwen as well :) you had better post baby pics!

  17. I love your SIL's photo, and wish her and your brother the best. Arwen is such a lovely name.
    As for the food, it all looks so appetizing! I have got to stop looking at blogs late at night because they make me so hungry. =) I agree about listening to your body, I know for a fact that I eat just to eat rather than from hunger at least 50% of the time, but I'm becoming more and more aware.

  18. okay she is going to pop!


  19. Your sister in law is stunning; she looks like a beautiful soul, not just outward appearance. A woman carrying a baby is always lovely anyway, but Arwen's gonna be a very lucky kid!

    Your food photos are causing my tummy to grumble. LOVE the plantain chips, Melody!

    And i am so proud of you for doing the right things for your body as much as you can as often as you can. Thatta girl! Way to LIVE LIFE!

  20. Your sister in law is gorgeous! Let us know how things went/are going. All of your food looks delicious (as always), but my favorite would have to be the plantain fries with the ketchup. That sounds amazing!

  21. Your carrot apple ginger smoothie is glowing! It looks really yummy!

    And I want to dive into those sunflower sprouts! They're my favorite kind of sprouts!

    ~ Heidi