Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More cooking

First, no baby yet... my poor SIL, she's got to be going insane. I really hope that she does not allow interventions and will have a natural birth.. (unless there is a medical reason, of course)

Yesterday, I did some batch cooking. I do this all of the time, but rarely take pics of the finished products.


Sauteed Kale with Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Nutmeg and Lemon Juice

Tahini Sauce, (tofu based, no oil.. adapted from VwaV)

Bean Burgers (made from leftover Chili from the other day)

Steamed Green Beans tossed with the Tahini Sauce, Sauteed Zukes with crushed red pepper, thyme and onions

Cooked Seitan , marinating in homemade BBQ sauce

Sausage Patties

For dinner last night, I sauted some tofu, onions and bbq seitan and served it over couscous. We had veggies on the side. No picture though. I HAVE to get more memory for my camera. I can't take more than 8 pics at a time.

I also made bfreakfast burritos for my kids... they have to be out the door at 6:50am, so breakfast is not something they want to deal with. Having these on hand is great, since they eat them up. I made them with eggs, but next time, I will make them with scrambled tofu and see if they still like them. I added sauted peppers, mushrooms and onions to the eggs and put some ketchup on the tortilla before rolling them.

Send baby vibes!!


  1. Wow ! I so wish I could cook in batches more often !
    And everything you made look amazing !

  2. wow can i come eat at your house?
    what a time saver it must be to batch cook.. getting it all out of the way must make dinner time a no brainer! i kinda of dread cooking some nights..most nights but, really i think its more of lack of planning then anything.

  3. So...can I come over and help you eat some of that amazing looking food? We wouldn't want any of it to tgo to waste. :)
    Seriously, everything on that post looks scrumptious. I have also taken to cooking in batches on the weekends since I never have time to really cook during the week. And A girl can only eat so many tofu patties and bean burritos.

  4. you are killing me. I'm hungry and I want all of what you've got

  5. Woah, everything looks so good. I think the beacn burgers look fantastic and the greenbeans look so fresh. Is that paprika on the hummus? Your picutres are really sharp, what kind of camera are you using??

  6. Baby wishes, baby wishes! I don't know anyone who have done a natural birth. I know a couple who have wanted to, but then gave in to the drugs.

    I'm eager to see how your kids react to the tofu breakfast burritos vs. egg ones. We love the egg ones sometimes. I'll look for the update sometime.


  7. Is that your cast iron skillet? What's up with the handle? I want a cool handle like that.

    Everything looks so delicious. I really wish we were neighbors so I could just pop on over and hang out and eat!

    Great idea for the bean burgers. I hate it when you have leftovers that you're really dreading eating because you've eaten them every meal for the past 3 days! That's pretty much what happens when I make chili. When it's just two of us, it's difficult to get through big pots of food. And how in the world do you cook small pots of chili?

  8. *sending good baby vibes* Yes! I hope natural is an option for her! Someone above posted they didn't know any one who had a natural birth... ME! :P I didn't plan it...it just worked out that way. I hope the same for your SIL, and that she has that beautiful baby soon for us all to see!!

    Cooking in batches is such an excellent idea. I never seem to do that much, only by accident when I make too much. Lol! Your hummus! oooh I love it! All the food looks so good!!!

  9. Look at you go! Everything looks wonderful--I don't even think I could pick a favorite. Here's hoping that the baby comes soon, and safely!

  10. Wow what a lot of food! all looks very good too! best wishes to the future mom!

  11. Holy guacomole! That's a lotta cooking, lady :)


  12. Look at all that great, healthy stuff, Melody. Love those chili patties and the sausage patties!!!

    Here's hoping Arwen makes an appearance very soon. We're all ready to celebrate! I am anyway!! :o)

  13. I am DEFINITELY sending baby vibes! BBAAAABBBYYYYY
    poor thing. perhaps she's part elephant on her mothers brothers daughter in law's cousins side ;)


  14. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Wow! Can I come over for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?! Oh, a snack with hummus in between, too. Everything looks fabulous!
    Your SIL is beautiful.

  15. Wow! How do you heat them up? In the microwave? My hubby is leftover phobic - so this would unfortunately never work at our house, plus we don't have a microwave. How long did this take you? What a great way to ensure delicious food throughout the week. Is that tahini sauce good on salads?

  16. What amazing photos of surely delectable dishes! Nice work!

    You're so smart to cook in batches like that, how inspiring!

  17. ummm... so... when would you like us all to arrive to help you eat all that wonderfully delectible food????! I'd be MORE than happy to help out :)

  18. Brilliant idea with the chilli patties! Everything looks really really good...but I'm partial to the kale and tahini sauce (Glad to see it without all that oil!)

  19. everything looks divine Melody! When people walk by your house they must want to walk right in and devour all the delicious smelling food! Has ANYONE ever done this???

    I have been blessed with two children and two natural births. I hope your dear SIL is able to have this beautiful exprience. I was seven days 'late' with my second child, so I do know how she must be feeling. Please tell her I'm sending her powerful, beautiful, natural vibes from Toronto Canada.

  20. Melody, your energy and organization amaze me. And your food amazes me too, as always. I thought the kale looked especially delicious. And the seitan. And the burgers. And the hummus. (You get the idea!)
    Any baby yet? I was almost 2 weeks late. Kept my mom waiting until I was good and ready. Sounds like your neice is doing the same.
    I got your message about The Hip. I'm so glad you like them. It's fun discovering new music and I find these guys very unique. If you ever get a chance to see them in concert - GO. Gordon Downie is a little bizarre, but just get into it and it's a blast. If you ever get the chance to see them in Canada, even better. They are iconic here.

  21. Oh my goodness what a grand production of food! Absolutely awesome! Your SIL is vey pretty. I love her long hair. I'm glad long hair is "in" again.

    I think I congrated you on the new neice already, but if not ... I am so happy for you, what an exciting event!