Friday, September 08, 2006

seitan setian seitan

First of all, thanks for all the nice words on my last post. I do have faith that something great will come my way. I know I have a lot to offer.

Now, onto happier things.

Blogger still won't let me upload pics, so you're stuck with the big ones...

The other day, Crystal blogged about seitan. It's funny, because the recipe she used was the very first recipe I used to make seitan and it was probably one of my favs. I admit that I'm not really a huge fan of seitan, but I do like to eat it now and then and my husband and younger son love it, so I make it weekly. I used pretty much the recipe she posted, but added 1/2 cup of soyflour as well (and more water). The broth I used was lipton onion soup mix because I have a bunch of it on hand. The recipe made 6 cutlets. I added sage, thyme, rosemary, tons of pepper and nutritional yeast to the hot broth when it was done and let the cutlets marinate for several days.

This morning I made a quick BBQ sauce and simmered them for 45 more minutes. Here they are cooling on a plate:

Then I coated them in flour and fried them in my cast iron (sprayed with cooking spray):

I turned one cutlet into a sandwich for my husband's lunch:
.. sorry for the blur.. I don't know what happened there.

My lunch was an arugula salad topped with a cutlet. The dressing is a homemade "ranch". I used silken tofu, vinegar, onion powder, fresh garlic, dried parsely and lots of pepper. It is a thin dressing, but I like it that way. I also added about 1 tsp of olive oil to it.


  1. We just had seitan last night, and the leftovers are for lunch today! I'm excited about the addition of a cast iron skillet to my kitchen, it somehow makes the seitan taste better I think. I remember reading that post over at VV's blog. I'm thinking I’ll try that recipe out next time I make seitan, perhaps this weekend. I've got to take myself a picnic to a party on Sunday (because it’s at a place that exclusively serves deep-fried seafood, ick!), I think a seitan sandwich might be perfect. How did you make your BBQ sauce? I’ve always wanted to try making my own, the commercial ones are usually full of high fructose corn syrup and other junk.

    Sorry about he job, that stinks. But like you said, better things are headed your way. I’d hire you in a heartbeat :)

  2. your looks better than mine!
    make me hungry!

  3. All this seitan has me craving it. First I need to eat the three packages of tempeh in my fridge.

    Sorry about the job. Yours will come to you. I hate job interviews... probably more than public speaking.

  4. This looks yummy! I had a bad seitan experience a few years back so I haven't tried it since.

    Your dressing looks like my favorite dressing from a local restaurant (Big Fresh--they make a great tofu dressing that tastes like Creamy Italian).

  5. Wow! Your seitan looks awesome - I'm so jealous!! I guess practice makes perfect so I'll keep working on that.

    Too bad about the job. Man, I hate rejection, but after being on the other side of interviewing (as the interviewer) for the past 4+ years, it's given me a new perspective on it.

    It sounds kinda weird, but I really think interviews are fun. It's a great chance to get to know a company and know the interviewer. I like asking the hard questions (on both sides) and really trying to read between the lines. Plus, if I don't like what I see, it's just one less company I have on my list to pursue.

    However, having been interviewing on and off for the last 3 years (as a job seeker), it does get tiring hoping that something will work out.

    I'm finally getting close on 2 opportunities (I think, I hope!!) so I hope I have good news to share soon.

    How are you doing on your yoga? I should check in on your other blog. Crazy thing - ever since the triathlon, I've been running almost every other day. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I even think I'm losing some belly fat (maybe!).

    Have a great weekend - you're in my thoughts on the job hunting!!


  6. Ok, I'm convinced that I think too much, therefore I type too much in comments. I'm starting up a writing class soon - can't wait!

    -Crystal (yep, again)

  7. great looking seitan - love the cutlet style! i'm going to do that next time. mel, how do you make your quick BBQ sauce?

  8. That looks awesome! What a great sandwich. My friends at work are after me to try to make some Seitan so they can try it. I printed off VV's recipe because it looks pretty straight-forward but I wasn't really sure what you do with it once you got it made. Your cutlets look amazing - I might try those for my friends. Would they reheat well?

  9. Love the salad. That's my kind of seitan meal. Looks, mmm good!

  10. LOVE THE BIG PIX of such wonderful food made by AN AWESOME COOK/CHEF!!!

  11. Mel, wow! Your seitan with BBQ sauce looks so good. I'm just curious about why you added the soy flour? What does it change/do?

    I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR CAST IRON SKILLET. So perfectly seasoned. It's giving me hope. So far I'm using it for nearly everything. Hubby still thinks I'm crazy. How long does it usually take to get one all black and cool like yours?

  12. Your photos actually make me want to try seitan... and I'll definitely be emailing you for a more setailed recipe :)

  13. one word...DROOL!!! your seitan looks beyond flippen yummy! and great photos! I wish i had the knack.. Practice practice practice I guess eh?

  14. Thanks for all the great new ideas about how to prepare seitan. It's time I tried making it differently, as I'm getting tired of my recipe.

    I'm really sorry about that job. You would have been a rock star there! Anyone who wouldn't hire you based on something so trivial...well it's their loss. I'm sure something better will come your way.

  15. soo how much does a cast iron skillet cost? I want one


  16. Anonymous7:40 PM

    so the breaded seitan already had BBQ sauce on it? those look excellent! Cherie

  17. Oh my God!!!!! this look so delicious, I think you have a great blog, I always enjoy reading it and I have to say that people who know it's so lucky that they can taste the food that you prepare