Monday, September 11, 2006

Soup and Sandwich

OK, so the pic will suck big time... for whatever reason, I was not able to take a good pic of this lunch, but it was delicious. I think I was too hungry and I was shaking a bit.. my camera is VERY sensitive..
The soup is my version of "Vegetarian Vegetable".. you know, the soup in the can.... I usually use alphabet pasta, but my store was out of it, so I used plain soup pasta.
The recipe is simple:
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion, diced
6 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 tsp rosemary, dried and crushed
1/2 tsp dried thyme, crushed
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes, optional
1 lb frozen mixed vegetables
3-4 red potatoes, diced
3 oz tomato paste
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
2 bouillon cubes
splash vinegar
1 tbsp dried parsley
4-8 oz dried small pasta, alphabet pasta
2 quarts water at least, more if needed..
-In a 4 qt soup pan, heat oil, garlic, onion and spices...over med heat, until you can smell them. Add frozen veg, potatoes and tomato paste... along with the garlic and onion powder, bouillon and water. Bring to a boil. Boil for several minutes... then turn heat down and cover; then simmer for 20 minutes. At this point, add the vinegar, parsley and pasta and more water if necessary. Simmer for 15 minutes, then cover and let sit for 20 more minutes. Add salt/pepper as needed.

The sandwich was sprouted grain bread with garbonzo bean "tuna"... I used my low fat ranch dressing in place of vegenaise.. and topped it off with 1/4 avocado....

Now that I am watching my weight, I am aware that I would have been more than satisfied with 1 sandwich half... I must eat when I'm hungry and stop before I'm full.

words to live by.


  1. Thanks for the soup recipe, and the BBQ sauce! I’ll need to pick up some liquid smoke, I want to give it a try.

    Good luck with the weight watching, I’ve been at it for about a year now. The first 6 months I had some pretty good progress, since then things have kind of slowed down to a crawl. Oh well, at least I’m not gaining any back, and if I’m not getting thinner at least I’m getting fitter. It was really good for me to be open to new activities, in the last year I’ve added yoga, pilates, weight lifting, spinning and rollerblading to my fitness resume. Swimming and walking alone just weren’t cutting it. I just finished Body for Life for Women by Pamela Peeke (sp?) and thought it was pretty good. I don’t know if I’m ready to do the full 12 week challenge, it would require a much heavier lifting schedule than I’m used to and a major shift in my eating patterns (you have to eat 5 to 6 times a day!), but even so it’s a good inspirational read and really helps you think about the whole weight loss thing is a comprehensive way, Mind, Muscle, Mouth as she puts it.

    Is your niece here yet!?!

  2. Good luck on the dieting -- I'm trying to watch my portions too and stop when I'm full. I read a book on weight loss tips and it said that most thin people stop the second they are full and if they happen to take a bite and discover they are full, they spit it out instead of eating it. Sounds disgusting but it's something I'm trying to learn to do to.

    If you need support, I'm here for you.

  3. the soup looks great - i like the bigger chunks of potato. i love vegetarian vegetable - is it vegan? i did nutra-system in 1992 & lost 20 lbs. i learned about nutrition, exercise, portion size, etc. and have been able (for the most part) to keep it off.

  4. What's wrong with the picture? I was licking the screen. My god, that makes fall seem a bit more bearable.

  5. As always... it looks delicious!!! Do you have a post/recipe for the garbanzo bean "Yuna"??? I've been trying to figure out some more vegan sandwich fillings beside PB&J and Hummus.

  6. Ok. Yum! That looks so good. I would also be shaking if I had to wait to take a pic before eating it also. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. I think the picture looks fabulous! It's that potato chunk that I want!!! Lol! Looks really really good.

    I have no idea how to control portion size!! I need to learn. I love food so much that it's hard to eat small meals all the time. iw oudl have eaten everything on tht dish...and more!! :P

  8. Love your veggie soup and it looks way better than what I have seen come out of a can. I agree with candi, potato chunk look delish.

  9. Wonderful pic! I am going to get into soups soon as I buy produce! :)

  10. Hi Melomeals !

    The soup looks wonderful ! I love soup too :))))
    I will definitely try your recipe so thank you for sharing it !

    Thanks for your visit to our blog !
    I can't believe we were so close to where you live ! How funny is that ?

  11. ohh...that sammie looks amazing

  12. waaaa.. i would love a yummy bowl of soup right now!! no, really looks yummy!
    i would love to loose some wt.. too.. my pit fall is carbs! and well, snacking all day.. I have been trying to remind my self of something I heard on oprah about.. hunger pains being a good thing.. thats when your body is going in for those "reserves".. not like starving your self by any means just allowing your self to get hungry..soo i have have been trying to cut down on my snacking and eating more regular meals... and NOT finishing the kids plates! thats another one of my problem it doesn't count if its not on my plate.. right?

  13. thanks for the recipe, looks awesome!

    do you have a recipe for the : garbanzo bean "tuna". can you please share it?

  14. I was just at the store the other day and thinking that I would pick up a soup or two since it's finally cooling off abit here in sunny (and hot!) LA. I got to the aise and realized that there just wasn't a meat-free soup that looked any good. I've only been vegan for a couple of months now.

    For some reason, I always had it in my head that it takes all day to make soup. Hours of simmering must be involved, right? Your recipe sounds pretty straight forwad and very yummy. Guess I'll have to add it to the fast growing pile of "recipies to try" :)

  15. Nice soup, Melody!!

    Keep up the good work with your eating healthy and watching your portions...