Friday, December 15, 2006

A Dog's Life

Today was a nice day. Mommy was very surprised that it was over 50 degrees in the middle of December. Usually, in New Hampshire, we have cold weather and snow. I don't remember what snow is, but Mommy says that I like to play in it. I was very bored, so I asked nicely if we could go for a walk.

I like riding in the car, I can tell where we're going and I get really excited when I know I'm going for a fun walk. Today, Mommy confused me a little because she took a different route to the beach. Boy, was I relieved when I saw where we were!

It was a perfect day. I wanted to play at the beach, but Mommy said that we had to walk first. She promised that we could play later.

We went to the trail and Mommy started muttering about how everyone should see Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. She's been talking about this Al Gore guy a lot. She says that the grass shouldn't be green in the middle of December in New Hampshire! She sounded kind of mad.

We walked through the trails for an hour and finally, we arrived at the beach. This was a different beach than the one we park the car at. I love this beach the most, because sometimes, I get to run off leash here! Mommy says that if no one is around I can today! I am so excited.

We looked all around and waited a little bit to see if anyone was there. I really wanted to run!

I'm really good at being patient. I decided to sniff and sniff and sniff some more. I like to dig up clams and eat them! I don't even mind being on my leash. See the leash? That's the one that cut Mommy's hand really bad. She's much more careful now.

WooHoo! Freedom!! I love sniffing, oh, how I love sniffing. I just want to eat all of the dead crabs I can find! I love crabs more than running free. Mommy keeps telling me to drop it, but I'm not listening. I tell her that there's green grass I can eat so I won't get a tummy ache.

Mommy got bored and told me if I wasn't going to run around, then we were going to start walking again. I was happy because I saved some crabs in my mouth. We went back through the trails and ended up at the first beach where our car was parked. Mommy said it was so pretty. She said we could play there for a while, but I had to stay on leash. That was fine with me because all I care about is sniffing. I'm a sniffer. I love to snif. I like sniffing more than anything! Even playing with my boyfriend, Jake!

Mommy says that we are so lucky to live here. I don't know what lucky means, but I sure like coming to the beach! Mommy says that this is her favorite time to come, well, this and sunrise. She calls this the sunset and says that she thinks it's magical. Mommy looks really really happy right now.

It was getting dark, so we had to go. I sure had fun! Mommy says that the Golf Course will be closed for the season today, so maybe tomorrow we can go on a long walk there. We went the other day, but it was still open for 9 holes and we had to sneak around so no one would see us.

"There are some who feel like that conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is 'bring them on'."

- George W Bush

July 2, 2003


  1. No one has commented yet? I thought I was the only one not getting any activity. We're having strange weather here too. It's very sunny and mild. We had a bit of snow, but then it melted away and it's been spring-like for the past week or so. I would like some snow for Christmas. Your photos are beautiful! Looks like a very relaxing place.

  2. In Iowa we should have snow right now but I am running around in a sweatshirt and have a window open... yes, strange here to. Thanks for the look into a dog's life, beautiful photo essay.

    The movie made me think alot too.

  3. Weather is strange here also. High 60's for the past week and it's going to be in the low 70's for the next 5 days! Woo hoo!!! It's just like CA (which I was missing like crazy when it was 30 degrees here 2 weeks ago). Your dog is so cute. It sounds like you two had a terrific day together.

  4. Looks like you guys had a great day. Your dog is beautiful. It is strange that we are having 50 degree weather in December. I wish An Inconvenient Truth was mandatory viewing. I was buried under paperwork for so long, I finally dug myself out. Have a wonderful holiday :)

  5. You're so lucky - George and Good Girl have never been to the beach, but I think they would love it. The nice weather in the Northeast has certainly been crazy!

  6. Thanks for taking us on that beautiful walk. What gorgeous seascapes.

    I love the warm weather, but I know it's not right. It's odd to wear a spring coaton Dec 18.

    Wanna play fetch with us next time?

  7. You're back! I missed your posts, but I was so happy to read that you were able to use the time to focus on getting healthy! I'm glad you're getting out & enjoying the (weird) weather.

  8. the weather is really crazy around here too, is raining a lot and is not normal having so much rain at this trime of the year in my towm, really weird!

    i enjoy your post!
    Have a great holidays!

  9. aw. i love those pictures. you are so fortunate to a.) live by the beach and b.) live in new home : (

    bush sucks. and that movie was as dull as Al but well done. WELL DONE! i'm buying a prius

  10. Hello from a fellow New Hampshirite. Sure has been balmy here lately, but I reckon it'll be back to normal before you know it. Gore's documentary was great. All professor's should give such clear lectures!

  11. what a nice day with the doggy :)
    I want to take some time off soon so i can enjoy a relaxing walk like this