Saturday, December 30, 2006

food and thoughts about food

Chipotle Orange Burger with Cheez and Spinach
Sesame Seitan and Broccoli
Chipotle Orange Chili
I finally got my camera out again.. maybe I'll actually start taking more food pics. It has been hard, because I really love coming here, but to be 100% honest, it is not good for my diet. The more great food I see here, the more I want to cook and taste... and that is not something I'm able to do yet.
I am wondering though.. because so many of you cook and eat such awesome food.. and most of it isn't "diet" type food... how is it that many of you are so slim? I just don't get it. I know that from doing WW, I have reduced the calories and have been measuring portion sizes... and from a lot of the food I see plated and posted here, many of you eat the same portions that I eat...
It is something I'm thinking about.

It's finally winter

view from my window


  1. Hi Melody, sorry to hear you feel that the food is to tempting. I'd love to see what you are eating on WW. I know that they have a good core program that many vegans find helpful.

  2. In responce to your question...
    I do not have a vitamix I have a grain mill and i used it to make pearled barley into flour. I asked a vitamix salesperson once how fine the mixer can grind, he said that it would not be fine enough for a 100% whole grain bread like my mill would.

  3. I have often wondered the same thing about what the bloggers eat and their thin-ness. If I ate the amount of cupcakes, pancakes, crepes, squares, and cookies that I see a lot of bloggers posting about, I would be huge. No matter how many veggies I ate the rest of the day. I think that for some people, metabolism is damaged from dieting, and never quite returns to normal. Thus, those of us who have dieted (more than likely unhealthily) in the past will probably always struggle with food. Does that make sense?

    Also, don't think of WW as a 'diet', because it really isn't, and I think that those who view it as one are those who will not succeed.

    Anyway, stick with WW, it really does work and there are ways to make it easier. I sometimes find it hard to visit these blogs and not eat what I see, but I somehow manage.

    This is a WW related site/forum that I find very helpful, check it out.

  4. I have always had slow metabolism and found it unfair that some people can seemingly eat endlessly with nothing to show for it. As for me, I let myself indulge sometimes, and then try to eat sensibly the rest of the time. At meals, I stop eating when I'm not hungry anymore--even if it does mean a few spoonfuls have to go in the trash can. And I walk EVERYWHERE right now--being a college student, that's usually a huge part of my day. The dynamics will definitely shift next year when I have an 8-5 office job!

    You're doing so well! My parents did WW several years ago and have stayed slim all this time, just by eating more sensibly most of the time and then going off the deep end once in a while, at a party or something. They monitor their weight closely, and if they gain more than a couple of pounds, they jump back on WW for a few days until they get back down. It's just all about monitoring yourself closely, and having enough discipline to indulge sometimes and eat sensibly most of the time.

    Nice to see pics from you again! Take care, Melody.

  5. Hi Melody and happy new year to you. I've always had to watch my weight, even though I'm a healthy eater. Just the luck of the genetic draw, I'm afraid. Portion control and lots of exercise is the key for me. Also adjusting meals so if dinner is heavier, lunch is lighter etc.

    As a teen, I was both very overweight and anorexic. I think its helpful to think about psychological reasons for eating and see what you can discover about yourself (feelings of deprivation vs abundence, for example, make people compensate by eating, shopping, other behaviors). Also, keep in mind that why its great to have a goal of a reasonable and healthy weight, hitting that weight will be just that - hitting a weight. I think a lot of people feel "if only I weighed X, I'd be happy/confident/cool/lovable" etc. Ultimately, though, these feelings have nothing to do with how much you weigh.

    I often wonder about the food bloggers who bake sweets everyday! Maybe they have big families or lots of friends to share with.

    Hang in there!

  6. Hi Melody,

    I am glad to see you back blogging, and your gorgeous food photos, but of course I sympathize with the temptation of food too. It seems that fellow bloggers have an endless supply of recipes that are irresistable! (Not to mention a little cupcake book...). I'm not skinny, but I'm at a comfortable weight, and I have to say, for me it's all about exercise, exercise, exercise. I have to go to the gym at least 4-6 times a week or the pounds will creep on. I think if you work out and eat a vegan diet, even if some of it is too junky or sugary, it still evens out in the end (or at least does for me.)

    These next two points are strictly anecdotal (I have no scientific proof) but I've heard that grapefruit and pickles/vinegar do help keep some weight off. I know it may sound crazy, but since I love grapefruits and pickles and vinegar so much already, I try to eat some with most meals.

    Also, I eat less of meals that I have to "work" harder to eat (spicy noodles with chopsticks as opposed to regular pasta with sauce for example) since by the time I've managed to eat some, my stomach has had a chance to feel full.

    One of my new year's resolutions is to detox, so I'll be blogging a lot about that. I look forward to hearing any insights you have about food, temptation, health, weight, etc.

    Happy new year's eve!

  7. that is a very beautiful picture of outside your window. It should be called 'the one leaf that clings'


  8. I hope that you are able to find a way to blog and be happy. I sure missed you during your absence. I think that you're right though. It is hard to blog and not want to make everything I see.

    I try to cook mostly fat free and am always very careful to watch my portion sizes. Usually the food on my blog is from my husband's plate because it looks better. I generally put my portion on the salad plate. That way I know I'm only eating 1 cup of spaghetti instead of 2 or 3. If I'm still not full, I'll eat extra veggies or salad. Any entree or starchy carb dish (except for beans) has to reasonably fit on my little salad plate. Veggies and salad and fruit are the exception though. I eat those in unlimited quantities. I do cook and eat a lot of desserts but I usually eat half the portion that my husband does. Also, kind of like what Laura was saying about her parents, since I am at a comfortable weight, I weigh myself every day. If my weight gets 3 pounds over my comfort level, I will make changes to my diet to correct that (such as skipping dessert and eating a piece of fruit (or a very small blueberry and banana smoothie) instead. I think another thing is that most of our meals aren't photographed and blogged about. They're usually very plain and simple and boring (not blogworthy at all). We also don't keep snack type food in the house at all (which might be difficult for anyone who has children). If I want a snack the only thing around is fruit or veggies or bread and Earth Balance. But I know that if there were chips or cookies or any other snacky type treat available I'd eat that first.

    Also, I walk at least 30 minutes (if not more) almost every day. That's one of the reasons why I got a dog - to have a friend to walk with and help keep me motivated (I feel guilty on the days it's raining and we don't walk). Although my husband has recently started to walk with me which is nice.

    I do hope that you find something that works for you and helps you to stay on your diet and still blog.

    That photo from your window is beautiful. I love that last leaf clinging on.

  9. Hi Melody!

    That's a beautiful view you have! (And the food is looking great too!)

    Congrats on WW! My mom is on WW and has lost 100 pounds already! Hoo Hoo!! I love how she is eating so much better now! I know what you mean about all the goodies posted and how some vegans are so thin. I'm average...not fat, not thin. Just average! Lol! I notice that I lose weight when cutting back on the carbs. I also gain if I do not exercise (including muscle toning.) I'm bad about regular exercise since the move, but's a new year and that's a resolution - to get back to at least 30 minutes a day! :)

    I love the advice everyone is giving. Crystal is right about lots of foods not getting blogged...and lots of food sharing! I make lots of sweets, and tend to give them away or freeze them. (I have to admit that my dogs even share some of the treats too!) Lol! :P

    Happy New Year to you!!!

  10. That really looks delicious. and i love the pix of the tree. i have a thing for trees. that's why i hate to have anything wood. (not woody; wood.)

    i hope, someday, to live in the midst of a thousand trees...

  11. Yummy food photos--and what a gorgeous image of the branches and leaves. Such a great metaphor.

    You're doing great. Conrgats on all your awesome accomplishments!

    About eating, well honestly, I have always been thin, but over the past 2 years (I'll be 42 in March), I started to notice that my metabolism is slowing down, which I'm told is a natural by-product of aging. (Oh joy.) I am trying to train myself to eat less to try to stay proactive about it.

    For me, I try to eat smallish portions of several foods and not just a big plate of something (like pasta, for example). I'm happier and feel more satisfied if I have variety--but I suppose everyone is different. Also, I've always been active. I work out 3x a week, and walk to work almost every day, weather-permitting (a 30-minute walk).

    Happy New Year!

  12. Those are some GREAT-looking food pictures, very colorful and inspiring!
    I try to stay slim by focusing on more fruits and vegetables and less desserts. Portion size is important, as you said. And I exercise regularly. Sounds like you're doing well - don't be so hard on yourself.

  13. Melody, I wonder the same thing about how some people can stay so slim. I know my resting metabolism is slower than most. I had it tested in a nutrition group I used to belong to and I burn about 400 fewer calories per day than average. Just genetics I guess. I'm really happy for you, succeeding on WW. It didn't work for me. This year I'm trying a raw diet to see how that works, but I'm pretty discouraged about the whole weight loss thing.

  14. I've wondered the same thing. I'm glad WW is working for you. I hope this new year gives you the success that you desire.

  15. you're right, It is hard to blog and not want to make everything I see.
    Crystal give you a nice tip.she is right about lots of foods not getting blogged and shared lots of food too! I tend to freeze lots of the food in portions too.
    im batling myself with some pounds too due to hormonal problems and inactivity. but this year is my year and i will sucess! You will sucess too!

    That photo from your window is beautiful, for me means hope.

  16. I tell you, my weight has always been a struggle. I was a chunky kid who blossomed into an overweight adolescent who mushroom clouded into an obese teen. It was awful. I was 100 lbs overweight. I never knew anything but being fat. Finally one day I had enough. At the end of my second year of college I made a commitment to myself and within 8 months I lost over 100 lbs. I have kept the majority of it off for 5 years! I have had some issues with weight coming back, especially if I don't exercise. Pasta is my downfall. I don't eat it anymore as I know it's a trigger food for me. I also stopped eating bagels. If I have something like a cookie or a muffin, I never eat the whole thing in one sitting. I never eat dessert anymore unless it is soygurt, fruit, or a smoothie. Or if its a special occaision.

    And still, I struggle. I'm not fat. I'm not thin. I'm medium and worry about it constantly. I don't want to be a size 22 again...ever!