Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Freshly Baked Seeded Light Rye Bread

I'm a fan of rye bread, but most of it contains white flour. Since I try to avoid simple carbs, I always bake my own. Rye bread can be a little tricky, especially when you use whole grain flour instead of all purpose. I've found that making a sponge with white whole wheat flour really creates a wonderful foundation for the loaf. Coupled with vital wheat gluten, the texture of the bread is nice and soft, so you can slice it super thin to keep the calories at bay.

Many of you expressed disgust when you found out that fish and eggs were added to microwave popcorn. The brand I bought was Act Movie Theater Popcorn. My kids wanted it, so that's what I got. It's kind of funny, because whenever their friends come over, they push popcorn on them so we can use it up.


  1. Yum, your rye bread looks delicious! I've never tried putting wheat gluten in my bread but it sounds like a good idea, because sometimes it is hard to slice as thin as I would like it. How much do you use in proportion with the other flour?

  2. Lovin' the rye bread. A Jewish staple... soooooooooooooo nice to see it sans the other usuals (corned beef, tongue, Reuben stuff). (YIKES!) Fresh bread can't be beat, Melody. I swoon at the scent! Thanks for the head's up on the popcorn. Frightening. Can you imagine "the old days" when manufacturer's didn't put ingredients on their labels? Knowledge = power.

  3. that just looks heavenly...can you post the recipe?

  4. I'm not crazy about dark rye bread, but I would love your soft and light rye - it is beautiful!

    Popcorn gets touted as such a healthy snack, and I know it can be, but most of it is just gross.

  5. We love rye bread too! Lots of recipes out there - I've really been digging KAF's white whole wheat flour as well!

  6. Wow, fish and egg in popcorn? I'm not vegan, but it still kind of grosses me out. And I just enjoyed some Jiffy Pop last night...

  7. Your bread looks wonderful. If you can share your recipe that would be great. When I read your post on the popcorn I was sickened. I don't use the microwaive often, if fact it is in our garage, so I make popcorn with an airpopper or the old fashioned way. Before I was vegan I bet I tried that brand. Sick!!!!

  8. That bread looks fantastic... I love rye too, and what a great idea to use a white whole wheat sponge.

  9. thinly sliced homemade bread?! until now, i didn't think it was possible. it looks so delicious! :o)

  10. I am NOT a fan of Dark rye bread either.. I definitely like mine light .. yours looks awesome..
    We pop our own microwave popcorn around here.. a brown lunch bag and about a 1/3 cup kernels then some earth balance and nutritional yeast flakes = yummo!

  11. Melody bread looks delicious!

    Respose to the comment you left on my blog:(Not related to this post)

    I have never tried cooking with stevia but if you have already used it and were successful with preparing syrup I would think you should be able to substitute sugar with stevia in the halwa recipe.

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  13. Oooh, the light rye bread looks delish. Rye bread is one my favorites.

  14. Home made bread, yum! I haven't made any in awhile. Perhaps I will do so in a few weeks when I am done traveling.

    That pasta picture from a few weeks back is really beautiful.

    I stopped buying store bought popcorn when I found out that the butter flavor often causes the workers in the factory to have breathing problems.

    Fish and eggs as an additive is yet another reason I will pop my own. That is just odd!

  15. love how your bread looks i will love a slice right now!

  16. Rye bread is my absolute favorite. Do you have a recipe you could share for it?

    That's really gross about the popcorn - I had no idea about the fish. Good thing I never eat it.

  17. Heather5:59 AM

    Hello all! The bread looks wonderful!! I am a long time homemade bread baker but have recently hit a snag. I think I came to this blog a lttle late, but perhaps you all will have some ideas for me anyway....

    I recently found out that all of my lovely bread is making me sick! Turns out I am allergic to wheat and wheat gluten. I like my bread soft and yummy (kind of a comfort food, you know?), so the alternatives are not cutting it. Any ideas or suggestions for me?

    Thank you in advance and I am really looking forward to digging further into your site! I love what I've seen so far!!