Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tempeh Sandwich

I have been cooking up a storm, but again, not taking a lot of pics. Yesterday, I made some awesome Thai Green Chile paste that I used in a tofu and broccoli dish, as well as to flavor some brown rice. We at it all for dinner, I had planned to getting a pic of the leftovers, but we had none. I only used 1.5 tbsp of toasted sesame oil for the entire dish, tofu, rice and paste included. Success! I have the leftover paste in the freezer.

I also made around 4 lbs of seitan, based on the recipe from Real Foods Daily. I omitted the oil and used bean cooking liquid instead. I have 1.5 lbs of it marinating in some jerk marinade. I will either bake it or grill it later on for dinner, depending on how lazy I am. Grilling is much messier, but would probably taste better. I promise to take a pic of that. I will be serving it with green beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes and a pineapple-habanero relish. I used 1 tbsp of sesame oil in the Jerk marinade.

I've been trying to bake lower calorie bread/buns for myself. It's a challenge to do so with whole grains, but I think I've found a winner. I have morphed several recipes and come up with this one. I've also used sprouted wheat instead of the oats with great success.

I make a sponge out of 2 cups of white whole wheat flour, 2 cups water and 1 tbsp yeast.. I let it sit overnight, then use 2 cups of freshly ground whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten and 1/2 cup oats or sprout wheat, 1 tsp kosher salt and hand knead for 10 minutes, let rest, covered until doubled, fold down (I read somewhere that punching a dough is actually not as effective as folding it over on top of each other), let rise again for 1 hour, then I pat it out into a large sheet pan, like I was making a thick foccacia, and cut into 18 squares.. then cover the squares and let rise again and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. It sounds long and drawn out, but it really is simple. I like making them and they only contain around 100 calories per "bun".

I also marinated some tempeh in Braggs, liquid smoke, garlic, pepper and ginger and baked it until it absorbed the marinade (I also used a cup or two of water, so it wouldn't be too salty. I cut an 8 oz portion of tempeh in half, then cut them in half, lengthwise. The tempeh pieces fit perfectly on my little buns, and 2 oz of tempeh seems like a lot when you cut it this way.

Here's my breakfast sandwich, consisting of the tempeh, homemade sprouts, homemade vegan mayo, ketchup, mustard, onions and tomato. 300 calories.

I am going to commit to blogging here at least 3 times a week. I miss it.

I have made some changes to my personal business website and I would love some feedback if you all wouldn't mind looking.


  1. Wow, Melody! The website is great...informative and definitely tempting. I'd hire you, for sure!

    Also, posting all those photos is a good move.

    I'm looking forward to your posts - I'm trying to post more as well !

  2. Too bad there aren't more photos, because if they all looked as good as your breakfast sandwich, well then...actually it's probably a good thing there aren't more photos, because if they all looked as good as your breakfast sandwich, I'd never leave the computer!

  3. Looks great Melody. I think you have a great idea going on. At one time I tossed around the idea of having a fresh bread and hot organic soup delivery service in my area instead of Friday night takeout. Now I am to the place where I desire to have some paid time off (a business owner just doesn't get this), this the change in my career direction.

  4. Melody-That breakfast sandwich does look delish! I haven't been able to sell the rest of the family on the greatness of tempeh yet..
    Look forward to reading more post and seeing all of your yummy creations!

  5. I like the new look of your blog!

    Your personal website is really nice. I like the sample menus and I like the food pics--they look so delicious, and I'm sure they would wow a prospective client!

    I'm looking forward to your more frequent posting! The bread recipe you came up with sounds fantastic.

  6. That sandwich looks gigantic! :)

  7. Ok, that sandwich looks to die for! I'm speechless.

    I wish we lived in the same neck of the woods so I could hire you- your website looks mouth-watering.

  8. this looks delish -- and hearty. i love tempeh.

  9. wonderful sandwich.

    Your website looks great. In thinking of ways to improve upon it...I thought it would be great to get some testimonials from past clients talking about how they used your they buy it as a gift for a sick friend, were they extremely busy at work and booked you when they knew they would need your help. This might help trigger some clients who might not have thought to use your serivces in that way. (I bring this up because I once broke my shoulder and wasn't able to do any a gift my sister ordered some meals from a personal chef and it was THE BEST gift anyone has ever given me).

  10. Melody - Great job! That's a really cool business to run and I wish you the best of luck with it!

    As far as feedback goes...check the spelling on "how it works" page - I noticed a couple errors.

    Did you also change your blogger page or is it just me??


  11. Great way to make that bread. I'm going to give it a try.

    I remember looking at your business site a while back and I do like the new changes - especially all of the photo tips and the recipe of the week. I think Megan hit right on what I was going to say about some testimonials.

    Good luck!

  12. Your site looks good. I agree with Megan and Crystal - testimonials would definitely add to the site. Since you're a veg caterer, you might want to check with either a local vegetarian group or the vegetarian resource group to see if they would link to your site on their website. It's worth a try and would definitely widen your market.

  13. Wonderful! Both your blog and your website. Your food looks scrumpdelicious. (is that how you spell it? ) lol.. I love making bread and will definatley try these this weekend. How do you sprout your wheat? It seems like everytime I sprout my wheat berries, the little dudes mold by the second day. Hate that. Keep up the great posts. I am going to link you on my blog.

  14. Yummy sammich! I like your website too. The photos are very professional. I also vote for the testimonials idea. There are so many possibilities of who could use this service!

  15. great site!

    in to the food:
    thanks for the recipe, love the food!

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