Friday, April 13, 2007

Help Wanted! Vegan Baker Concord, NH.. brunch , black bean soup

Chipotle Citrus Black Bean Soup

My family loves this soup so much. I made around 2 gallons of it yesterday to freeze in family sized portions and to have for dinner tonight. I will also be making this at Cafe Indigo next week as a new soup.

Since I've been working and commuting, we've been doing a lot of eating out of the freezer or eating really quick things. Hopefully, I will get into the swing of things and start doing more blogging here when I get used to my new schedule. I'm planning on starting the Cafe Indigo Blog on Sunday (depending on how tired I am) to showcase our first Brunch! I'm so excited about it!

Here's our menu: (everything is 100% vegan and organic)

Cornmeal Pancakes with real maple syrup

Homemade Sausage patties

Roasted Potatoes with lemon, rosemary and garlic

Tofu Scramble

Our version of Huevos Rancheros (seitan ranchero, chipotle black beans, corn tortillas, pico, avocado and non-hydrogenated tofutti sour cream)

Pastry/Dessert table

Salad table complete with hummus, black bean and corn salsa and fresh bread

Thai Tofu, Broccoli and Sweet Potato Curry over Basmati rice (the pic is an old pic from my blog)

Pictures will follow. Hopefully, I will have enough time to take some pics of the guests enjoying their food (and they will give me permission to post them!)... if not, then I will at least take pics of the food.
I love my job!
And... we are hiring! We NEED a vegan baker... (who will also do some cafe work)... We are located in Concord, New Hampshire.... so if you are interested... contact Cafe Indigo or leave me a note... and I'll hook you up with an interview. I don't think that experience counts as much as a passionate attitude about vegan food/baked goods.


  1. Oh my goodness...that soup made my MOUTH water!!! it's lovely.

    and i don't get it...are you a chef now>

  2. I so wish I lived in your area, so that I could eat your food and work at the restaurant!

  3. The Cafe Indigo Blog starts Sunday and will showcase your first brunch? *I* am so excited about it!

    This is so cool. Hope you find a baker thru the blog, how awesome would that be? I could think of a few handful o'bloggers who'd be perfect for Cafe Indigo...

    That soup looks amazing, by the way! How cool you have so much left over... lucky family!

    The cafe's menu is filled with so much great stuff... i almost wish i could fly out and be there Sunday...

  4. That is so exciting! Soup looks delicious and brunch sounds delectable.

    It's so wonderful that you love your job- congrats again!

  5. I'd apply, but I'm afraid that the commute would be a killer! Oh well. BTW, brunch sounds drool-worthy, wish I could be there!

  6. that soup looks great!

  7. Those both look beautiful. I especially love the colour of the soup!

  8. Sounds like you're doing great at Cafe Indigo. The brunch looks fabulous! There's nothing wrong with bulk cooking, esp. that black bean soup - just lovely.

    Wish I could join you for brunch tomorrow!

  9. Wish I could apply--but the commute from Philly would just kill me. ;)

    Good luck. That curry looks so colorful and healthy.

  10. Courtney3:07 PM

    Yum--your brunch menu sounds fantastic! I wish we had a place with a vegan brunch around here...
    I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your new job!


  11. Oh my GOSH if I lived in the neighborhood or could instantly get up and re-locate I would be there in a HEARTBEAT! What a great opportunity that would be!

    (Oh, and I have been checking and checking, I cannot wait for the Cafe Indigo blog, by the way!)

  12. I'd love to apply too and even have seven years professional bread baking experience, BUT I am teaching now and love my work plus the communte would be a killer too. Congrats again to you!

  13. I can't wait to read your new blog !!
    Have fun !
    I wish you great sucess :)))

  14. Mmm, that soup is calling me. Lovely...

    I would so love to work at Cafe Indigo! I hope to find somewhere locally that is similar. Hope your brunch went well!

  15. Melody!

    What are the hours and everything? We're actually looking to relocate to Nashua, so that commute wouldn't be too bad. I'm kind of looking for an excuse to quit. :)

  16. The brunch sounds so good! I am glad you are loving your new job!

  17. That brunch sounds divine :)

  18. Anonymous7:17 PM