Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update, brunch pics

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in forever! ... and that I haven't started the Cafe Indigo blog. I have yet to figure out how to integrate the 11 hours I'm away from home everyday, family and blogging. I'm thinking that it may take a little while to get the cafe blog up..(so I'll just give some peeks into what we're doing on my blog!).. plus I want to have decent pics for that... and I'm sad to say that I was not able to get any decent pics from brunch. The lighting was horrible and I was busy, so I could only snap several pics..
Brunch was great though! I am looking forward to this Sunday! We've decided to make a set Brunch Menu. The buffet tables are set up with a green salad, hummus, corn and black bean salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, blueberry muffins, homemade bread with organic earth balance,(remember.. all of the food is organic!) carrot cake, lemon poppyseed cake and death by chocolate cake, coffee, tea or hot chocolate plus your choice of 1 entree. Unfortunately, I only took a bad pic of the Huevos Rancheros.. Cafe Indigo style or Melody style hehe.. chipotle citrus black beans, spiced seitan sauted with peppers and onions in homemade ranchero sauce, lemon/garlic/rosemary potatoes, pico, non-hydrogenated tofutti sour cream and avocado.... and 2 corn tortillas. Next week, we will be upping the portions as people ate everything on their plates.
huevos rancheros
I don't have a pic of the cornmeal panckaes, but here is Paul manning the grill. The recipe was passed down in his family and they veganized it! We served the pancaked with 2 of my homemade sausage patties and the garlic/lemon/rosemary potatoes. People LOVED them!

Here's the buffet table set up. Pasta Salad, Hummus, Black Bean and Corn salad.. and of course, bread!

Organic, homemade bread.. and mini blueberry muffins.

Green Salad, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad

pasta sald, corn and black bean salad

Lemon poppyseed, Chocolate, Carrot cake.. (the best cakes I've ever had in my bias.. just the truth!)

The BEST coffee I've ever tasted!
Getting back to the brunch specifics... the entree choices were:
Huevos Rancheros
Cornmeal Panckaes
Tofu Scramble with sausages and potatoes
Thai Tofu, Broccoli and Sweet Potato Curry over Basmati
We've decided that for the near future, we will be serving a set menu of all of the above, plus a Reuben like sandwich containing thinly sliced seitan... we're still working out the details of the sandiwch.. but I KNOW it will be delicious. Fortunately, my seitans have taken off there... and we are serving a delicious grilled seitan wrap on the menu now everyday as well as a grilled "cheez" with my homemade cheez. I'm not a fan of seitan, but the way I prepare it is absolutely delicious and I love it!
Anyway.... that's the update from here. I have a day off tomorrow, so I have to replenish my home with food.. so I'm sure I'll get another post in.. if not tomorrow, then Saturday.


  1. WOW!!! Everything looks great...I gotta congratulate you on the cafe work...I'm jealous I can't head over there and get breakfast. Great pics!

  2. Everything looks so good!!!!

  3. Melody, everything looks awesome! What an amazing brunch! I am so jealous of your customers!!

  4. Hi Mel,
    Oh how I wished I lived near you and your cooking! I can't wait for your cookbook. Will your seitan recipes be in your book, along with all the other yummies you make? Way to go. I am so glad you are getting to do what you love doing!

  5. Someday if I ever get near your restaurant I will stop for sure.... great pics and selection of food!

  6. The brunch looks awesome! I believe it when you say the cakes are the best you ever tasted.

  7. WOW! It sounds like you are doing really well, and having a lot of fun with it too. All of your food looks and sounds amazing, and if I lived in the area, I would eat there often!

  8. GREAT STUFF, Melody. i'm soooo soooo soooo excited for you with this venture. Paul looks so healthy and vibrant, too. Must be nice to work in a place like this. I love it for you!! wish i lived nearby so i could enjoy the cafe. Thanks for sharing what you have... keep up the great work!!

  9. Wow, I'm thoroughly jealous as I look at all those delicious pictures and read that amazing menu... but I'm so excited for you. What a great job! I'm glad so many of your own recipes have been so well-received; congratulations!

  10. Good Lord! I am going to try to come up for brunch this weekend! It all looks so delicious!

  11. Everything looks so yummy!!

  12. Courtney5:27 PM

    Everything looks amazing! I wish I lived near you and not in the midwest!!


  13. Bravo to you! Not just for helping provide vegan fare to the masses (no small feat in and of itself) but also for doing such an amazing job and sharing so much enthusiasm for your efforts.

    amazing. oh, to have this place right aroung the corner in our neck o' the woods!

  14. Ok, Melody, this brunch sounds like a vegan dream come true! Kudos to you and your co-workers. I actually yahoo mapped concord NH and found out that I'm over 360 miles away from you... but Daiku has promised me that we can definitely make a road-trip there sometime soon. Once we decide to come, I'll definitely check with you to make sure you are there so we can meet!
    Bravo to Cafe Indigo.

  15. Congrats of a successful first brunch! You must be so prousd. I’m sure you’ll have many repeat customers. Those “huevos” look great, and I love your buffet set up. Wish I were in your neck of the woods, I’d be eating there all the time :)

  16. I want some of everything! Your talent really shines here. Man, oh man, do I wish I could visit Cafe Indigo! Congrats on your restaurant and your blog nomination. :o)

  17. Hiya Melody - this really looks amazing! congratulations! the fact that folks finished everything on their plates is so telltale. love the menu (esp the corn and black bean salad, yum) and think that the sandwiches will be a big hit too. I like my rubens with really crispy tempeh in case you want to take a break from the seitan.
    Best of luck and please keep us posted on what you're serving and how it's all working out.

  18. Yumm, that looks fantastico! just love the black beans and yellow corn-combination...
    Check my swedish veganblog i you like! Keep it up!