Saturday, May 05, 2007

The cooking fairy came to my house..

It's Saturday, which means I cook for the week and blog! I pretty much figure once a week is all I can manage latetly. Today I made all that you see below, plus a bunch of bread.
This will be a super fast meal for the week. All I have to do is boil some soba noodles. I will probably serve it with some of the kale I prepped.
Mac and Cheez
I had some cheez leftover in the freezer from the pizza. My kids will be thrilled to death. I'll serve it with baked beans and broccoli.

Chipotle Citrus BBQ Tofu wrap with Coleslaw
I made more baked tofu. I'm sure I'll make several more of these wraps or use it for salads and sandwiches.
Calzone, Kale and Simple Marinara
Super funky calzones.. I made a large batch of bread dough and turned some of it into the calzones. While, they certainly weren't pretty, the taste made up for it. They were stuffed with tofu "ricottoa", pesto from the freezer and tvp "sausage". I also made 5 quarts of simple marinara. 2 quarts are in the fridge, and the rest is in the freezer. 2 heads of kale were sauted with garlic, crushed red pepper, nutmeg and topped with a bit of lemon juice.

Grilled Seitan Wraps
I find that my husband and kids are happy if I have a bunch of wraps for them in the fridge. This is similar to the grilled seitan wrap we serve at Cafe Indigo. Delicious.
It is really nice having so much food prepped and ready to go. I also made a whole wheat pasta bake with the calzone filling and marinara. That is in the freezer. I will probably boil up a pound of lentils to have on hand as well... oh and I made some tvp taco filling. My recipe for that is actually on Dori's blog. I'm glad she has it, since it along with most of my recipes are on my still broken computer that my husband seems to have forgotten about fixing for the past year.


  1. I'm always inspired by what seems to be your never-ending cooking energy!

  2. Whoa, after a day like that, those dogs must be barkin'! Everything looks great, as always! Hope your new job is going great.

  3. I'm amazed that you have time to blog with all the exciting things you're doing at Cafe Indigo... but thrilled! Your pics are incredible.

  4. Awesome, Melody. You are unbelievable. I'm so humbled and impressed at/with not only what you created but just as much also how it comes across through the photographs!

    Fantastic!! i'd love to taste everything you made, especially the grilled seitan wrap!

    Maybe your hubby can be "bribed" with one of your cooking creations, Melody???? Just a thought...

  5. That's it. I'm comin' over!

  6. OH, your wraps and calzones look fantastic. I love cooking days. DD and I cooked today and had a blast! I so look forward to you weekly posts. Have a wonderful week at work.:o)

  7. I love your wrap making station! And your freezer must be huge! As long as it has yummy sammies and mac n cheeze in it, your kids will surely be happy. The barbecue wrap and cole slaw sound really good right now.

  8. I love the assembly line for the wraps!

    I'm with everyone else on the previous post - I hope the no-nut recipe is in your cookbook (and that you'll need testers) because that is the best cheese I've sen on a vegan pizza.

  9. Whew, I'm pooped just looking at what you cooked! It all looks delicious though, and I think you've inspired me to make more calzones for my boyfriend - the first batch I made disappeared at an alarming rate!

  10. i love "personal chef" cooking days for myself. you have an awesome weeks worth of food! I like the idea of having wraps ready in the fridge to just grab and go. have a great week.


  11. Melody, I am constantly amazed by all the fabulous, nutritious food you cook up for your family whilst also cooking for a job!

  12. it all looks so good.
    all this food is making me hungry!

  13. oh dear, how do you shoot photos so beautiful! i can almost taste them!

  14. You are amazing...! Does all cooking this usually take the entire day?

  15. The wrap sandwiches look so good. Yum!!!

  16. I'm loving the assembly line feel! But you put love into everyting, I'm sure. :D

  17. I need to channel your energy and organization and do more weekend batch cooking! I'm especially loving those seitan wraps and that first tofu dish- yummy! Oh, and the kale and the calzones too. Scratch that, I want it all.

  18. Love the calzone w/kale. Beautiful pairing and plating.

  19. LOL my bf seems to forget to fix things too! the list gets longer and longer



  20. I love, love, love mooshi! I wish I had some right now!

  21. Wonderful post! The coleslaw looks delicious. I'm a lover of the coleslaw. The mooshi had me drooling right at the start of this post.

  22. Hi Mel,
    I hope you are having a wonderful week. I just wanted to thank you for putting the idea of calzones in my head. I made some this weekend and we all enjoyed them. Thanks.

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