Sunday, May 27, 2007

just a tease...

I have actually been cooking a lot, but haven't taken many pics. How many pics of big batch cooking and burgers/baked tofu and other things can one post on a blog without it becoming ridiculous? I will be posting more tomorrow though, as I have another day off!
seitan roll up with 'feta', marinara and baby arugula
As I said, I have been cooking. I made some tofu based herbed 'feta' spread, which was perfect to use in this delicious little package. Marinara, baby arugula and the lemony feta were perfect compliments to this chicken style super thin seitan cutlet. Quickly browned in my cast iron, it was a filling and satifsying lunch. Not pictured was some basil/white bean sauce that I drizzled over the top. I have 3 cups of the basil sauce set aside for a hot pasta meal later in the week.
I also made black soybean and sunflower burgers yesterday. Those are in the freezer for the week. I also baked a bunch of tofu for sandwiches. Now, onto the bread. I made a huge batch of dough today out of white whole wheat flour. I turned half of it into this loaf and a cinnamon bread loaf that is still waiting to be baked. I will take pics of that one tomorrow. At Patty, (my boss at Cafe Indigo) makes some amazing cinnamon bread. We actually use it for our French Toast in our Sunday Brunch. It is to die for. I decided on making a healthier version. I'm not sure how she makes hers, but I know it's with white flour and there is sugar and probably earth balance in there. I used the white whole wheat flour, smart balance light and sucanat. We are going to have it for breakfast tomorrow (and maybe I'll even make french toast out of it).. so you'll get the pics then.
The rest of the dough is in the fridge and freezer for pizza and calzones later in the week.

simple cornbread
It is what it is. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to have some around to eat with soup. I made split pea soup out of the seitan cooking broth below. No pic of the soup.

seitan cutlets
I'm marinating a bunch of these to goto a BBQ tomorrow.

seitan 'turkey' breast
I have definitely perfected it. So good. This is what we serve at Cafe Indigo.
I'll be back soon. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and I just want to say Thank You, to all that have served our country. For those of you who selflessly give your all, and have died and been injured. Regardless of how I feel about the war, and those who created it. Our troops are heros in my opinion.


  1. Courtney2:18 PM

    Everything looks amazing! Your cafe is lucky to have you!


  2. your seitan cutlets actually look like chicken. and vegan feta!!! oh my!! all i've been thinking about for 2 weeks now is getting my hands on a vegan feta cheese recipe. i use to have one from a restaurant i worked for but have since misplaced it. oh well..i'll figure it out one day. have a great weekend!


  3. those seitan roll-ups look so good- and the accompanying basil sauce sounds dreamy. You are truly the queen of the seitan! When, oh when, can we get our hands on these super-secret recipes?? Until then, I'll just drool away at your gorgeous photos.

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Hi Melody!
    LOVE your site! I have a question for you: could you post your baked seitan cutlets recipe? I have looked through your blog but cannot find how you actually bake your seitan cutlets. I am a new vegan and have been struggling with developing a good consistency (not rubbery!). I boiled my last batch but it was too dense and I ended up throwing away a lot of it due to the dense and rubbery consistency.
    Thanks and happy Memorial Day!

  5. Hi, Melody! Those rollups looks wonderful. All the seitan looks really really great. I haven't made any in a while and I'm afraid I'm too out of practice to make a good batch again! Your bread looks perfect. There's not many things better than homemade bread.

  6. I'd love to know your seitan secrets! Your food photos are outstanding, Mel -- wish I could eat @ Cafe Indigo. Happy Memorial Day

  7. Once again my friend you have out done yourself and caused all of us to have "drooling disease". You are going to be such a blessing to the vegan community when your cookbook comes out. I can't wait. I know I tell you that every week, but it is true.

    From bread to Seitan and everything in between are incredible looking and I am sure they are absolutly awesome to eat.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day, time off and enjoy.

  8. that cutlets looks so real!!!

  9. Your cafe is very lucky to have you! The seitan looks so good, and that "turkey" does as well! Nicely done!

  10. That's a lot of seitan! I agree with Bazu and Atxvegan. The roll-ups look great (especially with the arugula)!

  11. you just made me want to try seitan again, and yes that's a serious complement! maybe i will try making it from scratch one of these days...

  12. Love the seitan cutlets...and the fluffly loaf of bread.

  13. When is your cookbook coming out?

    (just so no one accuses me of starting rumors, there is no book that I know of. BUT THERE SHOULD BE *hint hint*)