Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sure feels like summer!

All American Burger
We are going to be serving an "All American Burger" at Cafe Indigo after Memorial Day, so I figured I should actually write down my recipe for consistency. These turned out great, topped with a "special sauce", spinach , pickles onions on a sesame seed bun. hehe.. I have 15 in my fridge for the week. I also made coleslaw two ways, with asian flavors and the traditional way. (vegan of course)

Lemon/Herb/Garlic Baked Tofu and Tempeh, Seitan Cutlets with 10 Spice BBQ Sauce

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. The tofu is so tangy and delicious with a nice, chewy bite. I used the same marinade with some Lightlife Flax Tempeh (ok, so they sent me my Lightlife package a while ago, but the tempeh keeps for a long time! How cool is that?) and it turned out fabulous. The Seitan Cutlet was simmered, then baked with my 10 Spice BBQ sauce. It is a true East meets West type of sauce. mmmm mmmm good. I have 1 quart in the fridge and 1 quart in the freezer. I made 18 cutlets today and BBQ'd 4 of them, froze 9 of them and the other 5 are marinating in a homemade garlic infused teriyaki sauce. I will definitely grill them later in the week for sandiwches and for use in a stir fry.

Quinoa Pasta Salad, Coleslaw, BBQ'd Seitan

Here is the traditional slaw. It contained red pepper, green pepper, green and red cabbage, red onion and carrots. The dressing was a mixture of tofu mayo and other good things. The pasta salad with a bit of a disappointment. I used Qunioa pasta. I'm not a fan. It is OK with heavy sauces like pesto or other really strong flavors, but this was just lightly dressed in a tofu based ceasar dressing. I also added red onions, lemon baked tofu, olives, green and red peppers and kidney beans. I will definitely eat it, but am glad I only used 8 oz of pasta.

10 Spiced BBQ'd Setian Cutlet

I turned two of these into 4 wraps which are in the fridge. Not pictured, but in the fridge is a seitan philly cheezsteak mixture. Peppers, mushrooms and onions sauted in a tiny bit of evoo with spices, braggs, shredded seitan and pickled jalapenos.. SOOO GOOD. I will take a picture when I made the sandwiches. I am going broil them on a sub roll with cheez later in the week and probably make some wraps out of the leftovers.

Lentil Soup with Roasted Garlic and Kale

Not the prettiest soup, but good comforting. You can't go wrong with lentil, roasted garlic, homemade marinara and kale.


Chocolate Silk Pie
Ok, all you cheezcake loving vegans... we are proudly serving a DELICIOUS cheezcake at Cafe Indigo made by our own vegan baker, Kate! I have been tempted all week with the deliciousness that is Kate's cheezcake (we sell by the slice and whole.. and ship them as well!).. but have only allowed myself to indulge in one piece. I decided to make my own silk pie, almost sugar free so I could satisfy my cravings. Delicious and almost good for you. I also have a not so good for you reciep for this pie that I used in my cooking classes and people loved it. I was pretty impressed with my healthy version as well.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there!


  1. You're making me crazy, Mel!. Kidding, sort of. Your weekly meals are to die for. I am so waiting for your cookbook that I can't stand it. You are so gifted. Thank you for taking the time to wet our whistle and keep us on the seat of our pants each week for the next showing of "MELS INCREDIBLE MEAL".. Have a Happy Mothers Day,

  2. I wish I could visit your cafe indigo! Everything looks pretty good! Now that I found your blog I can't wait for your cookbook...

  3. im drooling!!!!!!!!!

    Have a Happy Mothers Day.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you!
    That chocolate pie is calling out to me. Looking at your photos reminds me why I love summer- the awesome meals that it inspires. Burgers, BBQ, and coleslaw, oh my!

  5. I love the looks of the burger and the soups and your cutlets look great as well! 10-spice BBQ sauce, huh?! :)

  6. The food looks grand, esp that pie. I like my desserts to be sugar free and the nutrition of a meal also like silken tofu can offer. I would also love to visit your cafe indigo. Happy mothers day to you also!

  7. That burger is making me have some serious burger cravings. It looks great!

  8. wow what a spread of mouth watering dishes.K now even i really wish i could visit your cafe .Love the blue plate !

  9. Your seitan always looks sooooo good! I've never made simmered seitan that I was completely happy with. I'm going to make a batch this week so I can make the VwaV stroganoff, hopefully practice makes perfect. I even think your coleslaw sounds good, and I am not a big fan of slaw usually. Using lighter Asian flavors sounds like a good idea, I don’t care for heavy mayo dressing.

    That pie has me drooling. Cheesecake is one of my very favorite deserts. Your cafe should start serving vegan crème brûlée too, then I'd make the trip halfway across the country to eat there for sure. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you too (sorry I'm late)!

    I love summer and cookouts and burgers. Your food all looks fantastic. And the pie looks like heaven!

  11. Oh my, everything looks just amazing, Melody !
    "I want to go, to Cafe Indigo" (not Valparezo)

    To answer your question, it's difficult to say if the second edition of Vegan Vittle is worth buying (when you already have the first edition) because I'm not familiar with the first version LOL so I don't know what has been changed or added.

  12. i'm a coleslaw fanatic! it all looks so delicous especially the bbq seitan! I'm an even bigger seitan fanatic!! and special sauce on a burger!! i wish I could lick my computer screen!!


  13. I love that tofu! It looks amazing! And the chocolate silk pie looks divine! I so want to try it! Feel free to send some more recipe testing my way soon!! :) By the way, I have used quinoa pasta before and I am not crazy about it either. It falls apart too easily. I don’t know if you were looking for an alternative to wheat pasta, but I tried Tinkyada brown rice pasta recently and it’s really good.

  14. Another mouth-watering post as usual- also just checked out the last post with all the seitan wraps you guys deliver those silk pies to NY? drooling yumminess.

  15. You're so lucky --I fantasize about having your job. Everything looks amazing--esp the sietan cutlet.

    Hey, I finally bought the Trader Joe's Mango-Chili vinegar you were raving about. Can't wait to try it. (I love trying new things. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of trying them all and overstuffing my pantry.)

  16. Your burger looks great -- question though, when you cook in bulk on the weekends, does it stay pretty fresh in the fridge or do you end up freezing a lot of it?