Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cafe Indigo/home cooking split post

oh how we love cherries!

I am thrilled to annouce that Cafe Indigo was a part of the Best Of New Hampshire Festival courtesy of New Hampshire Magazine. We won for our carrot cake! It was held at the civic arena in Manchester and was a great time. I was stunned to see a double rainbow as I was exiting the building. Our logo has a rainbow in it. I felt like it was a sign that we are on the right track as a business.

Here are several pics of food at the cafe. I have been meaning to actually photograph our food, but I am always busy when I'm working... so it has been put on the back burner. Here are some fast shots I got the other day since I brought my camera for the event that night.

Salad with BBQ Tofu

The Rachael

(our version of the reuben, with my homemade seitan)


Ok, end the Cafe Indigo part of this post!

Onto my home cooking.

Let me sing the praise of my pressure cooker! I don't know how I lived for so long without one! This morning, I parboiled 1 lb of organic black beans ($1.29), then added them to the cooker with 1 cup of short grain organic brown rice, (.50) onions, garlic, spices, red pepper, green pepper and jalapenos. I cooked them for 20 minutes and was thrilled with the resutls! I added 1 bunch of chopped cilantro and the juice of 2 limes and divided the mixture into two containers. The first container was turned into a "7 layer" mexican type dip. This is a staple in my home during the summer. I made a quick tofu sour cream out of lite tofu, lime juice, roasted garlic, evoo, pimento and spices then added salsa, and green onions. We will use this as burrito filling this week. It is a simple meal for my kids to throw together while I'm at work and so delicious!

I turned the rest of the mixture into black bean burgers. I added fresh breadcrumbs and "fried" them up in my beloved cast iron. I got 9 burgers. I make them fairly small for portion control and I think the texture is better. I do not like mushy burgers.

Talk about a bang for your buck!

cooking in the cast iron

ready for lunch!

Arugula and Walnut Pesto with fresh thyme

Again, more arugula pesto. Over whole wheat fettucini. I portioned this into individual sizes and they are in the freezer for us to grab as a quick lunch/dinner.

Tofu "Egg" Salad

All spiced up with fresh thyme, mustard, vegenaise, celery, onion and spices. I used extra firm tofu that had been frozen. Nice texture.

hmmm, me thinks there was a printing typo

-but how cool is it that these tortillas have the vegan logo?

If I have time tomorrow (I have a personal chef client) I am going to make a test recipe for Urban Vegan's Vegan's Gone Wild dessert contest.


  1. I can't see most of your photos but I could see the one of the double rainbow and wow! I've never seen one before so that was pretty cool. I am so happy for you Melody. It sounds like you've found a lot of happiness at Cafe Indigo and I am glad everything worked out.

  2. That double rainbow is gorgeous--it always feels so special to see one. Cafe Indigo really seems to be the place for you, and you've obviously brought a lot to them as well. Like Crystal I can't see most of your pics. That tofu eggless salad looks tasty though--good idea, freezing the tofu first. I'm sure it does a lot for the texture.

  3. Great food pictures! Cafe Indigo sounds like such a great place to work and eat. haha, the typo on the "Certified Vegan" label made me laugh :0)

  4. Hey sweetie, I only get a couple pictures otherwise it is that forbidden square with the red x in it. Any clues why the photo's are not showing up? I always get them. Hmmmmm I don't understand..

    Yes I too think the double rainbow is a sign of good things. Congrats on the carrot cake!...

    Have a great week. I think I need to make some eggless salad. Your photo made me get a craving!!!

  5. But my god does that veggie burger look perfect! :)

  6. I always love popping by your blog to see what you've been cooking. As usual, it all looks and sounds fantastic. What a great idea for layered dip, and bean burgers from the same recipe.

  7. Congratulations! BIG TIME congrats for the award. Carrot cake heaven... now everyone in the area (and beyond) will REALLY know, Melody. How cool is that?

    All the food you show here is incredible. i want one of those Reubens so freakin' bad, too.

    You really found your "place" in the cooking/baking world at Cafe Indigo. i love that we get to go along for the ride and get to see and hear about what you're doing there!!

    The rainbow photographs are insane, just so you know. i can't believe how gorgeous they are here... just in general, i am a huge fan of rainbows and i have seen a double one only once before yours here. It's so cool, isn't it!?

  8. Gorgeous photos, as always...that first one of the cherries is just soooo pretty!
    BTW, I didn't see most of the pics yesterday when I logged in, but I checked back today and everythings A-OK. So maybe folks just need to pop back in a day or so...

  9. Congrats! What great recognition--and I'm sure much of it is thanks to you and your creative cooking.

    Can't wait to get your recipe for my contest!

  10. WOW a double rainbow !!
    all looks so good!

  11. WOW a double rainbow !!
    all looks so good!

  12. Congratulations, Cafe Indigo! Those rainbow photographs are pretty awesome :)

    You've really got me thinking about a pressure cooker now...

  13. Yea!! you got the pics to work. They are awesome just like your food and your blog. Is your black bean burger recipe going to be in your cookbook or can you share?

    The dip looks insanly good!

    Keep up the good work! Have a great week.

  14. Wow- a double rainbow, how amazing!
    And congratulations on the award, that is so great- I love carrot cake and all your cafe pics look delicious. Maybe Cafe Indigo will open a branch in New York?

  15. Oh, wow! Everything looks spectacular! Black bean burgers, mmmmmm!

    Great shots of the double rainbow.

  16. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Hurry, Hurry, Hurry with that cookbook....I live close enough to be in line personally for you to sign it!!!!

  17. That double rainbow is so amazing! It's so rare to see, and even rarer to capture so beautifully in a photo! Congratulations on participating and winning in the best of NH! I loved all the food pictures, but the tofu egg salad most of all. I'm a sucker for tofu egg salad.

  18. Walker Dunn11:32 AM

    Those pictures came out so great melody! Which is good considering we stopped in the middle of the road haha. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll definately read it all the time now :)

  19. Melody - that is so exciting! Carrot Cake is practically my favorite dessert - I hope I can visit Cafe Indigo someday :)