Friday, July 27, 2007

Holy Cheese and a baby!

Pure love
Spicy Noodles with Veggies

Watermelon, 'Feta', Red Onion, Parsley with a Balsamic Glaze

Herbed Barley Salad (recipe given to me from our baker, Kate. Delicious! We also sell this at Cafe Indigo)

Hummus with Roasted Red Pepper Olive Oil

Salsa in the backround

The happy family


she knows more than us

Isa's Carrot Cake with a spicy citrus glaze
The food above was from last week when my brother and his wife, my niece and nephew came up. I have a pic of my nephew as well, but he is a teen and I didn't ask his permission to post it.. so I didn't. I obviously got permission to post some pics of Arwen. What am amazing baby she is. 10 months old and still exclusively breastfed.. and such a chunk!.. and so amazingly aware.
'Swiss Cheez'
So, most of you know that I've been working my my cheez recipe and it is getting better and better each time! I figured out how to get holes! The taste is fabulous... but it's not perfect yet... I imagine it will take me at least 6 months to get the perfection I am looking for. I will say it's better than tofutti... and rivals Sheese now.... but I KNOW it will be better!


  1. Wow, the cheese looks cool--holes? You're amazing!

    Arwen is such a precious girl, and I'm so glad you were able to share her adorable face with us! And all that food--what a feast.

  2. I'm so glad we got to see Arwen's precious face. She's so adorable I just want to squeeze her tightly and pinch her cheeks. I don't know if I could contain myself around her.

    You are so awesome Melody. I can't believe you have holes in your cheese.

  3. you've definitely mastered the art of vegan 'cheese' - I love how authentic the swiss looks with the holes, haha! gorgeous family photos, as well

  4. what a cute baby!

    we cant wait for the cheese recipe!

  5. Your niece is adorable! I am so glad you were able to post her picture. Her chubby cheeks are just squeezable.

    Your food looks wondermus! Wow, your cheese looks so real. I think your cookbook is going to be a real hit!

    OH my gosh, the hummus, the spicy noodles, so much happiness on your table. I hope your family knows just how blessed they are. You are awesome!

  6. OMGOSH, look at Arwen! Could she be any more adorable?! Her parents are also beautiful. They are a lovely family, Melody. Thanks for sharing the pix of your fam. Super cool.

    The food, what can i say? You are Queen Cheez AGAIN. The big ol' delish noodle pile makes me wanna dig in so bad!

  7. awe ....your niece is sooooooo adorable !!! i think the first thing everything wants to do is pull her cheeks.Gosh she is too cute ! Actually i didnt really see anything after her pic ! i guess she stole the show n hogged up all the comments.Well shes worth it !

  8. Courtney3:39 PM

    Any chance you'll share your less than perfect cheese recipe with us (although I am sure it is great--we are always too critical of our own cooking!)?!?!?? Pleeeeeeseeee?!

    I hope your family appreciated all of your beautiful cooking and meals!


  9. That baby is perfection--what a cookie.

    And I look forward to your cheese recipe...We love you, Mel!

  10. Yay A picture of Arwen :) She is beautiful Mel :) And I am so happy for you {{{{Bighugs}}}}

  11. She's SO adorable! And what eyes. So bright. The cheeze looks aweome hun.

  12. Arwen is the sweetest, cutest baby! Look at that mischievious smile and that perfect skin- ahhhh.

    Oh, and Melody, I hope you know that we will follow you to the ends of the earth for your perfect cheese. Holes?!?! Wow!

  13. !!that looks like real cheese!! i can't wait til it's perfect in your eyes and we can get our hands on the recipe one of these days. the herbed barley salad is just what i've been wanting to make recently it looks delicious.


  14. That baby is just *beautiful* :) Thanks for sharing the pics!

  15. I am so excited for your cheese! And I'm not even vegan!

    I make a similar watermelon salad in the summer, but with mint too, and it is so good. Oh how I adore watermelon!

    And yes, what a cute baby.

  16. That cheeze is awesome. The holes are fab. And what a cute little girl!

  17. wow, melody. i am always so impressed by your creations.

    i have sworn off store bought cheeses as they're never near what i want them to be and i've yet to find recipes that really get at what i'm looking for. yours looks perfect.

    well done!

  18. Do you need any recipe testers (tasters?) for that swiss? Count me in!

    I didn't know you were from Iowa - I miss it too sometimes, especially in the summer when it's so hot and slow and beautiful there.

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