Saturday, July 21, 2007

Playing around with food

I got a spiral slicer and had fun with it earlier today... I didn't have much time to really play around with it, but these veggies for some reason, told me that I needed a veggie sushi roll.

How easy is that? No grains. Low calorie as well. I have a feeling I might be eating this daily. Daikon, fresh ginger, bean sprouts, zukes, carrots, scallions and 1/4 of an avocado were complimented by the spicy dipping sauce and generous dollop of wasabi. Oh, did I feel alive when I was done with this!

Pretty pretty nectarines... I may turn these into ice cream.. I've been into making my own ice cream with an oat base; stevia sweetened of course.

This was a sunflower/oat based cheez. I like it and it made a terrific baked mac and cheez as well.

We are eating salads daily...

Baked Spanikopita Pie with a Greek Salad and tangy balsamic vinaigrette. My tofu feta was great in this... I take the easy way out most of the time and bake a pie like thing in a springform.

What an odd experiment this turned out to be. I made some mango/blueberry sorbet with xanthan gum based on a recipe on the net. It was OK, but what an ODD texture. Seriously, the strangest thing.. I can't even really describe it.
My mother is visiting from CA... we are having a nice time. Tomorrow, my brother, SIL and baby Arwen will be visiting! Maybe they'll allow me to post a pic of Arwen... I hope so!
Of course, that means crazy food production for me.. so expect a nice, long food post within the next couple of days.
I am planning on:
Barley Salad
A HUGE amount of Salsa (these 3 things are going home with them)
Pot Stickers
Cold Sesame Soba Noodles
Asian Slaw
BBQ'd Teriyaki Marinated Cutlets
and either a carrot cake or some sort of insane cheezecake/pie like thing...
Of course, the menu is subject to change depending on my mood...


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM have such a perfect name as you produce a melody of delicious sounding and looking foods. I'll bet they taste EVEN better than they look!!! I wish you could have another 10 hours in your day as I really want you cookbook!!!!!!

  2. Melody, everything looks so good! You are quite the professional! Now I need a spiral slicer too. :-)

  3. I was given a bunch of nectarines and am making fruit leather as I type. Don't you just love this time of year. Your salads look fantatic. I am really into salad with walnuts, avocado, and black beans right now. Just a touch of asian dressing yumm-erific!

    I can't wait for your cookbook to come out. So many things to try! The cheese looks great, actually everything looks great!

    Where in Ca does your mom live? I am in San Diego Area. I wish you the best of time with your family! Enjoy the company, I know they will enjoy the food.

  4. I love my spiral slicer. Who says you shouldn't play with your food?

  5. between the sushi, mac &'cheese,' salad, spanikopita, nectarines, AND that dessert, I am in awe of your cooking and food photography skils - you are so talented!!

  6. Hope you have a great time with the family! Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy, busy, Mel. The food yer making for them... how lucky they are. Post a photo or two of Arwen, if you can...

    How fun the slicer! i don't blame you for havin' some fun with it. Wonder what else yer gonna do with that? i can see all sorts of cool stuff in the future from you.

    Nectarine ice cream sounds pretty fabulous. i still haven't tried stevia... i know you are a big believer.

    Have you posted the recipe for the sunflower/oat-based cheez? Sounds like it is great on all sorts of things!!

  7. These are the best food pics yet. I'm serious - everything looks amazing. Now I need a spiral slicer to make those fantastic looking rolls!

    I am not worried about your guests going hungry!

  8. Your food pictures are more and more stunning with every new post. Oh Melody, I really wish you were my neighbor. I would love to just pop on over and have a smoothie with you.

    I have been drooling and dreaming about your mint cheesecake. I rarely have those ingredients on hand though so it will be a special occasion when I do finally make it. Marty loves the mint and chocolate comibnation though so I'm sure this will be in the upcoming future.

  9. what a great photos! this looks so delicious.

  10. What delicious looking photos! You've done it again. Amazing!
    I liked your picture of Jorda in the previous post. Simon is always hanging around the kitchen when I'm cooking too & I also give him veggies to munch. He loves peppers, cucumbers, carrots, but will turn his nose up at celery. He thinks he likes cauliflower and broccoli, but then I find it all broken up on the carpet. How's the job going? Sounds like you really enjoy it.

  11. It all looks beautiful but particularly the veggie sushi...

    I hope your visit with your family is wonderful and everyone's well! I hope that you can post a pic of your niece as well! (But if not, I certainly understand!!)

  12. Simply gorgeous & good for you- you are amazing.

    Have a great time with your family- I'm sure they will be thrilled with your upcoming feast. Can't wait to drool over the pics.

  13. I love it when you play with food! That first photo of the spiralized vegetables literally made me gasp- so pretty. and same with the sushi. I'm interested in your ice cream experimentations with xantham gum. I've heard of using that or soy lecithin, but don't know much about either. I have some xantham gum sitting in the kitchen, and have no idea what to do with it!
    Have fun with your family and your neice!

  14. Your photography is improving leaps and bounds woman!! The icecream is pretty though I can imagine what your talking about in tecture...ek. The spiraled vegis are fun. hehehe

  15. Ice cream with an oat base? Sounds interesting.

    I love your sliced veggies and sushi, that cucumber is so pretty.

  16. A spiral slicer? Ooh, I want one! I want one! Looks like so much fun. :)

  17. So cool! I need one of those! How big is it? (can it fit in my silverware drawer?)
    Ice Cream looks fab too.

  18. what a beautiful presentation! now i sort of fancy having a spiral slicer... it's fun to play with food, no?

  19. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Melody's pictures are improving only because many of them are stock photos available on the web and she just makes up a recipe to match the pic ... poor poor Melody ... a thief by any other name is still a thief!

  20. I can't see any of your photo's. They are just red rectangles :-(