Friday, October 19, 2007

Something new for lunch

Ok, so it looks like I am back to my weekly posting. The only reason I'm posting today, is that my freaken car broke down last night. Horrific timing to say the least. My husband is in CA and his truck is down in MA.
So, I am stuck at home; it's clean out the fridge a day early! Since my fridge wasn't in super need of "cleaning" all I made was this batch of spicy noodles. I use leftover hummus in my noodles now and 1 T of coconut oil while the noodles are hot and thin it out with pasta cooking water. These are brown rice noodles. My younger son LOVES these so much and I secretly smile, since chickpeas are the base of the dish. He despises chickpeas.
How can a son of mine despise chickpeas?
Super fast one pot meal, whole wheat pasta with low fat "pesto" and green beans.
Potato-corn chowdah. Super simple and delicious. Very low in fat as well.
"Hi Momma!" My poor baby has been left alone for 8 hours every day this week. Mark is out of town, I'm at work and my kids are in school. She's doing great, though. This is the first time we've left her this much. No accidents or destructive behaviors. She's a great dog. I WUFF her!
Low fat, sugar free, whole grain muffins. I've found that raw pureed zukes and water make a GREAT fat substitute in baking. My kids have actually eating them for breakfast and liking them. As much as I say I don't like baking, I guess I like healthy baking. Last week I made some zucchini muffins and bread that turned out way too dry, so it was nice to improve my recipe. Of course, I didn't write it down, because my muffins are also clean out the fridge creations.
I've been packing my breakfast and lunch in my laptop lunchbox! You can't see, but this also contained a green smoothie. Not my favorite smoothie. I don't recommend soymilk, ice, spinach, flax meal and chocolate protein powder. Just don't do it. This was a sandwich on sprouted bread with Lightlife "ham", my sunflower cheez, spinach and mustard. The other main dish was tofu and green beans, stir fried the night before. Breakfast was supposed to be my smoothie and bran cereal, but I never got a chance to eat it.. and snack was hummus and raw veggies.
I think Eden blogged about a kale and kraut sandwich, which whet my appetite. On sprouted bread, I grilled hummus, kraut and kale with spicy dijon mustard. Better than any grilled cheese. I'm SOOOO into sauerkraut. In the back there are the wasabi chickpeas, cilantro and spelt berries topped with siracha and cukes, hummus and low calorie pitas. The smoothie was a great one with vanilla protein powder, ice, stevia and cinnamon. I have to pick up some bananas to add next week. I've been trying to eat more during the day and less at night. This is my first week of doing so. With my work schedule, I was not eating much at all during the day and then I'd overeat at night.. and I felt like crap. I've felt so much better this week with these nutritious lunches.
It's amazing how much food you can pack into this box. I love sandwiches for breakfast, so the Lightlife "ham" and thinly sliced homemade sunflower "cheez" hit the spot. The wrap was filled with wasabi chickpeas, vegenaise, scallions, carrots, baby spinach and wasabi mustard. Humus and celery was a great snack and of course, another green smoothie.
I made Joni's wieners the other day. I had to. They contained sauerkraut. Who can say no to that? I modified her recipe just slightly, but mostly followed it to a T. Delicious. I can't wait to play around some more with the spices. These were on a bed of sauted kale with garlic and hot peppers and more kraut, topped with dijon and wing sauce. I also had veggies, and two servings of various dry cereals to snack on for breakfast with my green smoothie.

So, I am back on the losing weight bandwagon. My breakfast, lunch and snack contain 1000 calories or less per day and my dinner around 600-800. With my activity level, this should lead to weight loss. Losing weight super slowly, I should be at my goal weight this time next year...

I've been posting to my photography blog. Yesterday, a co-worker and I went out driving around to shoot foliage. I think my new obsession is churches. I so want to go back on a sunny day and get some super colorful shots of that adorable church we found.


  1. I love all of your laptop lunches!! So healthy and cute to boot! Your muffins sound like a great breakfast....I've been eating them a lot lately, but I think I need to cut back on how much sugar is in them...

  2. oh dear, i thought i kicked my desire to get a laptop lunchbox, but it's back! they look all fabulous!

  3. oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your car broke down!! but hey, look at all these fantastic lunches you were able to create, in the meantime!! haha, I LOVE how you were able to get your son to love that pasta dish, despite the chickpeas (I LOVE chickpeas - how could your son not like chickpeas??); and of COURSE your muffins and every single laptop lunch in this post look incredibly scrumptious - I wish you could make these meals for me!! haha :0)

  4. Oh those laptop lunch boxes look so super cute!! I'm going to have to look into those...

  5. Your lunches are adorable! I'm totally planning on making a little trip to the vegan cafe where you work when I go to NH at Xmas-time. I hope we can meet!

    By the way, here's my response to your comment yesterday (I realized I likely deleted the blog post before you saw it!) Sorry it's so long - you know how I can talk forever about bikes...

    Hi Melody! That is definitely the Old Capitol Center you saw - there's the Old Cap building on campus, visible in the background, and the food court is in the former Old Cap mall - the U has bought most of it now, and actually uses it for classrooms, offices & study space - hard to believe, but true!

    That's great that you're going to get a bike! You can get a great bike for under $500, too. I wish you were in Iowa City - I'd get you to come into the Bike LIbrary and we'd hook you up with something used for around $50! The BEST thing to do, honestly, is to go to a local bike shop and try out several styles. See what feels most comfortable to you. I'm thinking a hybrid bike might be best for what you're looking for. If you're going to use it for commuting, definitely make sure it can be equipped with a rear rack so you can attach folding baskets or panniers. Whatever you do, don't get sucked in by the allure of department store bike prices. They may not cost much, but that's because they're junk. You're better off with an ancient used model of a good bike than with a brand new dept store bike.

    For something new, you might want to try this:

    But again, if you can find a used townie type bike, it'll do you just fine for getting around town and doing some light trail riding. Let me know what you end up doing! Happy riding :-)

  6. I have been craving Laura's kraut sandwiches ever since I saw her post. I don't think I can resist any longer. Every single dish and lunchbox looks wonderful as always. I can't wait to try the zucchini fat replacer. I get tired of using applesauce all the time.

    Sorry about your car troubles. I know it's terribly frustrating.

  7. Very cool idea to add hummus to the noodles...they look fantastic too. this is such a beautiful time to take pictures of leaves--have fun shooting. hopefully new england will grant us a couple more sunny fall days.

  8. Hi Mel, I am finally back online. I just posted a review on my blog about your marinara sauce. It is so good! Can't wait to try your corn chowder. That is next on my list. How I love food! Vegan food that is. :o)

  9. Oooh, sorry about your car- I hope it's fixed soon!
    Your food is fabulous, though. I love the idea of a kale 'n kraut sandwich... I'm also a huge fan of kraut. I can just eat it by the forkful.

  10. I hate car trouble, actually I hate that I have to own and drive a car at all. That green smoothie actually does sound gross. Hummus & noodles is a great idea, I'll be trying that soon.

    Good luck with the weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race :)

  11. Sorry about the car woes!

    Great looking grub though, especially the potato corn chowder..

  12. really lovely , your laptop lunches. and so healthy too. Also i like the clever way to get your son to eat chickpeas. I'm sure its just a kiddie thing, as he grows up he will eat it as he already has the flavour in his mouth....just doesnt know about it.

  13. really lovely , your laptop lunches. and so healthy too. Also i like the clever way to get your son to eat chickpeas. I'm sure its just a kiddie thing, as he grows up he will eat it as he already has the flavour in his mouth....just doesnt know about it.

  14. really lovely , your laptop lunches. and so healthy too. Also i like the clever way to get your son to eat chickpeas. I'm sure its just a kiddie thing, as he grows up he will eat it as he already has the flavour in his mouth....just doesnt know about it.

  15. I love your lunchbox lunches! Too damn cute & tasty.

    And your girl- she's just great. Love that face.