Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner for one

Tonight is my first night in my new apartment. Dinner for one. My boys are at the house with their dad. They will be living there the majority of the time as they want to stay in the same school district. They'll be here on the weekends and a day during the week and I'm spending the night there on Thursday nights.
How strange to cook for one. I am feeling a little shell shocked, and craved my old time favorite comfort food: spaghetti and salad. This was whole wheat angel hair with a veggie infused marinara, topped with a tiny bit of truffle oil and nutritional yeast. The salad was super simple with balsamic vinegar and nooch as the "dressing".
I went food shopping today; again very different. When the kids are here on the weekend, I'm sure I'll have to stock up more.
Work is going to be super busy tomorrow and Thursday and then I'll get to hang out with my kids and dog.
I didn't bring my alarm clock and have to wake up at 4:10am.. hmmm.. I'll have to see if I can set my cell phone.


  1. Living alone after so many years of living with your partner is a difficult adjustment. It's also a very courageous thing to do. I hope you can feel that you have the support of this community behind you.

  2. Aww, spaghetti is the perfect comfort food. Drizzled with truffle oil sounds like the perfect addition.

    Hang in there Melody!

  3. Oh, that's rough in the beginning/getting used to the change; it's hard to be motivated to even make something, let alone take a picture. (hugs)!!!

  4. I made this adjustment earlier this year. It's worked out wonderfully. I indulge my own taste and don't have to cook a big hearty dinner every night. Lost 10 lbs and feeling good. Hang in there! You know we're there for you.

  5. Oh, I hope you're not too lonely. I adore my alone time. And the only food for one I make is salad. Otherwise I cook dinner for four and always find someone to share it with, even if it has to spend some time in the freezer first. Your spaghetti dinner looks very comforting.

  6. Hope you are liking the new apartment and aren't too lonely! Your arrangement sounds like it will make the weekends extra special to hang out with your kids.
    A big bowl of pasta always makes me feel better, hopefully it comforted you a bit as well. :-)

  7. the spaghetti looks great. my hubby and i are on different schedules so i know how weird it is to cook for one.

  8. You are brave to make this change and I hope that it goes well and that you adjust quickly! Good luck!


  9. I'm sure it's a huge adjustment--but it will get easier each day. I'm sure the yummy s'gettis (as I call them when I feel silly) helped.

    We have the exact same plates. (I bought mine b/c my grandmother had them. I am nostalgic that way)

  10. Hey Melody:)

    As always, your pics look delicious!! You are really really close to the beach:) When you have some free time, let me know and we can do some walking;)

    You are going to adjust to living on your own. Just think...PEACE! And you know what I mean by that;)

    I am so proud of all the HUGE steps you have been taking. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it!!


  11. That meal looks incredible. I hope you're adjusting to your new apartment and cooking for one. I actually miss being in grad. school and cooking for one- I ate the weirdest and most wonderful things back then!

  12. Anonymous5:03 AM

    That chickpea with angel hair pasta dish looks really good. Do you have a good recipe for drying out canned chickpea's so a person can just eat them as a snack?

    Traci Lynn

  13. I hope your cell phone alarm worked for you. I kinda feel in a similar mode since Brandie moved out and cooking vegan for one most of the time is rough unless you want to eat the same thing for a week. You spaghetti looks great. Sounds really good too! Hang in there, adjustment is always a bit of a struggle at first.