Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lots of different things..

Tofu/cashew based vegan key lime pie on a gingersnap crust. To die for. Sometimes, things work out perfectly the first time you attempt them! No improvements needed.

Delicious and healthy white bean and escarole soup. Topped with a tiny bit of lemon zest and freshly ground pepper.
Super low fat balsamic flax vinaigrette.
Tofu scramble is always a hit in my house. What a great way to start the day!
My 16 year old is happy about this breakfast. I love having my kids in my new place. It makes everything OK.
Beginning the salsa. Serranos, onions, garlic and spices in the pan.
Adding massive amounts of cilantro and crushed tomatoes. Fresh lime juice and a quick whiz with the immersion blender and the salsa is really to chill.
Green bean saute with crushed red pepper flakes, onions, garlic and a bit of the vinaigrette from earlier.
I had some leftover refriend beans, so I turned them into burgers. My kids love veggie burgers, so we had ourselves a nice feast of them with the broccoli on the side.
Must bring my own dishes to my new place. I am renting a winter beach rental that is totally furnished, including dishes. I miss my own dishes.. and my old window I used to photography my food in. I will bring my dishes over soon. I am sick of taking pics in these tacky things.
My other baby came for a visit the other night too... shhhh... don't tell anyone! I just needed her on Thanksgiving as I was all alone. Here she is falling asleep all cozy. I am so grateful for her.. I just wish I could see her more often too.


  1. Oh Mel--that key lime pie looks absolutely perfect--the antidote to this cold that we all need. I can't wait for the recipe. I love the "merigue" topping.

    I know the adjustment is hard for you, but it looks like you're doing well. Your 16-year-old is adorable!

    And so it Jorda--the photo looks like a big red poppy with Jorda at the center.


  2. Awww, I love the pic of Jorda. She's just adorable all wrapped up and snug as a bug.

    Your son looks happy. Well, who wouldn't be with a delicious plate of your food in front of them.

    Hang in there my friend!

  3. I made your refried beans (from the last post) yesterday and they were great! I love the lime juice and the cilantro...yummm. And the burgers you made out of them look really good--what a neat idea!

    I know this change must be so hard for you, and I hope that it gets a little easier every day...having familiar things around you (like your dishes) always helps!


  4. Everything looks so great.

  5. The pie and the burger really caught my eye! They look soooo good!!!!

  6. everything looks just so fabulous, but i'm particularly intrigued by the soup! the winter is finally here in the desert :) by the way, your 16-year-old is adorable - just like urban vegan said!

  7. These kinds of changes are just so difficult and murky at times, aren't they? I have no doubt that your positivity and passion will get you through it all, lady :)

    One love <3

  8. that pie is making me drooling !!!

    great photos.

  9. Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Melody! I'm sorry to hear you were on your own that day, but glad you had your pup with you -- she's such a cutie pie!

    I need your expert advice -- come on over to my blog and cast your vote in my great Christmas Cookie Conundrum of 2007!

  10. OH my the pie looks perfect. I hope that recipe will be in your book because the picture is mouthwatering. How did you make your burgers? I love bean burgers. They are my all time favorite.

    Jorda looks perfectly happy all cuddled up in your red comforter.

    I am glad your kids were with you. It makes the transition a bit easier. Hang in there Mel!

  11. my goodness, that key lime pie with the gingersnap crust, salsa, soup, and tofu scramble (haha, the picture of your son is hilarious) look quite scrumptious!! Aww, Jorda is so precious - I do hope you'll get to see her more often!

  12. Oh, I'm so glad you got to see your kids and your fur-kid, too! Everyone looks happy and cozy.
    And I'll be happy and cozy, too, as soon as I get to test some more of your yummy recipes! That pie? Is driving me insane- wow.

  13. (((Melody)))

    OMG! Jorda is sooooo freakin adorable in that pic!! I love when our babies get all snuggly in the blankets like that:) Makes you want to just kiss them to death;)

    Food looks fab as usual!! Hope you are adjusting to your new place:) Let's talk soon!


  14. What a good looking kid! I wish my mom would have cooked all the amazing food that you cook for them. Everything looks wonderful especially the key lime pie (and i never liked key lime pie).

  15. I'm glad you had company for Thanksgiving - your baby looks quite content!

    I know you were happy to have your sons with you and your 16 year old looks so happy to be there.

    I hope you had a nice holiday!

  16. OMG that pie!! Amazingly delicious looking! Actually everything looks delicious.

    Your son looks so happy with your yummy food in front of him. He's adorable Melody.

    I love the idea of swapping out your dishes. You should surround yourself with things that are special to you.

  17. Key lime pie looks so tasty!

    Delicious vegan fare!

  18. I love how your pics always turn out very vibrant. Your son and my eldest are the same age :)

    I love, love, LOVE that pie! It also reminds me of the look of my mom's pregan coconut cream pie.

  19. That's so nice that your kids are settling right into your place with the same delicious should definitely steal your other baby for sleepovers more often too, why not? She should come over once a week at least!

    Was thinking you should read Eat, Pray, Love (haven't read it myself but just saw it on Oprah and made me think of you)

    Lots of love,