Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comfort food

I like to cook some of my kids favorite foods so they can easily re-heat them when I'm not there. We are supposed to get a big storm tomorrow and what goes better with a snow day than comfort foods? The Good Stir Fry. Their all time favorite food. I've posted many pics of this dish on this blog, I'm sure. It is more of a stew than a stir fry, but it was given that name years ago by my kids, so the name stays. Spicy coconut/ginger/garlic broth with potatoes, tofu and green beans pairs perfectly with brown rice, lime and cilantro... and of course, Siracha. I made a huge batch with 2 containers of tofu, 2 lbs of green beans and 3 potatoes. They will probably kill it off in 3 days.
Vegan alphabet soup. Again, you've seen this many times... and the recipes for this soup and the stir fry are in the blog.. just do a search if you're interested in them. When I was a girl, the canned version of this was a huge junk food splurge for my mom and was an all time fav. I like my version better.
Tofu and veggies in a mushroom/nutritional yeast gravy. Topped with potatoes.
Unfortunately, I didn't make quite enough potatoes to cover the dish as I would have liked, but it will still be good.
Pressure cooked Chili Beans... They can be mashed and turned into refried beans or eaten as is over rice. I also made a big pot of brown rice. I took a quarter of the beans home with me. They are delicious.
Huggies. Perfect Huggies
I have a day off from work tomorrow because of the storm. I still may go into the lab if the weather permits. Last night, I photographed a Semi-Formal dance at a high school. It was a lot of fun. It was amazing to see how grown up the girls looked compared to the boys.


  1. I'm drooling over the chili beans. I find beans, in a big bowl, maybe a bit spicy, to be so comforting!

  2. I hope you are enjoying your day off! I have been reading backwards to find out what has been happening in your life. Food looks good, and the beach apartment sounds pretty awesome. Sometimes transition can be hard, I wish you tons of great food and relaxation to ease the change. Hugs to you.

  3. Wow, talk about the perfect comfort food!! That Good Stir Fry, Alphabet Soup, Tofu-Vegetable-Potato dish, and the Chili Beans look delicious!! And that photograph of your son and Jorda is so lovely/heart-warming :0)

    How fun that you got to take pictures at the semi-formal dance - haha, yeah, the guys always look younger than the girls, in high school :0)

  4. Hey Melody! you may be missing your window, but your pictures are still awesome! (And the food looks great, especially the "stir-fry"...

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you have lucky kids.

  6. Those chili beans look fab! So does the soup & stir fry.

  7. Oh, I could use all that comfort food right now--and a hug from Jorda. (Love her sweater)

  8. COmfort food is definitely the best kind. Has the snow ended for yall up there yet?
    Wow, a high school dance, I'll bet that was pretty amusing :-)

  9. Hi Melody!

    Love to see that comfort food- love your alphabet soup- yummy as always.
    Also love your babies there- pic of son & pups is adorable.

    Glad to hear you are doing well- hope you are getting a bit of relaxation time in...

  10. everything looks so good! your pictures are fantastic. what a cute dog, too!

  11. All this looks great, I've been eating lots of soup lately. We got slammed with a ton of snow and there is more on the way tonight and Saturday :( At least it's Chanukah and we can light candles and eat fried things, makes things a little better.

    Love that picture of your son and Jorda!

  12. Anonymous2:05 PM

    That stir fry soup looks so delish!!! All of the dishes look good. I really like cilantro and should use it more in my recipes.

    Traci Lynn

  13. All of that food looks delicious, especially the chili beans! Mmmmm.

  14. Aw, that last photo is so adorable. All your food looks awesome, Melody. I could go for some good stir-fry right now...

  15. I was just reading about your marriage break up. That is so tough. I find it interesting to see how everyone else is doing things (with their kids and living situtaions) as my parents have recently decided to get a divorce. My mom just moved into her new apartment today and is cooking for 1 too. My mom wanted to stay with all of us, but I think it upset my dad too much. I am moving in with her tomorrow. Things seem to change everyday!

    Well anyway, your food looks delicious. I will have to make a special trip to go to your resturant when it is opened. I always am amazed that I can find new vegan food blogs and cookbooks, there is so many!!!

    Also, I wish I knew 16 year old boys so excited by tofu scramble. That would make me a very happy little vegan :)