Monday, December 10, 2007

Simple meals

Easy chili, made with some leftover (frozen) fat free refried beans. The salad was dressed with a mango habanero salsa (store bought) and lots of pepper.
It is SOOOOO odd cooking for one. I don't like it. I don't really cook anymore. I will have to change that. My mom is coming for a visit and I'm sure I'll do more cooking for us. This was just whole wheat angel hair with my simple marinara and baby spinach, with nutritional yeast stirred in.
Tofu scramble is another thing I've been eating. The leftovers work great wrapped up in the low carb lavash I buy. (I buy it because a large lavash only has 100 calories!)
This was a falafel burger on a mini whole wheat pita with my homemade low fat "goddess" type dressing.
Salad with the lowfat "goddess" dressing.
Chipotle Spit Pea soup with yellow squash. Later in the week, I mixed leftover pasta with the soup and it was a delicious meal.
Wilted escarole salad with toasted walnuts and my homemade low fat balsamic flax vinaigrette. I LOVE this salad so much. The dressing is delicious and so incredibly low in calories and fat, but doesn't taste like it.
My doggy of course! I WUFF her!

I teach a soup class tomorrow night. We'll be making Black Bean Quinoa Chili, Chipotle Split Pea, Alphabet Vegetable, Italian Lentil and Dahl.

I am teaching quite a few classes this spring. 10 , I think.

Hopefully, I will have some more exiting posts in the near future. I am boring myself with the food I've been eating! All of the food above, I've been eating over and over again for the last week.


  1. Love the picture of your doggy - her coat is quite colorful.

    Now that my daughter's older, I find myself cooking only for my mom and myself. It definitely feels odd and often food is less than magical! Your food looks great though and I hope your chili is a test recipe. It sounds great and I'm always looking for a good chili recipe.

  2. I've made the black bean quinoa chili a couple times now, I like it a lot. It also gives me an excuse to whip up some cornbread!

    I tend to be lazy in the cooking department when I'm the only one eating. As in popcorn-for-dinner lazy. That escarole salad looks good. Don't know if I've ever had escarole, what's it like?

  3. your "simple meals" are always so extravagant- and delicious-looking - yum!! aww, your dog just gets more adorable every time I see a photograph of her, on your blog :0)

    good luck with your soup class!! post pictures, if you can!!

  4. I think a great idea would be for you to make a cookbook called cooking for two. I am the only vegan in my family since Brandie got married and moved out. Therefore when I make a recipe I eat the same thing for a week or freeze leftovers. My dear hubby does try my dishes and many of them he enjoys, but... I do share with a few friends of mine, but with the price of ingredients I try to revise my recipes for less than the normal 4-6 or 10-12 servings. Keep cooking and using your talent. I know it is hard during times of change, but I believe in you!

  5. The Black Bean Quinoa Chili sounds *awesome* :)

  6. I have not even digested breakfast and I'm drooling over that bowl of noodles.

  7. Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning pictures! :) and that's for the 'fu tip ;)

  8. Julie from Julie's Kind Kitchen12:05 AM

    Your simple meals look pretty fancy to me :) I wish I lived by you, so that I could take your cooking classes.

  9. All of these food pictures make me wish I was not at work but at home in front of a stove cooking right now!!

  10. Anonymous9:38 AM

    The Chipolte Split(it says spit..hee hee) Soup looks really really good!!! Did you post a recipe for that soup? I know you post some recipes, but I've yet to figure out my way around this blog. :)) Cooking for one isn't fun, but you sure make some good meals.

    Traci Lynn

  11. I can't believe this is your idea of not cooking. You always put me to shame!

  12. You are the best!!!

    do you mind if I submit your broccoli and tofu stir fry recipe from way back to our church newsletter if I source your blog and you name?