Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Black Eyed Peas and Greens Pizzarole

Peas and Greens Polenta Pizzarole

I am not from the south, but I take tradition from wherever it suits me! Of course, this particular superstition allows me to cook with two of my favorite ingredients: beans and greens! I adore black eyed peas, but forget about them. If you do a search through my blog, you will only find a couple of posts devoted to these lovely legumes. Here is a LINK to last years New Years day dishes, Greek inspired black eyed pea collard rolls with a lemon tahini sauce. I also made some arugula and black eyed pea pesto. Here's a recipe for my delicious Summer Black Eyed Pea spread. Who says you have to have this in the summer? I say it's perfect to have year round, so if you have extra peas on hand, make it and enjoy!

My dish yesterday was a Pizzarole. If Rachel Ray can make up words, then so can i! I made a "crust" out of chipotle spiced polenta. The polenta was simple, just cormeal, chipotle, veggie stock and nutritional yeast. I also started cooking the dried peas at this time.
Then, I sauted peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms along with the peas with smoked sea salt, pepper fresh thyme.
I added around 4 oz of fresh baby spinach to the crust, then topped with the veggies mixture and ran it under the broiler. I topped my serving with a very low fat chipotle orange flax vinaigrette and ate it with a bunch of roasted broccoli on the side (also drizzled with the vinaigrette).
YUMO!... and if you used canned peas, it would have been ready in 30 minutes. Take that Rachel Ray.


  1. Wow, that is a fancy way to cook up black-eyed peas! Looks delicious. I am even more guilty of not using this neglected legume. My posts come to a grand total of one (today)....maybe I'll do better in the new year!

  2. haha, it seems like quite a few people went the "tradition Southern route" for New Year's, with the black-eyed peas - except no one's dish has looked as elegant and delightful as yours!! yum!!

    happy belated new year, Mel!!

  3. Happy New Years! I love the presentation you have for your dish! I've never seen black eyed peas prepared like this and it looks beautiful!

  4. Interesting corn chipotle crust, Love It! Nice use of black eyed peas too. Happy New Year!

  5. That first picture is so pretty :o)

    Yay for black-eyed-pea eating on New Year's (I had some too, but they were definitely not that pretty!)

  6. To hell with tradition!

    Where can you buy smoked sea salt? I love salt--and anything smoked--so I just have to have some!

    Happy New Year, Melody!

  7. Great blog!

    My boyfriend's mom does the traditional black-eyed peas every New Year and well, I'll just say that I agree with VeggieGirl's comment. Your dish looks amazing.

    Kristen's Raw

  8. Happy New Year Melody! Love the good luck black eyed peas this way...

  9. How original, looks awesome! I have some dried peas hanging out in my pantry, maybe this is next once I work through my pintos. I've been cooking up dried beans lately, and just stick em in the freezer till I'm ready to use them. Cheaper and less sodium than canned and just as convenient.