Monday, February 25, 2008

Horror tale from the scale.. fire and ice

I believe in starting things out positive... this meal was amazing. I used frozen lite firm tofu (thawed and squeezed to get the water out), onions, garlic, jalapenos, roasted red pepper, ginger, thai chile sauce, peas, ,cilantro, lime juice, salsa and 2 T natural peanut butter to bring it all together. It was so delicious. I also added a bit of water and a 1/4 bouillon cube. I had half of the dish for breakfast and half for lunch. For a total of 700 calories..... and so spicy you feel almost high when you are done with this dish!
Who needs ice cream? This awesome treat was made from cooked steel cut oats, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, flax meal, cinnamon lemon juice and stevia. I used my food processor, which produced a chunkyish consistency with the steel cut oats. I actually liked it. I think if you used a Vita Mix it would be smooth... and if you used whole cooked oats, it would probably produce a super smooth result (I have done this in the past, with a vita mix, but I'm pretty sure it would work in a food processor as well.
Big ass bread! I am working a very low calorie recipe to rival the lite breads I buy in the store. This is a tall order, as the lite breads have between 35-40 calories per slice. This bread has 60 calories per slice (20 slices per loaf) .... tasted great of course, but I want to do better.
I love the fact I have a gas stove. I have been roasting my own peppers (along with having a much better temperature control over my food!)... the other day a fellow vegan blogger mentioned jalapeno hummus... ( I can't for the life of me remember whose blog it was!).. I decided right then I had to make my own version. I roasted 2 big ass jalapenos and added them to my favorite hummus recipe..
This made an awesome 100 calorie snack, coupled with broccoli.
I will say that this hummus was much more amazing after a 24 hour rest in the fridge.. the roasted jalapenos really "got to know" the chickpeas. It is pretty much my favorite thing ever to eat right now.
I also had some habaneros in the fridge that needed to be used. I LOVE all things spicy and came up with THIS RECIPE based on many published variations. I did not have the red wine vinegar, which really threw me for a loop after I had the ingredients in the I searched my pantry for what I had available. Fortunately, I had about a cup of kumquats and 4 large limes, so I used those instead of the vinegar. I think we like it more this time. My oldest son said it was delicious.... and his opinion means a lot to me as he is a spice loving foodie.

100 calorie snack. 1/4 of a low carb, whole grain tortilla (30 calories), 1/4 avocado and the habanero sauce. Super good and filling. (the actual snack portion was 4 of these triangles)

The 100 calorie snack is kind of an experiment for me... to see if they really make a difference in how I feel towards foods in the long terms. So far, so good. 2-4 a day.... depending on my activity level... (and sometimes I have a 200 calorie snack)..
Ok.. here is when the bad and ugly step in. I ordered a scale from several weeks ago. I try to avoid shopping at WALMART... and other big buy stores...

Today my scale arrived in the above packaging... how obscene. If you can't tell by the pic, the box was almost 3 feet high and 3 feet wide... stuffed with inflated plastic. I don't think it's better to buy from amazon. I also ordered a cookbook with the super shipping savings, but they did not bother to ship my items together. Instead, the cookbook also came in another LARGE box...

This makes me feel that WalMart is the better option???? How messed up is that?

Also... to my ABSOLUTE HORROR, my new scale is measuring me a full 15 lbs HEAVIER than my much older spring scale..... uuuggg....
I will goto the rec center and weigh on their scale to see which one is accurate. They have an old fashioned medical scale.
This brings me to a point.... what the fuck is a number? Seriously? I was feeling GOOD that I lost the 5 lbs.... like GREAT... and today, I step on the scale and see a much higher NUMBER.... and all of a sudden I am a crumpled mess on the floor.. wanting to scream....

It's number.... I still have lost the 5 lbs....

How can I let a number ruin my day?
I won't.

If I am actually heavier than I though, then SO BE IT. It doesn't change the loss I've had so far... it just means I'm not quite as low as I thought I was...

grrr..... NUMBERS...


  1. I wouldn't worry about the number - just feel good that you're putting great things into your body...and being mindful of what you eat.

    I love the salad at the top of your page! And as for bread, I always wonder about those crazy recipes with only 40 calories per slice (very thin slices, btw)....I don't know - are they really healthy? What the heck do they do to make it so low-cal!?

  2. I agree with Cherie, don't worry about the number, it's all about what you feel. I used to be obsessed with numbers, but I remind myself that those numbers don't mean anything. I could be fat and weigh less, and have more muscle and weigh more. I would rather be toned and weigh more than fat and weigh less.

    I have an old spring one too. Cost me $10, and it's always 5 pounds less than the one at the doctor's office... much less those electronic ones. Those ones horrify me!

    Just remember, if you were losing weight with your other scale, you still were losing weight. It's just a number, don't let that slow you down. =)

  3. It was me that mentioned the jalapeño hummus (right?) from my trip to Prescott. Yours looks sooo good.

    All these creative 100 calorie snacks are very inspiring (and look very tasty!). I started the Self Challenge I need the ideas/inspiration :)

    Very spiccccy post. Love it.

  4. Oh, and I've learned also-screw the scale!! I go buy how I feel and how I look in my clothes... You can do it-don't give up.

  5. Focus on the number of pounds lost. All the food you've made is awesome and so healthy. And you know those spicy foods rev up your metabolism!

  6. Numbers are horrible, aren't they? And I hate how we let ourselves get so caught up in them, like you said. Why do we give a number so much power?! And either way, you HAVE lost weight, so be proud of yourself!

    I love the looks of your pepper roasting on your stove...beautiful! The hummus sounds great.


  7. don't listen to the numbers! you're so commited to this that there's no direction to go but down from here. And your 100 calorie snacks are so pretty and interesting!

  8. Definitely don't let a number ruin your day! You should be so proud of losing those 5 pounds.

    I love all of your 100 calorie snacks! And the jalapeno hummus is a much appreciated tip... I love my gas stove too!

    Oh, and just wanted to mention how beautiful you are in the picture you added to your blog!!

  9. First off, you are right. A number is just a number. You still lost 5lbs no matter what the new scale tells you. You are doing it!!!!!

    I love the french bread! I can't wait to see you get it where you want it in calories. The hummus, oh my goodness!!!! I can't wait to get in the kitchen again. I have a really busy 2 weeks, but after March 9th I am home scott free!

  10. Just found your blog and am so glad I did! Your meal does sound amazing (I think I must try that dessert!). As to the scale, I've tried to stop looking at the one at home (spring) and only use the one at the workout club (medical--so much more accurate).

    I've had the same experience of feeling good UNTIL I saw the scale. (A while ago, I wrote a blog post about this phenomenon if you're interested, at ). But, as many of the comments here have said, it's the general trend that's important--and yours was downward!

  11. Oops. For some reason, the URL didn't come out right. It's

  12. You're right; it's just a number. What's important is that you're losing and you're doing it in a healthy way. You're changing your lifestyle and investing in your overall wellness. Keep up the good work!

  13. every scale is different. once i got my new scale, i just only relied on mine and ignored any other one i might have to step on. anyway, if you feel good, that's what counts!
    so, i am very jealous of yr gas stove. i would be roasting like crazy if i had one! and that hummus sounds so freaking good.

  14. Oh Melody, I so hear you about numbers! They have a weird hold on our brains, don't they? And they can be so misleading- I say just keep on doing what you're doing, because you seem to me to be one of the healthiest eaters around!

    Eeek- and I hear you about packaging. We just can't win, can we? At least I'm fortunate to have a really good recycling situation here in Syracuse, but still, I bristle at extra and useless packaging. Sheeeesh.

  15. Screw numbers, and screw the overpackaged scale! You have made a healthy lifestyle choice and that's all that matters. Well, that and your amazing, low-cal food that I would be honored to eat anyday!

  16. Don't let the number get you down! Just know that you're taking amazing care of yourself by eating such healthy vegan fare. I am always in awe that even your SNACKS are so healthy! Where I would have something like chocolate pudding, you have broccoli and hummus (which looks great, by the way!). Oh, and your healthy alternative to ice cream looks delicious too :o).

  17. i'm a scale watcher too and they say those that step on a scale every day are more aware of what their body is doing. HOWEVER, that being said, you KNOW every scale is different. just get used to your new number and move ahead...

  18. Anonymous8:20 PM

    That's why I don't have a scale in the house, though I did just weigh in at the doctor's. I gained back all of my 13 pounds, plus two to boot.

    The cabbage/potato soup looks great. As I've said before, is there anyway to make great veggie meals without having to put so many ingredients in them? I can make a quick veggie soup with a minimal amount of ingredients. I'm thinking that maybe all of the spices enhances the flavor of the dishes?

    In any case, your meals always still look delicious!!!

    Traci Lynn