Sunday, March 02, 2008

The best sag paneer and weigh in

This is my new favorite meal. I've been making it for a long time, but kind of forgot about it til my friend called and asked me for a recipe. I've been craving it ever since! You can make this as healthy or as fattening as you want, but I chose healthy. One large serving (including 1/2 cup of brown rice cooked with veggie stock and tossed with chili garlic sauce, cilantro and tomatoes) rice) came in under 400 calories, 12 grams of fat, 16 grams protein, 55 g whole food carbs and 8 grams of fiber.

I will be posting the recipe to my recipe testing group.

Many bloggers have been on the steel cut oat bandwagon, so I jumped on as well. I cook up a bunch of oats and have been eating them various ways. I don't have a microwave and sometimes, I don't feel like dirtying up a pan. I came up with this delicious pudding for breakfast yesterday. I think it's my new favorite way to eat them. It reminded me of rice pudding. I took around 1/2 c cold, cooked steel cut oats and tossed it with soy yogurt, flax meal, vanilla, frozen blueberries, stevia, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. I let it sit in the fridge for around 1/2 an hour while I took a walk and came back to a delicious breakfast!
Avocado, how I love thee. Definitely one of my favorites foods. I had a serious mexican craving, so I checked my calories for the day and had enough to totally indulge. I used a whole avocado to make this delicious guacamole. Two tortillas dry fried with FYH cheese, refried beans and lots of salsa made a perfect deliver system for the guac! Not pictures was a very large salad with the rest of the guac (thinned out with more lime juice) as dressing.
This is what I ate yesterday. (along with the not pictured very large salad and a couple pieces of fruit)

I can't believe how easy it is to count calories. For so long, I felt it was tedious.. I much preferred weight watchers and their online point tracker. Now I prefer this.

I used Fitday to keep track of my daily calories and log my exercise. It is free. You have the ability to customize foods.

Now, to the weigh in. I lost 1 lb according to my new scale. (the only one I will go by now)

I'm debating on weighing once a month instead of once a week.... time will tell.


  1. Mel, do you use tofu in place of paneer in your recipe? I've seen people do that before -- it seems so easy!

  2. Yes, Catherine. I use firm lite tofu for the paneer. It works GREAT!

  3. I'm going to have to try the saag recipe with tofu, because I love getting saag at Indian restaurants (but my local Indian place won't make it without cream).

    And I'm having steel cut oats today for breakfast :o).

  4. I can't wait to test your sag paneer--I have been a vegan for quite a while and have never had a vegan version!


  5. mmm, sag paneer, steel-cut oats, and avocado... those are definitely MY kind of meals!! yum!!

    congratulations on your progress, Mel!! you're doing great!! :0)

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  7. paneer was one of my favorite pre-vegan things to eat. i'll have to try that out with tofu.
    oh, and the beloved avocado. how i love thee.

  8. That saag paneer looks sooo yummy. Have you tried Dreena's recipe? I've been meaning to. That's a neat idea about cooking the oats before hand. I should try that because I am a total zombie in the AM!

    Congrats on your progress thus far! It's good that you are losing the weight slow and steady, so it will stay off.

  9. All of the meals look really delicious.

    I'm going to try that Cheesy Cabbage Soup in the previous post. :)

  10. Sarah3:39 PM

    I understand that you're working on a cookbook now, but might I make a suggestion/request? All this lovely work you're doing on the 100-calorie snacks MUST be recorded for posterity (ok, for those of us who want to make them too but don't have time). Maybe a 'zine? These creative, gorgeous, healthy snacks are WONDERFUL looking! Thank you!

  11. That sag panner looks yummy. I make a version but with no coconut--that sounds nice and rich.

  12. I'm a big fan of saag and have made it with tofu in the past, but forgot about it till I read your post. Looks yummy.

    I've been toying with going back to counting calories, as nothing else seems to be working for me. . . glad it's going so well for you!

  13. I've used Fitday too. I love that it's free.

    Steel cut oats are great because I can make a big batch and then heat them up without bad consequences, unlike regular oatmeal, which gets nasty.

  14. Yum, that sag paneer looks delicious!! So glad you had enough calories to spare to eat that avocado... guac is one of my major weaknesses (doesn't help that I live in Texas...)

  15. when i was in florida i got a little bag of steel cut oat , i dont know who to cook it or do with it but this sounds perfect.

  16. I agree with Sarah - you should do a small zine with 100 calorie snacks/recipes. There are a lot of dieters looking for healthier alternatives.

    Your continued progress is motivating me to do something about my weight.

  17. Yum, yum and yum!

  18. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Your guacamole looked really good,as did your lasagna. Wish I could be a guest at your house sometime. I think the food would be some of the best I've ever eaten.

    Traci Lynn

  19. hey, i'm using fitday too!

    i love sag paneer...