Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Keeping it simple

I think this may be the simplest lasagna I have ever made. Considering how easy and low in fat/ calories it was, I will definitely do this again. Usually, for my lasagna, I use my homemade chunky veggie marinara sans tofu. Then, I make a rather elaborate tofu ricotta with roasted garlic, fresh basil and other herbs, miso, nooch and sometimes white beans and top it with either homemade cashew cheez or FYH. Also, my lasagnas are usually a clean out the fridge deal, so I'll throw any leftover veggies or what have you in them. The results? Tasty and amazing and something my kids and ex loved.

Since I am cooking for one, I have more leeway when it comes to pleasing other people and since I am getting as much nutrition for the calories as I can, I decided to play it super simple. (it is SOO much easier to count the calories this way) I had some leftover crushed canned tomatoes that I had pureed with fresh jalapeno and garlic the other day for something. I added dry oregano to that and called that my sauce, then took lite firm tofu and pureed it with more garlic, nooch, basil and umeboshi vinegar. Ricotta heaven. I layered 6 whole wheat noodles with that and topped it with more nooch, onion powder and garlic powder. Covered and baked for an hour.
I topped my serving (1/4 of the pan) with baby spinach and 1 tsp truffle oil over it. 300 calories for this lovely plate of food.

before baking

I love cucumbers and this was a quick pickle. I used rice wine vinegar and onions... Again, super simple.

I've been doing more cooking, but haven't taken pics. I made baked tofu and some soybean burgers. (I had my oven on, so I had to fill it!) along with roasted GREEN peppers. I know they can be a little bitter, but I really like them. I wouldn't serve them to company though. They are great is salads and pasta. I'm sure when I eat the above foods, I'll take pics of them.

Now, onto the weight loss front. The other day, I was at my old house and couldn't help but get on that scale. I think I just needed confirmation that I hadn't gained 15 lbs. I know I said, I'd only go by my new scale, but I needed to KNOW! I was thrilled to see that I had lost weight on that scale too and that it still weighed me 15 lbs lower, so I KNOW I'm on the right track. I don't regret checking to make sure, but from now on, I will only weigh on my new scale.


  1. Way to go 15 pounds is impressive. I'm back on the diet/exercise wagon as my pants are starting to get a little tight!

    The lasagna looks mighty tasty and like you I love recipes that use simple ingredients.

    I've been a bad, bad tester. I'll definitely look at what's new and start cooking again. ---What a slacker I am sometimes!

  2. Of course you hadn't gained 15 lbs! I wouldn't have been able to resist checking either, though...just in case! Congrats on your weight loss--that is a big achievement!

    Simple meals with simple ingredients are great. Isn't it amazing what wonderful results you can get from such simple things?!


  3. wow! awesome job!!! i am struggling but still managing to cut the fat in most everything i make. you are an inspiration.
    that lasagna looks great and i love simple pickled treats.

  4. I forget how much I like quick pickles like that -- my dad used to make them all the time during the summer when I was little. He and I were the only ones who would eat them! (Too sour for my mom and brother.)

  5. that lasagne looks so yummy!!

  6. You know, when my husband can;t make dinner, I am sometimes secretly happy that I can make something that I love that he doesn't.

    Lasagna is always comfrting, and I like your E-Z version

    Congrats on your wt loss! Fantastic--despite the silly scales.

    Scales stink, but I still get on mine everyday. I guess I think of it like hygiene--like I brush my teeth and get a shower.

  7. Your “simple” lasagna looks better than even the complicated dishes I make!

  8. that lasagna is ANYTHING but simple, if you ask me - it looks MARVELOUS!! yum.

    you certainly ARE on the right track, Mel!! keep up the great work!! :0)

  9. That lasagna looks soooo amazing. I haven't had lasagna in ages and it's about time I changed that.
    Glad you got the confirmation from your old scale... now you can forge ahead with confidence!!