Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick update

I have barely been cooking at home lately... but this delicious chili hit the spot. Even though it looks like pinto bean chili, it was actually a spicy chipotle black bean stew. I pressure cooked the beans along with sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and other spices. Now here is where this chili takes a turn. I used some Galaxy foods chipotle hummus to create the creamy smokiness that made this chili shine. I also shredded some of the Galaxy Foods Block Cheddar and the soup was absolutely delicious. I sent some to my kids and X and they loved it as well.
Just a side note and something I would want to be noted as a company... when trying to remove the foil from the hummus, I cut both of my thumbs quite bad on either the plastic or the foil (not sure what it was).. they were very deep paper cuts and they really hurt, so maybe that should be something to review as a company...

The restaurant I work at has a great raw superfood salad. The base is kale and it is very popular in our deli case. I was playing around with recipes and came up with this awesome raw ceasar dressing (very loosely based on Dreena's recipe) and tossed it with kale, shredded carrot and red cabbage. It is super delicious... I took the dressing into work and one of my co-workers made a suggestion that really took the dressing over the top. I am going to talk with my boss about her feelings on me posting recipes I develop for the restaurant...
.. and speaking of awesome raw recipes, I made a wonderful almond pate today with fresh basil, thyme, scallions and other ingredients... I'm not sure what we'll be doing with it, but a raw sandwich or nori filled option is a possibility... I love creating delicious food!

I brought home some tofu salad the other day from work and enjoyed it in a kale wrap... I love our tofu salad.... the flavors are subtly different from most tofu salads out there.. It has been such a great experience coming into a restaurant with such a strong base of very good food... I'm enjoying my c0-workers a lot as well... they are very talented.

I may have found an apartment that will allow me to have a dog! My heart of hearts really wants to be a foster parent to pit bulls... I have my beautiful dog Jorda, who we rescued and there are so many more pit bulls that are killed just because of their breed. I want to help, one dog at a time.


  1. Mmm, chili and raw salad = opposite types of dishes, yet equally satisfying and delicious :0)

    Oh dear, I hope that your wounds heal soon!! I've had many kitchen mishaps like that :0(

    Hooray for your new possible new apartment find!! I do hope that you get it :0)

  2. Oh everything looks really delicious Melody, especially that kale salad and tofu salad wrap. Yum! I should know better than to read your blog when I'm hungry.

    I hope the apartment works out for you!

  3. Why have I never put sweet potatoes in my chili? Because I am a fool, that's why.

    Good luck with the apartment, that's exciting!

  4. i so want some of that chili. i actually like that brand of cheddar block. its not def cheese but its not bad.
    i'm a little jealous of yr job.

  5. ohh that all looks so so so good! i love kale in a salad.

  6. I am happy to hear you are enjoying your new job! That is wonderful.

    That raw salad sounds really good...and the addition of a raw Cesar dressing?! Yum!


  7. Aww, that's WONDERFUL about finding an apartment which allows you to help a dog in nee :o)

  8. Congrats on the pet-friendly apt! And what a great idea to put hummus in chili (or stew)! I'll have to try that.

  9. Anonymous9:50 PM

    That chili looks absolutely yummy! You have such a knack for creating food dishes. I really do appreciate your talents in this area.

    Traci Lynn

  10. Great news about the apartment! Hopefully you can help loads of pit bulls. And that food looks like a great way to fuel yourself while you do it. Hummus in chilli--how creative!

  11. Wow you seem soo busy. thank you for keeping up the posting! It's inspiring to see you're making it... Gives me some hope :)


    PS- I'm officially applying to culinary school in Austin. It's a Vegan culinary school YAY :) Wish me luck- and sorry if I've already mentioned it, I'm super excited

  12. your job sounds so fulfilling! and that dressing, I don't even know what's in it, or maybe it's the kale, but I believe you when you say it's over-the-top!

  13. Glad to hear about the appartment situation! I know several people who have rescued pit bulls or dogs who are part pit bull, and they all madly love their dogs! I think they're pretty damn cute, too!

  14. I love all the food and I am so glad to hear things are working out for you - that job sounds so fun :)

  15. Omni and I are doing a raw food detox day, so this came at a great time! I love kale--wish Omniman did, too.

    I'm so happy you can have a dog! As you know, I love pitties too--they are so misunderstood. I was just volunteering this weekend to try to help get a few adopted.

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  17. Great food, Melody, as always!
    Good luck with that apartment! That would be wonderful :)

  18. Mmmm, I hope your boss lets you post the recipe!!