Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Souper. Sammy. Reviews.

Lite tofu is such a good calorie bang for your buck. The brand I buy has only 50 calories per serving and it is a firm tofu. I love it, especially after freezing. Several days back, I made a fabulous clean out the fridge BBQish sauce. It contained the sugar free mandarin oranges I spoke about recently and chipotle peppers. It was sweetened with a tiny bit of stevia and the result was so tangy and spicy with just the perfect amout of sweet to saturate the tofu during baking. I kept the tofu in the fridge for later in the day when the kids and I would enjoy lunch.
This post is jumping all over; this was my dinner last night. A delicious cauliflower cheese soup with quinoa. Below is a pic of broccoli, quinoa and cheese soup I made using the same method, which is super simple. Frozen veggies, fresh garlic, veggie stock, umeboshi vinegar and spices along with cashew cheese and 1/4 c quinoa for the 16 oz bag of veggies. it made me two large servings (I froze the other half for a quick meal). I was surprised by how much it hit the spot after a longs days work. Best of all, it took less than 30 minutes to prepare! Quinoa compliments every soup I've ever tried it in so far! (and there are quite a few!)
Jumping around again... this was a BST (spinach instead of lettuce) made with Smart Bacon. My son loved it and I liked the bite I had. I haven't had Lightlife Smart Bacon for a while and realized while it's OK, their tempeh bacon strips are SOOO much better!
Told ya'll it was a jumpy post! Back to soup now. This was the cheesy broccoli soup I made with the same method as above. It was sprinkled with smoked paprika. The color is horrific, the flavor out of this world!
Here is some baked tofu used in such a satisfying sandwich. Veggies, the tofu and a slice of Galaxy Foods Rice Pepper Jack Slices (I've been trying to link to the website, but it seems to be down. I'll try again tomorrow).. The slices are amazing on a sandwich and in grilled cheese. On their own, they seem a little odd, but I'm definitely sold. Vegan, low calorie, no hydrogenated oil and no soy or gluten... and mighty tasty. I'm thinking they will be delicious on top of an enchilada bake or in a quesadilla too.

This was the Lightlife Wild Rice Tempeh. I baked it with the tofu in the same sauce. I liked it. I think I prefer the flax though.
Hmmmm... how can I talk about this sandwich. Remember the raw cashew kale salad in my last post? .. and the Galaxy Vegan Cheddar? Well, imagine that on top of sprouted ezekial raisin bread pressed and grilled and you have this one. It was very good and my 16 year old even liked it!
Just imagine this without the wires and construction... I do when I wake up in the morning.

I'll be sad to leave my beach rental in June. (but also happy)...

Work is going well. In the last week or so I've made some great vegan food and people have been eating it... today I created a veggie and tempeh ratatouille and worked on a recipe for a raw spread... yesterday it was vegan lasagna. Fun stuff. I was pleasantly surprised that the vegan lasagna sold so well considering it is not a vegan place (or even a vegetarian place.. they serve chicken and tuna)..


  1. Soup! Sandwiches! Kale! When's dinner? :0D

    So glad to read that work is going well for you :0)

  2. That has to be the best looking sandwich I've seen in a long time!

  3. Mel, your food looks fab as always and I could really go for the cauliflower soup ~ that especially has me going. Pretty view, wires and all. :)

  4. Your soups look super delicious!

    I think i'm going to buy that rice cheese today if i go shopping. I've been craving a cheese on some of my sandwiches and that looks to be the right one for me!

  5. Yum, the cauliflower soup sounds great, along with all of your other yummy stuff. If only you worked on the West coast.

    So glad everything is going well for you!

  6. I laught whenver I visit your blog lately, b/c I got the same stuff as you to review, and so my fridge is filled to the gills with vegan cheese, tempeh, fake meat, etc. I'm holding off on reviewing for a bit.

    I like how you used it all...And congrats on winning over the meat eaters with your fab cooking skills.

    The cauliflower soup looks so creamy and warming on such a chilly day. I agree about tofu. I could eat it every day, but try not to.

    Your view looks so pretty--even with wires and construction. I look out my window and see another building...which actually is not so bad. It's kind of a cool, urban view. But your view--the ocean, the sunset--is much better--and your new apt will be even more amazing!

  7. So glad to hear work is going well!! I'm hoping to make it up there when I visit Boston this summer.
    I love jumpy posts. I haven't tried any other tempehs except the soy one, I should pick up the flax and give it a shot. Those soups are making me long for some cold weather...

  8. Wow! That tofu looks great. I don't think I've ever even had lite tofu...and that soup is too die for! Love faux cheesy soups.

  9. Anonymous12:31 PM

    You haven't commented on your weight loss lately...how's it going?

  10. Delicious! Delicious! And glad to hear work is going well, too.

    P.S. I just finished posting pictures from my recent trip to Haiti -- come check 'em out, if you have a chance!

  11. Gosh, I wish you would come cook for me!!!

  12. Anonymous, it's going well. I weigh in once a month on the first, so I will report May 1st.

    Thanks for asking.

  13. Mmmm so good! I need to start making more sandwiches. They are just divine. I like the sunset picture, I think the power lines and a nice depth and contrast to it. I am a big fan of city photography.

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