Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More work cooking, Pro Bar review

I'm sorry I haven't been posting low calorie recipes... I've been cooking so much for work that I have not been doing much at home at all. At least not nothing new! When I start my RAW challenge July 1st you can bet there will be tons of recipes!

With that disclaimer, the above was my chocolate mint pie... tofu is amazing!
This is the italian marinated tofu with kale and sun dried tomatoes. The tofu is marinated and baked and it's so delicious! I admit, I love when people buy this because I know they are getting somethign so good for them.
Lentil/Brown Rice Loaf.. I try to do as much wheat/gluten free/soy free and of course vegan when I cook... this loaf does not look delicious, but it was. It was served with a roasted red pepper/balsamic sauce...
Spicy chickpea and veggie curry... I may have made it just a tad too spicy... my bad! Next time, I will go a little lighter on the hot stuff!
Fortunately, a side of lemon curry basmati rice helps to cool the burn...
Last but not least, I received samples from Pro-Bar which is a vegan, whole food meal replacement bar... I'm happy to say that I really have enjoyed them. They are a bit more calorie dense than many bars, but then again, many other bars are snack bars, not meal bars. They have 400 calories are are full of organic nuts and seeds and whole grains I have had one for breakfast everyday this week and it's kept me full for hours. I also really love the taste of them... So far I've tried the Maple Pecan, Sesame Gogi Berry and the Cherry Pretzel. The Sesame Gogi was my favorite hands down. I feel great after eating them and will definitely seek them out in the future.. (I really want to develop a raw bar type thing based on these... )

So... definitely give Pro-Bars a chance!


  1. Ehh, who needs low-calorie recipes when you have that chocolate mint pie to savor?!?! Yum!! :0) And that Lentil-Brown Rice Loaf looks sensational as well.

    Interesting bars!

  2. I disagree. That lentil/rice loaf looks SO good! I've always wanted to make a lentil loaf, but it seems intimidating. But looking at it makes me crave it!

  3. BROWN RICE LENTIL LOAF!!?!?!! WOah that is definitely up my alley! It looks delish... as does all of your food...

    Am I right when I read that you try to cook with as little soy as possible? Im allergic to soy so if your cook book will have soy free recipes I would love to get it!
    when does your cook book come out?

  4. I think the lentil loaf looks fantastic! I sure miss not being able to eat tofu, esp. in a pie as gorgeous as that chocolate one.

    I've not seen Pro Bars, but all the flavors sound delicious. I think 400 calories sounds right for a meal replacement.

  5. Woo! Look at all of that amazing food! I want to reach right into my computer and plant my face in that chocolate mint pie. :)

    Where did you go to culinary school, Mel? Did you go to a traditional school and then just strike out vegan on your own, or go to a veggie school to start with? (I've always been meaning to ask you that . . . !)

  6. Lovely stuff, Mel. The loaf and tofu look especially yum-yum. And that mint-choco pie!

    I love those little bars, but I rarely eat them b/c they are so high in calories and I must admit, they don't fill me up...porbably b/c I am greedy ;)

  7. There is a time for low calorie recipes, and there is a time for chocolate pie! Everything in moderation, right?

    The Italian marinated tofu looks absolutely stunning. Have you ever posted a recipe for it?

  8. I haven't seen Pro Bars, but will look. If they keep you full for hours, that's great!
    That tofu dish is to die for. I would definitely order that. Or the lentil-brown rice loaf. Hmmmm, maybe the curry. They all look so good. And pie for dessert!

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  10. I think that lentil loaf looks delicious! I think we all do...but really everything looks amazing.
    Sure wish we had some of that "health food" vegan-replacement of meal type bar stuff here... I'm whole foods all the way, but sometimes it's good to have an emergency bar in your bag when you need it!

  11. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Is that mint chocolate pie made with tofu? It looks absolutely delicious!!

    Traci Lynn

  12. 400 calories! Are they filling though? I always have a hard time substituting bars for entire meals because I feel like I'm not getting enough to eat...I've seen those in stores, but hadn't even looked at the calories.

    You're culinary creation, by the way, look fantastic!

  13. Regarding some of your comments...

    The 400 calorie bars have been filling enough for a breakfast bar... on days I work.. on those days, I am pretty much straight out... working hard and don't get time to eat, but I am tasting foods that I'm making... they get me through that time.. I don't think that you could replace dinner with them and be satisfied..

  14. I'm so excited to see all your recipes when you start your raw challenge. I'm always trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet, but it's hard to know where to start. And that pie looks amazing!

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