Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raw Food Class filmed by New Hampshire Chronicle

Where to start? Last night the owner of Blue Moon had a raw cooking class that was taped by NH Chronicle. It went so well! It was a pleasure to see my boss totally in her element. She and a man named Todd Livingstone Conant (more on him later) totally rocked the house with a 2 hour lecture/food demonstration. I was in the kitchen most of the time plating food, but could hear most of it.. and I am SO excited and inspired to do my 30 day RAW starting July 1st. In fact, I am seriously thinking of doing it for 60 days because I think the first 30 may be a detox/getting used to it phase and to see the real benefits a longer trial may be needed? We'll see!
This is not a good picture at all, but you can kind of see the set up they had. I'm SURE You can feel the good vibes of the place though!
Pie Ingredients! A few, simple raw ingredients can sure turn into something special.
Who needs pasta? I mean seriously?

Simple and easy raw food! Ingredients for the marinara.
Ingredients for the marinated shrooms!
The guests were treated to a lovely sip of a Green Bliss Smoothie. Go Kale!
Our Sunflower Pate and Raw Ceasar bite (My recipe! we serve this in our Best Ever Raw Wrap in the restaurant.)

Awesome salad with our Superfood, great sprouted lentil/avocado and spiralized beets. Drizzled with olive oil.
Raw 'Marinara', Marinated Mushrooms over Summer Squash Angel Hair.

Last but not least, a fabulous little chocolate pie in a cashew crust.
Here's the plate I fixed for the camera lady...

And last but not least.. This is Todd holding a picture of himself before he started his Raw adventure. Amazing! He has lost over 100 lbs!

He is teaching a class this Tuesday at Blue Moon in Exeter, NH on superfood elixers. I am excited to attend.


  1. At therisk of sounding inarticulate... OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! That class hosted by Blue Moon looks like it was BEYOND amazing!! And what an inspiring photograph of Todd, with the picture of his "former self." Kudos to him!

    Good luck with the start of your raw journey!

  2. That food all looks incredible! Every once in a while I get motivated to go back to raw, but I've been really into cooking/baking lately... I have to say, I felt absolutely amazing when I was eating that way--just so full of energy. Good luck with your challenge!

  3. I have never seen a more beautiful spread of food. Each dish looks amazing!

  4. Raw food is so beautiful, isn't it?!
    All of the food looks wonderful. My bf and I always prefer raw desserts over cooked, there is just something about them that doesn't weight you down. I can't wait for more raw posts.

  5. Wow! All of those dishes look so vibrant and fresh. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts during your raw adventure.

  6. Your post is just oozing with energy! It really looks so delicious. I would really like to try to do a full-on raw trip, but I can't really get my family on board with me...yet.

  7. this post brings back so many good and not so great memories for me. i "baked" at a raw foods restaurant in NYC and I would have to set up trays of ingredients for the owner when he would host a class at the place. it was fun. what wasn't fun was that they used the kitchen I worked in and I then had to be moved into the service kitchen where there was no room for me or enough dehydrators for me to use and then they would get mad that i didn't get enough done!

    jerks! it was a great experience though.

  8. I cannot wait to see what meals you come up with for your 30/60 day raw challenge. Your meals are already so inspiring!

  9. everything looks so beautiful! i wish i could have been there.

  10. Wow! If someone would make me raw food like that, I wouldn't mind eating nearly as much. My monthly one-day raw food fasts are always a chore...but that looks delicious. I really need one of those spiral slicer things to make better-lookin' raw pasta.

  11. Wow, I wish I was your camera lady!

  12. Wow!! The class sounds inspiring and the food looks beautiful!

    I am so excited to read about your 30/60 day challenge Melody. Will you be able to share a few easy recipes too?

  13. Everything looks so vibrant! Sounds like a great class, and I think I'm wanting a spiralizer more than ever now. Noodly beets! Can't resist. :D

  14. Julie, I will definitely post recipes! I am going to try to blog everyday during my raw challenge (at least the first 30 days..).. I have so many ideas in my head... and I'm buying a dehydrator.. so I can't wait to play around with it.

  15. Wow everything looks so delicious!

  16. All that food looks so elegant and delicious and yay! for the green bliss smoothies! And as for Todd what a transformation!

  17. That sounds like so much fun! And the food looks so good. This time of year, I gravitate towards lots of raw foods, but I didn't succeed in trying to be 100% raw last July. At least I learned a lot of cool raw recipes!

  18. Aww, I would absolutely love to come visit you sometime! Now I want to plan a trip to Boston just so I can come for dinner, since (judging by your blog) you are such an amazing cook.

    Those raw dishes are beautiful-- I used to believe that raw foodists were severely deprived… I didn’t know how anyone could do it. But those meals look way better than anything the average American cooks up for dinner!

  19. Mmmm I think the sunflower pate and the chocolate tarts look/sound the best, but it all sounds good!

  20. Anonymous10:56 AM

    wow, that is absolutely amazing about Todd losing all that weight like that.. so awesome.. and everything you make looks so good, I'm more and more tempted to change my diet once in for all!
    thanks for sharing =)
    ~Maryanne (catlady on OD)

  21. These pictures are so amazing! The sunflower pate sounds delightful. You work at such a cool place!

  22. WOW!!! That is soooo cool! All the food looks awesome! I need to work on convincing my husband to make a trip up there the week we are on the cape in july...

  23. YOU REALLY are amazing. how do you not kiss yourself every night?

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