Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DAY 2 RAW and Weigh In....

I made some awesome Chipotle Lime Sweet Potato Chips in the dehydrator.... I sliced 1 medium potato then tossed with a spray or two of olive oil, chipotle powder, garlic powder and lime juice. I dehydrated at 115 for around 8 hours. They didn't get crips, but were really great. They probably would have gotten nice and crisp had I allowed them to go longer, but I was hungry.
I served them with a delicious veggie cashew dip that is based on my vegan veggie cream cheese recipe.

So, today is day 2. So far it's been interesting. I have gone through highs and lows and have REALLY craved foods... mostly carbs like wheat and bread and rice and pasta.... oh and tofu and cooked beans. The sweet potatoes really helped quell those cravings and also made me feel a bit more grounded.

I've been kind of spacing out a bit.. and I think I allowed myself to get too hungry because I was shaking... but on the other hand, my appetite seems to have lessened. The thought of eating more than 1/4 of the potato chips at a time is just too much and my stomach turns over.

I had an intense headache last night, but that probably is because I've been spending way too much time on my cell phone rather than the raw foods because I've eaten all raw before with no side effects.
I started my day with a green smoothie, then several hours later had this huge salad. Baby spinach, avocado, carrots, red pepper and hot mustard sprouts were complimented with a ginger/flax dressing. It was very tasty.

I am NOT counting calories at all on this diet and for the first 30 days I am going to eat whatever I want that is raw. That being said, I am not going to use the oils and fats gratuitously either, hence the flax meal dressing. I'd rather get my fat/calories from an avocado than oils anyway.

This is/was my dinner. First of all, the flavors are completely based on a delicious salad of roasted veggies that our Head Chef at Blue Moon makes... omg, I LOVE that salad! Obviously I do since I created an entire raw dish around it. I am VERY happy with how it came out. The flavors are spot on and very satisfying. I am just not able to eat much of it at a time. Several bits are delicious, then I have to stop because my stomach starts to turn. I don't feel SICK at all.. more like I have to stop and digest the food between bits. It's very interesting.

I also had a handful of walnuts and raisins earlier in the day.

At this moment, I am not craving any food at all, but earlier the cravings were SOOO intense..

I feel like I am learning more to sit back and relax and not give into physical sensation so far.

My mind is not racing as much... so that's probably a good thing. In the past when I've tried to do the raw thing, my mind would race a lot and I never felt satisfied. I DO feel VERY satisfied right now. It was a relief to come home and eat the chips/zucchini/dip and realize that wow.. I am no longer craving a veggie burger!

So.. my weigh in.. last month I lost 4 lbs which is what I aim for. Slow and steady wins the race! I do have a feeling I might lose weight doing this, but that is not really WHY I'm doing it. There's SOOO much more that weight loss that has to do with this. I think if I was doing this with weight loss as the only goal it would not work.


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  2. Oh my goodness, Chipotle-Lime Sweet Potato Chips?!?!?! That sounds too amazing for words.

    I'm glad to read that your main focus in eating raw is not weight loss - you have a healthy outlook, Mel! Keep it up!

  3. Those chips sound amazing! And that salad looked great! You sound motivated for all the right reasons- bon courage! Good luck!

  4. Oh, I hope you post any changes that occur. Have you thought of doing a lot of juicing or a juice feast? A few days of that or days of greens and fruit only might help with the cravings.

  5. I totally admire your rawsomeness. Your food always looks colorful, tasty and inventive (not to mention nutritious).

  6. Those chips do sound great (as does everything else, actually!). I had the same experience with my cleanse--after a couple of days, I just wasn't hungry as quickly, even though overall I was probably eating less. Congrats on this step and continued success!

  7. I think I could definetely do a month raw...if you were my chef!

    The sweet potato chips look especially inviting.

  8. The food all looks good, and I'm always interested to hear how eating raw goes for people.

  9. Yea for you! 4 pounds! And those sweet potato chips look amazing, especially with the cheezy cashew-y dip. Good luck with the detox.

  10. Yay for your 4 pounds! I can't tell you how good all your food looks - you make it look easy! I know it isn't though, you're just that good!