Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple Low Fat Cauliflower Cheese Soup

It's soup season again and I am so excited! Anyone who has read me for any length of time knows that soup is one of my all time comfort foods.
Not wanting to go to the store today, I came up with this fabulous creamy low fat/calorie soup..

Cauliflower Cheese Soup
1 large head cauliflower, broken up into florets
enough water to cover by 2 inches
2 t chipotle powder
1 small veggie bouillon cube or 1/2 large one (or one whole one if it is low sodium)
1 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1/4 t curry powder or turmeric
1/4 c nutritional yeast
1 t umeboshi vinegar
2 T smart balance light spread
tons of black pepper
salt to taste

In a medium to large sauce pan, add the cauliflower, water, chipotle powder, bouillon, garlic, curry and onion powder. Cover and bring to a boil until the cauliflower is soft. Transfer to a blender and add the yeast and vinegar. Blend until smooth (or use a hand blender) and add the smart balance, pepper and salt to taste. Top with more pepper and fresh herbs if desired.

This is a very simple soup, so play around with your favorite spices.

It made 6 cups and the entire recipe had only 400 calories.

If wanted an even better soup, roast the cauliflower first with whole garlic cloves and onion.. Spray with cooking spray and toss with the chipotle powder, salt/pepper and bake in a single layer at 400 for 20 minutes.. then proceed with the same method.


  1. Great recipe!!

    Love the new blog layout!!

  2. Um chipotle, cheezy anything sounds perfect to me! Hope you are well!

  3. I love soup and soup weather too! Yay! We are having an unusually warm summer, unfortunately, so it isn't quite soup weather yet, but once it is, I will definitely be making this soup! I LOVE cauliflower!


  4. Did youknow that I have been scouring the internet looking for a great cauliflower soup recipe ever since I discovered I bought waaaay too much frozen cauliflower at the grocery store?! Hopefully I will make this recipe soon, as it's exactly what I was looking for!!!

  5. Hey I love the new look! And that soup sounds amazing. I love nutritional yeast cheezy soups, and I love nooch on cauliflower, so I bet this is perfect.

  6. Adding cauliflower to my grocery list right now!

  7. Mmm... the addition of chipotle powder should really perk up cauliflower. I'm a soup lover too.

  8. Beautiful picture! Too sad the stores are closed today, otherwise I would run out immediately to get some cauliflower

  9. I think cauliflower makes the best soup. I can't wait to try this recipe!

  10. I too am craving soups - rich and creamy and soooo satisfying in cooler weather. I also really love the new look - good job!

  11. I love soup season (aka autumn). That looks delicious.

    What would you think of a combination of umeboshi plum + some variety of vinegar. I don't have the umeboshi vinegar, but I do have umeboshi plums that need using.

  12. Sounds great, Melody. I'm freezing right now so I could use a bowl pronto!

  13. Yum, and so healthy! I have a curried cauliflower recipe that I really should bring out now that the temperatures are dropping.

  14. Ooo, I like that there is chipotle powder in it! Bring on fall and winter and soup!

  15. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Oh My gosh, that low fat cheesy cauliflower soup looks and sounds outstanding. I definitely want to make it. I've even seen mashed cauliflower recipes that is supposed to be a more healthful alternative to mashed potatoes. Thanks for posting the recipe.

    Traci Lynn

  16. Yum! I like your suggestion of roasting the cauliflower with garlic and onions.

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