Monday, September 08, 2008

Weigh In and food pics

Delicious and VERY spicy, this chili hit the spot. I have 3 portions in the freezer. For some reason, I seem to be needing to eat a lot of spice lately. If it's not actively making me sweat or burning me, I am not enjoying it. hmmmmm.....
This chili contained sun dried tomatoes, TVP, quinoa, spinach, corn, habaneros, cilantro, lime juice, onions/garlic/spices and fresh tomatoes. I topped it with some avocado..
Lightly steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast/walnut/miso topping. I ate the whole pan for dinner. Simple is best sometimes. This could be made raw easily in the dehydrator.. as is, the broccoli was so lightly steamed and then just tossed in a hot cast iron to get a char on the outside... the topping was raw.
Speaking of raw, I used chia seeds to make the breakfast pudding. I soaked them in water with stevia and cinnamon, then topped it off with blueberries, coconut and walnuts. 2 T of seeds made around 1/3 cup and it filled me up for breakfast. I'm into these chia seeds... which is surprising cuz the texture is kind of strange and usually something like that would bother me, but these don't at all. my Sept. weigh in was disappointing. I stayed the same... (and actually I gained 5lbs and lost it)... after the raw challenge I had some trouble remembering that eating is for fuel and health, not for comfort!

I am not giving up! I'm in it for the long haul!!


  1. GORRRRGEOUS meals, as always - yum!!

    Don't give up, Mel!! You're still doing great, in my opinion!! You're fabulous!!

  2. Keep on with the raw. I find the more smoothies and raw recipes I make the less I actually even want cooked food any more. Or just in a very limited capacity.

  3. I'm still not clear on what chia seeds are. I've heard of them but never seen any. Interesting that eating raw for awhile made you think more about food for comfort. It seems like it would be the opposite. But I guess when you finally get eat good cooked food, it's hard not to think mostly about the pleasure of eating...almost like depriving yourself. But not really.

  4. Guess the chia pet will have to do without its hair for awhile.

    Don't worry about staying the same's normal to level off, especially after a strenuous raw challenge!

  5. I have been craving spicy foods too... I wonder why that is

  6. I was wondering if pudding was the way to go with chia seeds... yours sounds great! the texture kinda eeked me out, too, but with all those awesome things like coconut and blueberries, I can definitely see how they would shine. the broccoli looks great, too!